19-05-2006 19:38:03

I have realized that over the course of my 2 weeks of being here that the men and women in charge are often extremely busy and sometimes even overwhelmed with work. I think to myself, this should not be. There are more than enough capable people in the Brotherhood to expand apon this position. Such as 2 or even 3 Masters At Arms. This is not a limited position and it requires alot of duties. I am just throwing the Idea out there as some others may be thinking it. I do not, of course, intend to acquire any of these positions. I just think that it would be easier on the members position. Thank you.


19-05-2006 21:30:32

This is what Praetors and Magistrates are for - to assist their respective councilor. I have no Praetor for a number of reasons but I do quite well in my job as the sole Master At Arms hehe


19-05-2006 22:00:25

Of course Xu. I envy you for the work you have to do. The work that you have to do takes alot. I respect you for that. Though the Master at Arms was just an example.

Aidan Kincaid

21-05-2006 14:34:02

There actually isn't a lot of capable people to help do DC work. In fact, there's very very little. Not to mention that adding more people to a DC position causes more problems when it comes to decision-making. Everyone wants to have their say and it always slows things down to a crawl.

Jac Cotelin

21-05-2006 22:05:33

Yeah -- What Shadow said..

I've worked with a lot of variations of the Dark Council and it is far far better now with small numbers than it was with large numbers. The main problem is too many chiefs not enough indians....but also when you add more people, the jobs become tedious and thin. Having a lot to do is stressful at times, but it also keeps things exciting and fresh.



22-10-2006 22:48:44

The main problem is too many chiefs not enough indians

maybe we should stop issuing small pox blankets to new recruits.