12-12-2010 23:44:04

The game is Minecraft. The premise? Destroy a block, pick it up and either place it somewhere else or craft it into a tool. The point? To build really awesome tunnels and structure without dying by the hands of zombies, skeletons, slimes, and various nasty creatures.

Despite the simple sounding nature of the game, it is all the rage right now. I admit to be very addicted to it to the point I'm building a 1:8 scale replica of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Considering the popularity of the game I'd be surprised if I'm the only player. So who else plays? Any stories you'd like to share?

PS: If you don't own it but thinking about it, get it soon because as of December 20th Minecraft will enter beta and new players will have to pay full price instead half as it is now.


13-12-2010 01:25:48

You're certainly not the only player. I know that both Halc and I play (on separate servers).

My buddies and I just started up a (creative, non-monster-y) server and have been building for about a week. My current accomplishment is a eight story floating pagoda and zen garden. I collected everything except the cloth I used for the wall panels... that was donations from my buddies. Sheep punching parties are the best. The garden/pagoda will eventually become the centerpiece for an entire city, which is incidentally my plan for winter break.

I just took up tree farming recently to help get the resources for that pagoda. That's one of my proudest methods.


13-12-2010 08:49:50

Yeah...I've been playing it for a couple of months I think. My friend runs a server for a few of us to play on, and we all just do random things generally. We've re-started worlds a few times to take advantage of the larger updates.

The game is extremely simple and hard to explain why it's so addictive...it just is. I also enjoy the fact that I'm able to be in a world with others and see what they're building. And it can get pretty tense with the damn monsters when exploring caves, or mining the wrong area and seeing a flow of lava come pouring out :P


13-12-2010 12:33:16

I think the simplicity is what makes it great.

I host a server for my friends also, but due to the recent updates it's been down causing user participation to dwindle down to me and my best friend. It doesn't bother me too much since I mainly am secluded in my underground labyrinth of tunnels, rooms, and underground forests. XD


11-01-2011 00:15:31

Okay, so the thread's slightly out of date... but still. I found these while looking at a recent Minecraft competition.



12-01-2011 15:49:17

The Battle of Hoth was most impressive. :)