Possible Function For The Site?


22-06-2009 18:58:41

Would it be possible to add a new button to the rosters which would allow you to veiw all competitions for the current unit?


You're looking at the roster page for a battle team, you click the button and get to see the competitions currently run for that battle team.

Just make it a bit easier, I find the competition page clunky to use.


22-06-2009 19:00:58

Also what happened to the DB Holocron feature I pestered Jac into coding back in the day? I havn't got emails from the news page in a few months.


12-07-2009 18:49:22

Hmm, Windos is right. No emails from the Holocron since early June. I know Orv updated the administrator options page around that time, could it be something was accidentally messed up?