Legion's questions


12-06-2006 22:57:06

I shall be brief and to the point

- When will I get a master?

-What is "rebirth"?

-What is "GJW"?


10-07-2006 14:00:37

Why hasnt anyone answered this yet? :huh:


10-07-2006 17:11:17

*sigh* It could be that the questions were answered in email. But here goes.

1. You'll get a master when you ask your clan summit for one, if someone is available.

2. Rebirth is an old term for the website upgrades some people were working on too long ago.

3. Great Jedi War


10-07-2006 19:06:44

Sorry, but it couldve been mentioned here that it was in an email.


11-07-2006 19:04:00

I am not that member's leader so I don't know if the answers were given in email or not. I figured it be best to throw up some answers here in case other people were wondering the same thing. Why did it take so long, I don't usually look at this board. :P