06-03-2008 13:41:39

Will you ever be able to, or can you, custonize your robe. Like could you send a person a description of the robe you want and they can draw it, or draw it yourself and upload it to the DJB website? I know at elder levels you can change colors....but what about making your own robes? :ermm:

Maol Nor Lexu

06-03-2008 14:18:52

You only get a custom robe if you win any competition that held by the herald which he promise a robe as a reward. Nothing from that I know :P

Faeril Munlear

06-03-2008 18:21:51

If you read the latest Herald Report that was posted just the other day it further answers your question. ;)

I want to make this announcement so it doesn’t seem to be a rumor. There will be no more custom robe competitions from now on. The reason for this is with all the images that will needed to be coded for something down the road, I would like to lighten the load for those who this will be affecting. We have plenty of robes to choose from and all of them are cooler than the rubber latex looking ones we use to have.

Herald Report


06-03-2008 21:20:13

ok, thanks a bunch, I read it and i get it