Question About The Closure Of The Soe


14-03-2008 11:22:40

Hey Guys,

Thought came to me today when I was looking through some dossiers and noticed the SoE robes. Merely wondered; with the SoE's closure are we gonna see these robes become available to the general membership or will they be scrapped with the soceity?




31-03-2008 19:47:18

I'm pretty sure that the robes will be made available for the entire membership soon - although the HRLD/DGM would know for sure.


31-03-2008 21:37:23

I think the HRLD said something about the SoE Robes being normal robes for Equites I and higher.


03-04-2008 12:49:41

Aye, I saw. Thanks.