07-06-2007 20:57:24

hello i request i leave the guild i am returning to Iraq i am a lieutenant and i need to be kick from guild so please pray that i don't get shot i have had a good time in the dark so please pray for my men and i :'(

Rigar Ulrand

08-06-2007 00:17:36

Hope you dont get shot
Come back alive or ill kill your ghosts


08-06-2007 05:21:21

You so sound like a butter bar. Listen to your platoon SGT and stay out of the way.


04-07-2007 13:59:21

Keep your head down mate, and good luck

And like Etah says, do what your Plt Sgt says and you'll be fine.

Staff Sergeant and Officer Slapper Extraordinaire


04-07-2007 17:32:26

Best of wishes to you


05-07-2007 18:28:34

good luck and don't get shot...or i will dig u up, kick u over and over, then i will clone u and kill all of your clones. >:) *evil point* O-) nah just be safe bud

Asani Vosa

06-07-2007 06:52:49

veel geluk, kerel ;)

Makurth Mandalore

06-07-2007 13:47:59

Good luck man! Don't get sent home in a matchbox!!! :(


09-10-2007 18:25:21

When does he get back?