08-12-2007 00:37:53

Okay so my computer wont let me download there any way to keep in contanct with my clan members other than the IRC? I dont have any messengers either my computer can download those either.

Adien Falaut

08-12-2007 09:58:17

This is probably caused by anti-virus/security software on your system, try updating them and/or setting mIRC as a trusted/ignored program. has old mIRC versions available for download.
~ from mIRC support forum

it may or may not work using a older verion of the program I myself use 6.2 and it works very well

and as for the problems with messengers i would also try stepping down to older versions of the software esspecially if you are using a machine not desigined for then newer applications with tons of bells and whisltes.

get in contact with me via email and i will look around and see if i have any of the older builds of the messengers for you to try.


31-12-2007 03:40:59

OR if you want, just use the DB chat.


01-01-2008 22:25:51

You could download the chatzilla extension if you use firefox.

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 11:44:18

You could download the chatzilla extension if you use firefox.

How does the chatzilla thing work? My friend is reluctant to pay the $20 fee that is required for mIRC now, but he wants to be able to chat with the DJB and be an active member.