Dark Voice Linky


26-10-2007 02:50:28

So I was looking for the DV to look something up in the latest issue, and took a minute to find the link from the main page. Right now it says "newsletter". Can it be changed to "Dark Voice" or "Dark Voice Newsletter" so that us n00bs who look are looking for the DV can find it easier. I am sure there are bigger idiots than me in the brotherhood, so this will hopefully help everyone, and encourage more readership in the future!



31-10-2007 00:53:29

I don't understand your question quite fully, but if you want the link to see the DV, then:



31-10-2007 17:56:19

Nah, he's saying that on one of the layouts that there's a "Newsletter" link that leads to http://dv.darkjedibrotherhood.com/ . He wants it to say "Dark Voice" instead of "Newsletter". However, that link is more targeted to newer members, so they can find out about the Dark Voice, rather than more older, experienced ones. I'd reccomend just remembering the acronym "DV" in front of darkjedibrotherhood.com :P