General Questions


20-01-2007 01:12:13

If you have any questions in general about technique, style, or anything about the course that isn't specific to a given assignment, please feel free to post them here.


11-06-2008 10:24:28

Okay, so I guess I will start this; Why is the grammar so bad in 'The Lottery'?
For instance, there is, in the Seventh paragraph an error like: “but years and years ago this p3rt of the ritual had been allowed to lapse.” Now, I am not sure if that is just the person who posted it on the webpage that is hosting this text, because there is no way that in 1948' there was a typo with a letter '3' in it. So, again I will end with my question. Why are there so many grammar errors?



11-06-2008 15:09:29

It's the page. It's, unfortunately, the best web posting of the short story that I've found. There are worse ones out there, that I've seen. And a few omit various paragraphs.