16-07-2011 19:45:08

Raptr is actually a fairly neat gaming tracker that tracks your gaming on your PC, Xbox, and PS3 while also tracking achievements made on Steam. Its similar to XFire where you have a client that boots up for chat, but unlike XFire, you can add also your gmail, msn, aim, steam, ps3, xbox live, Xfire, and facebook accounts to chat with people on those accounts.

Just thought it'd be a snazzy gaming thing for TOR when it comes out.



30-01-2013 13:41:02

Reviving this a bit.. but,

Anyone else using this?

You can link up a twitter account to this for when you start a game, Raptr will automatically send a tweet out saying your playing that game. Mine says this when I start playing a game: Playing %g. Join the #darkjedibrotherhood and game! http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/ #starwars

Gets our name out there a bit with the hastag #darkjedibrotherhood and the webpage itself.