20-05-2005 07:02:34

I think I have asked this before, but the thread seems to have disappeared. So how do Dark Jedi (in particular Sith) ranks compare to Jedi ranks??

A Jedi Padawan=?
Jedi Iniate= Dark Jedi Iniate?
Jedi Knight= Dark Jedi Knight?
Jedi Guardian=?
Jedi Master= ?
Jedi Sentinel=?
"" Consular=?
"" Arbiter=?
Jedi Youngling=?
"" Healers=?
Jedi Trainee=?
Force Adept=?
Advanced Knight=?
Advanced Jedi=?
Master Trainee=?
High Master=?
Jedi Lord=?

Sith Ranks

Supreme Admiral=?
High Admiral=?
Grand Admiral=?
Fleet Admiral=?
Line Captain=?
Captains & Commanders=?

Rank 20: Dark Lord
Rank 19: Sith Lord
Rank 18: Sith Master
Rank:17: Dark Knight
Rank 16: Sith Royal Guard
Rank 15: Sith Enforcer
Rank 14: Sith Commandant
Rank 13: Sith Operative
Rank 12: Darth
Rank 11: Sith Apprentice
Rank 10: Sith Menace
Rank 9: Sith Trainer
Rank 8: Sith Traveler
Rank 7: Sith Student
Rank 6: Sith Pilot
Rank 5: Dark Soldier
Rank 4: Angels of the Sith
Rank 3: Sith Saberist
Rank 2: Sith Initiate
Rank 1: Sith Trainee


20-05-2005 07:40:35

Problems with Sith Rank 4, I think we already determined that we wont be any sort of angel.

Ranks 12, 19 and 20 are synonomous. They are titles within one rank.


20-05-2005 12:11:12

Ad 'Of the Sith' to the end of 20. And Darth is a reserved title

Sith Bloodfyre

20-05-2005 15:20:02

Not only that, but Dark Jedi ranks within the Brotherhood do not correspond to Jedi ranks, at all. It's been said that, prequel Trilogy-era, ranks among the Jedi were largely honorary, or whimsical. There was basically a "youngling" stage (I'd say apprentice), then Padawan, then Knight, then Master. Gaining the rank of Master seems based largely upon the whims of the Council. Currently, we have "Four Order ranks," though as a Sith, there are technically more, since you start out as a supplicant to the Order at Apprentice.

Either way, it's really hard to compare ranks.


21-05-2005 09:32:46


Yeah, its almost impossible to really compare the ranks as they represent entirely different things. Stature within the Sith largely reflected one's strength and ability to push other people around. Respect in the Jedi Order varied depending on what you were good at, a really great swordsman might become a Master, or a really good diplomat and negotiator. Jedi Master =/= Sith Lord in "Force Power".

In terms of actual Jedi ranks there aren't many, it appears currently to work something like:

Master (of a Padawan)
Master (of the Council)

The only 'true' Jedi Masters were those on the Jedi Council. The rest were still really just Jedi Knights, they just were called 'Master' to reflect their relationship with their Padawan. In AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi is still really a Jedi Knight, he's just Anakin's Master, by ROTS he is a member of the Jedi Council and a full Jedi Master (so rather than just Anakin's Master kind of a Master of the whole Jedi Order).

There's indication that Younglings may also have been known as Apprentices or Initiates, I'm quite sure the term Jedi Apprentice has been used on more than one occassion. I would assume one becomes a Jedi Apprentice if not chosen as someone's Padawan but too old to be called a Youngling (alternatively maybe Youngling just means "Children" and all Younglings really held the rank of Jedi Apprentice).

In respect of official Sith ranks there isn't much to say...

Sith Lord
Dark Lord of the Sith

Thats it. In the period before Darth Bane there was a strict line of authority with the Dark Lord of the Sith ranking above all the Sith Lords. Following Darth Bane the two became pretty much equivalent, Sith Lord essentially just being an abbreviation of Dark Lord of the Sith.

I suppose you could consider the internal-ranks within the various Sith Lords to be Sith Apprentice and Sith Master. For example both Darth Sidious and Darth Vader were Sith Lords, both were Dark Lords of the Sith, but Darth Sidious was a Sith Master and Darth Vader a Sith Apprentice.


26-06-2005 17:06:39

I was gonna say that Xanos has hit the nail on the head but he hasn't. He's beat it in the face with a sledgehammer. I've always felt that this was the way the Sith ranks worked, but nobody I know agrees with me. That's why the brootherhood's great. People here actually know something about the Dark Side...


01-07-2005 08:09:27

Yeah, he's spot on.
Jedi Consular, Sentinel, Guardian and Arbiter are merely reflections of your application. A Jedi Sentinel would be an aggressive guard (a bodyguard, for example), a Guardian would be a defensive guard (guarding an area or object), a Consular would be a diplomat aimed at helping both sides to negotiate, and an Arbiter would be a diplomat aimed at hearing both sides and deciding on or forcing an agreement.

And I believe "youngling" was used instead of "children", as the word "children" is usually learnt to describe a child of your species, while "youngling" does not imply any species.


01-07-2005 11:43:32

Youngling is a nice term for Initiate.


02-07-2005 16:26:28

Initiate is a little boring. Youngling is good, but it sounds too much like jedi ranks.


16-08-2005 11:05:52

I'm not a fan of the word youngling as refering to new members of the DB

When I picture the term I think of it as in AOTC ie young children. Many of the DB were adults (on their character sheets) when they became initiates so it seems an inappropriate term.