Console Gamer Ids

Kano Tor Pepoi

13-11-2010 20:04:00

As everyone knows from November 17th til November 24th there will be a Medal of Honor competition and from November 24th til November 30th there will be a Call of Duty: Black Ops competition. This thread has been opened to allow a place for PS3 and X-BOX 360 gamers to post what games they will be involved with as well as their gamertags or PSN id.

Let me be the first to start this by saying I will be playing both games on the PS3.
My PSN id is Totally_Ninja_


13-11-2010 20:07:54

I've got both games for my 360. GT: Fremoc


14-11-2010 03:01:54

I to will be playing both games on the PS3.
My PSN id is CanIEatYoYogurt


17-11-2010 22:29:43

I have CoD: Black OPs on PS3 and my gamertag is darktater71

Kano Tor Pepoi

20-11-2010 14:36:59

Cool, another PS3 gamer. Just be sure to remember the the RoC are in effect for the console gaming and you will still need to arrange the matches in IRC. Myself and I am sure Rang as well(he is my roommate) will be up for CoD: Black Ops gaming around 20 hours a day so anytime is good.


17-12-2010 05:30:53

Xbox : A Scic 1

Always on CoD. Halfway through the 4th prestige. ahaha

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 10:43:41

Xbox Live Profile Name: Reman Khaar


08-02-2011 23:16:42

Got a PS3 the other day. PSN: Fremoc


08-02-2011 23:19:25

Yeah, I've had a PS3 for a while now. My gamer tag is: HeraldOfPwn

Araxis Farron

10-02-2011 23:00:33

XBL: Archreaper
PSN: Archreaper666

Kano Tor Pepoi

14-07-2011 12:52:50

Updating my tags. I no longer have a ps3 but do now have a X-Box 360. My gamer tag is:



24-07-2011 20:36:14

My 360, PS3 and Steam id are all "netherscream" feel free to add me


08-11-2011 10:35:40

Will be playing Black ops
Xbox gamertag: Dak507


17-02-2012 16:32:06

Xbox 360 Gold, my gamer tag is Valdrane78. Feel free to add me, just make sure you let me know who you are and where I know you from.


16-03-2012 13:36:12

PS3 Gamer ID: AtraVentus