How Do I Gain Rogue Status?


02-04-2007 19:40:54

if anyone knows how to gain rogue member status please tell me. and also im in search of a new master to take me under their wing if your're interested then email me.

Kaine Mandaala

02-04-2007 21:41:14

Just send a message to the MAA. Use the Form. :)

Request Transfer -> Rogue.

Enter reason.



03-04-2007 00:59:21

it's true it's true...

but why would you?

the good part about beeing in a Clan is; you can get all kinds of cool bonus powers.

Of course the wiser Dark Jedi would tell you; "There are no Force powers, there is only the will of the Jedi."

In any case, enjoy yourself. ;)

Drodik alTor

03-04-2007 07:39:05

Being transfered to Rougue will take you out of your Clan Wyatt, you say you're looking for a master but the Rogues are for people who are inactive. It doesn't look like your inactive if you're looking for a master, but if you want to go Rogue, youre a free person.


03-04-2007 11:30:43

Also keep in mind, that if you go rogue you will have no leaders who will take note of any activity you do, so you won't get rewards if you choose to do so

Sephiroth Kali

03-04-2007 17:14:29

Being in CP and all... Nah jk, stay in your clan, and keep iun touch with your Envoy, who can help you get promoted;)


03-04-2007 23:49:35

that's absolutly right. They can help you with achieving promotions without much hassle.