Halo Wars?


23-12-2010 22:17:33

Since the halo franchise was approved to be supported, Halo Wars could be as well. Its a Xbox 360 only RTS that could possibly be played for CF's.

Anyone wanna add their thoughts?


24-12-2010 00:02:40

Although it's a more simplistic RTS than some of our other supported titles, it does give the console another option to earn CFs and help drive the Royal Guard. That said, due to some balancing issues in the game we may have to devise a seperate set of rules specifically for Halo Wars if we do launch as a supported title. That's my two cents for it at least, always good to hear everyone else's take on it however.


24-12-2010 19:18:45

Well, guess its my time to have my say. Im supporting adding Halo Wars, I know that we would have to look at a new rule set for it etc. But at the same time it gives gamers a choice of games, Halo Wars would mean that xbox 360 gamers could play that instead of EaW.

So as stated, im supporting it.

Reman Khaar

24-12-2010 22:52:19

Halo Wars was a very fun game, and I'd love to see it be playable for CoFs. Even though I don't have a 360 anymore. :(