World of Warcraft


23-08-2012 16:50:47

Okay, so here's the thread for WoW. I was thinking it could act as a list of who plays, what server, and their toon info.

I just started playing again after a long absence so I'm looking for peoples to play with.

I currently have 1 toon:

Server - Argent Dawn
Worgen Warrior - Luckleon, Lvl 10


21-08-2013 10:39:02

So, is anyone here playing WoW? I just started playing again this morning, and it would be great to actually play with people I know.

Alliance - Dawnbringer
Thanatus (90 Death Knight)


21-08-2013 10:55:34

I quit before pandaland hit. Had a bunch of toons on Runetotem, but I gave away all my moneys so I likely won't be going back :P
..I do miss Shadowmourne tho.


21-08-2013 11:23:03

I would be jealous of your Showmourne, if I hadn't finally managed to get my own before I last stopped playing.

I've been pleasantly surprised by panda-land actually. If nothing else, I think it's a better expansion than Cataclysm was.

Completely understand if you have zero desire to come back, but let me know if you do, Yacks.


22-08-2013 05:45:22

I play occasionally but given the way WoW Works I'm stuck on EU servers :P

And I agree Pandaria was a better expansion than CataclysmI've completely given up on leveling my Paladin despite him having been my main ever since the launch of Vanilla, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to level him, quests that took me 10 minutes to complete with my mage takes half an hour or so to do on my paladin.


15-01-2014 23:18:04

I play a variety of toons on the Sentinel's server. My main is a Lvl 90 NE Rogue. Pretty fun. I also have a high level warlock and a druid. I have enough room to build a toon on another server, though it seems everyone here is on different ones. It would be nice to get a whole bunch together. It used to be on an aussie server with Troutrooper, which was fun. Good times.