Why are we using IRC?


17-04-2006 09:03:52

I know it might only be me and it might be weird for me to ask, but why the hell are we using IRC?
Its extremely confusing, and its hard to get around in, and everytime I try to find our channels then it brings me to something like the Sith Order in Poland or the Star Wars Fan Club or something like that. I cannot figure out how to use it and I dont know why we can't use something similiar. Couldn't we use something more effeciant or couldn't the DJB make something like there owm chat webpage instead of one run by IRC?

Basically im saying this because I do not like it that to find a match or to go find a duel to play, I have to go to all these places on IRC and do all these intructions. Couldn't we have a forum for that or something?

Basically to sum it up for you all:
1. Why are we using IRC?
2. Is there a simpler way we can find matches for dueling or something similiar (I'm talking Computer here)?

Thank You,

In the force,

PRT Scyrone 6352

Kaine Mandaala

17-04-2006 09:22:11

IRC is rather good for what we are doing. I suggest you take the Shadow Academy course and work with your Envoy. I'll even teach you some of the in's and out's of IRC in general if you'd like. Please look over the guide.

If an IRC client (mIRC, etc) is troubling you, try using the webclient on the DJB main page. It shoots you directly into the main #DB channel, from which you can ask for help on joining other channels. Look for me if you need help. You can find me as: DP_Kaine, KM-Away, KM-BBL - Sometimes I'm there even when it says "Away".

Also - Make sure you check the channel list before trying to join any other channel. We do not have a channel called "Sith Order" -- It's just "#Sith".

Other ways to find matches, though it can be a tad cumbersome, is to join the common JA/JO servers on gaming nights and just hang out.

Feel free contact me directly if you have questions.

Sephiroth Kali

18-04-2006 12:16:58

Also, make sure you are on the Undernet server.


19-04-2006 15:25:21

I did the IRC exam, but it still confuses me. Am I still allowed to change channels on the web_chat of IRC? If so I never knew that.

Kaine Mandaala

19-04-2006 15:29:19

I did the IRC exam, but it still confuses me.  Am I still allowed to change channels on the web_chat of IRC?  If so I never knew that.

Sure. Just type in /join #channel and off you go. I'm pretty sure it opens it as another tab (across the top) but I'll check on that in a little while.

Aegor Raas

19-04-2006 21:29:03

Yes, it opens up a new tab, so you can be on multiple channels at the same time. I usually use the opening tab (that pops up when you are waiting for connections) for general commands. It just seems to work easier, and if you make a typo, only you can see it and it doesn't bother anyone.


20-04-2006 17:25:08

Thank You all for the help. Here I was thinking I had to download IRC.


21-05-2006 03:49:46

Downloading an IRC client is always a good idea. IRC it self is very easy once you get used to it, only real commands you need to know are /server, /join, /part, and /msg the rest you only get into for advanced things. If you ever need help with IRC just ask me.


10-07-2006 13:38:14

I have heard there are more than just mIRC clients. But, what are they, and which would you reccomend me? I visited mIRC homepage, and it is mentioned there a trial version, after which I would have to register my IRC client... I admit that's not very... comfortable. What are other options?

// J


10-07-2006 14:13:14

mIRC doesn't require you to pay for it, you can still use it after the 30 days. I think they just hope people will send them money for it :P


10-07-2006 14:20:40

Wow... you got tones of medals, don't you?

So they're trying to be crafty and get people send them money? :P Thanks for the info. Still, what other IRC clients are there and which one would you recommend?

// J

Kaine Mandaala

10-07-2006 14:54:57

There are a ton of IRC clients, though most are not as user friendly as mIRC.

For Windows alone there are 51 known/rated clients.

I use the IRC plug-in that comes with Trillian. It's a little buggy and uncooperative, but then so am I.