Free Allegiance


14-03-2011 04:15:25

- Greetings Gaming Office -

Recently, in BF's Quaestor Report, he mentioned Allegiance. Back in the day, certain members (including myself) played this game and tried to get people interested in playing. A lot of people couldn't get it to work and were quickly turned off. With recent updates I feel that they fixed a lot of these issues. I re-downloaded it about 20 minutes ago and it works for me just fine. Anyway, I am writing this to see if anyone is interested in trying it. I would also like to see who actually plays. If we can get a big turnout I suggest you consider once again making it a DB platform. The Star Wars mod is definitely fun. I was a heavy player when it was a platform and could try to answer questions if people run in to problems. If you'd like to give it a try go to this link -

My handle is - Quejo_4215

Look me up.


14-03-2011 15:10:43

Smoke tried this a few months ago, but I'll be willing to try this again after the Indy Games.


14-03-2011 16:20:02

Oh, the Allegience days... Quejo, you should give lessons.


14-03-2011 17:47:25

Right, its added for the Calendar in May.

Araxis Farron

14-03-2011 19:31:09

Totally going to try this out


15-03-2011 00:37:47

Ahh, yeah. Glad to see that you guys are willing to give it a try. Lessons? Yeah, I could run people through the game. I can teach the basics of a dogfight. The actual commanding aspect of the game was something I was in the middle of learning when I played years ago. I hope to pick it up where I left off.


21-03-2011 06:45:15

Look interesting, fukken' saved for later use =D


09-05-2011 02:53:44

The comp is up for this month. Haven't had too many gamers for it though yet.