Ylith Pandemonium

23-05-2006 15:04:13


Well I had this crazy thought, I told Jac he could count on me doing this anyway
but heck. Guess I should just throw it into the group in case people are interested.

Maybe its cool to have people work on freelance basis. Like I offered Jac not to long ago.

I like the Dark Council, I know I startted in Tarentum and am supposed to hate it (:P) I am
willing to do anything I can to earn me a spot. But well, we all need to start at rock bottom.

When Jac needs a hand in anything, he could mail me and I can check if I can do it. I know
nothing of HTML (working in it though) but I can do GFX and writing. So I offered Jac my services
on freelance basis. If he needs some dirty work done, (like descriptions at the subdomains), he
can call me.

maybe good to have a list of 'Freelancers' for DC'ers so they can find help for the small stuff they
simply dont have time for.

again...just a thought.. hehe


Vangar Blade

25-05-2006 08:32:27

That seems intresting give it deep thought.