Orbalisk Armor

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 11:38:57

Hello, all. I've been reading my Darth Bane novels through once more, and I got to thinking about those awesome little parasites that Bane wore for a decade. My question is- What is the Dark Council's opinion on them?

I doubt they'd be allowed, given the advantages they give someone. They're nearly invulnerable, only being able to be damaged by electricity. Lightsabers, blaster bolts, and everything else glances harmlessly off of their shells. They also improve the host's strength, reflexes, and endurance immensely, and give him or her unnaturally quick regenerative properties.

I'd love to get me some orbalisks, but I very much doubt that it'll ever happen because of the above reasons. :P


25-12-2010 20:41:29

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Hell no :P

We don't currently "allow" any lightsaber-resistant materials

Reman Khaar

27-12-2010 23:10:15

I figured. :lol:


20-01-2011 02:03:10

Yeah, I think an Elder who's been on the Council for awhile could probably request this, but I think I heard somewhere that Sarin's armor will be the last saber resistant armor for awhiile.

Macron Sadow

22-01-2011 16:54:33

Even if it were allowed, you'd probably have to be DP or GM to not be killed by the things. Orbalisks are nasty.