StarCraft 2/Blizzard Account Reset


06-03-2014 08:56:59

Hello Brotherhood Gamers!

Not sure how many Brotherhood gamers are not in the US, but I thought I'd draw attention to an issue with the new Blizzard Launcher that I encountered tonight where my entire StarCraft 2 account - save games, achievements, all of it - were wiped out.

The problem is that, when running the new launcher, there is a drop down menu to select your region.

Your account does NOT follow your region!

By default, the new launcher had selected America, so naturally I could not access my South East Asia save games, achievements, etc. They are still there, don't panic, you just need to select the correct region.

Granted I'm probably the only n00b this has affected, but I thought I'd just put the word out there. Make sure you select the correct Region for your account.