An Alliance


18-02-2007 06:51:58

Hello i am darthmantis Admin of sith crusaders i wish to form an alliance with this site my site is still very young but we are picking up members. my site is really for people who have photoshop or something simallar as it teaches how to make your own lightsaber and to do space pics e.g solar eplosions and plannets but there is an RPG area and a discussion area. if you form an alliance i will send members here and make things on photoshop for the site e.g lightsabers and sigs i will also advetise your site on other sith sites were i am friendly with the admins.


20-02-2007 22:22:07


Mantis, what are you doing here?

I suggest you look how big this website is before coming here and actually read what they have on it.

I suggest you go there first.
TSC tried to make an alliance awhile ago but we were too small a site (yes, TSC, the first out of TSO, TSD, TNSD, and every other spawn of it that didn't go corrupt). I don't think they would join with the Sith Crusaders too easily, and you also have posted in the wrong place.

Sorry if you are all confused on whats going on here, but its a dam long story.

Muz Ashen

22-02-2007 03:21:31

And, btw, 'Darthmantis', i suggest that you not use Jep's work in your signature and the like. Copyright law might not be what it used to be, but it's better to seek an alliance when you're not blatantly stealing some of our own member's work right off the bat.

ESPECIALLY when you claim to teach photoshop.


22-02-2007 13:36:36

I don't think he's coming back. I'm used to seeing people like him on other forums. They ask for an Alliance and then two months later they will remember the post and come back to find it. <_<

Sephiroth Kali

23-02-2007 19:18:43

You Might want to speak with the ICTE Tribune and the GM, if you wish to form an alliance. Though I suggest you listen to Muz and Scy as well:)