Sw:tor And The Djb

Reman Khaar

09-12-2010 18:07:39

Hello! I've come to the forums in the hope of getting an answer to my questions about how the DJB will handle SW:TOR when it is finally released come Spring of 2011. So.. As of right now what stance has the DC taken? The only response I've been able to glean from anyone on the matter is that Sarin will handle it, but how will he handle it?

Muz Ashen

17-12-2010 02:01:37

Considering how very little of the actual game mechanics are for sure, it's been kinda hard to plan for our reaction to it. Sarin is among a number of high-level DBers who will be leading up our 'guild', (Provided, of course, that the game allows for actual guilds)...but without more information, all of our plans are just tentative.

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 11:42:12

Thank you for the answer, Muz. I didn't expect to get too much information regarding it at this point, but I figured it was worth a shot. ^^

P.S. I'd love to help in any way I can. I've played quite a few MMOs, led several guilds before, and plan on spending 99.9% of my time on that game when it's finally out. :P