Fictional Dates


25-04-2010 10:11:20

Is there a record anywhere of the real-life dates of when DJB fictional years start and end?

I don't suppose that there could also be a record of when Battleteams were first opened (just so that one can fill in the "Foundation:" line in the BT's Wiki article)?

Another thing. On the Wiki main page it says that it is currently 33 ABY, while according to the DJB homepage it's 32 ABY. Which one is it?


25-04-2010 13:34:50

I know that our fictional years start in April (Exodus Day) and November (Day of the Fox), respectively. Not sure about the exact RL date but the DB operates on a 1RL Year = 2DB Years.

Can't help with the BT dates though, sorry :(


25-04-2010 15:34:20

This might help you Korroth; our fictional timeline revolves around Exodus Day and the Day of the Fox. The following link elaborates more on it. Brotherhood Timeline Progression



26-04-2010 11:39:12

Thanks to both, it's much simpler than i thought.

However, I seem to remember that a Grand Master or Fiction Tribune mentioned a long time ago that sometimes the Dark Council decides to extend or reduce the length of a fictional year, despite the Exodus Day/Day of the Fox system. I'm not at all sure if this actually occurred. But if it is true, it makes counting back with the use of this system a bit more unreliable. So does anybody know if the DC ever did extend/contract a fictional year?

According to the system, the year 33 ABY should have started on the 13 of April, so the date on the DJB homepage is probably just out-of-date.


17-05-2010 23:35:01

As April passed, it should now be 33 ABY, the site is out of date. As for changes to the system, the whole "two year in one thing" wasn't started until a few years ago. If I am correct, back during EH times it was a "year for year" schedule.