need help


14-05-2005 00:58:04

Hi to all who sees this post. My name is Keno. I just now became a Sith, and I'm also a work horse, meaning I'm looking for work and will try just about anything that may help my order, house, clan, and the brotherhood itself. And I just now registered to this forum and I thought "Well, what faster way is there to spread the word then to post it". What I'm getting at is that any work you need help with that will be benifical to the Sith, I'll agree to help you anyway possiable.

P.S. I hope this post at least shows my loyelty


14-05-2005 10:41:56

Welcome to the true path Keno :). You can start by working on Sadow Academy tests and competing in competitions for your unit. Show your superiours that you want to be active by doing the two previous things. :) most of all, have fun!


06-06-2005 03:17:38

Hey, I have been doing everything I can also and have shown my loyalty to the house. So only advice I have to give you is to do so more compeitions cause i see you have been doing some. Also try to get as many exams done in the shadow academy and win lots of fights in the ACC once u do that by that time you will meet quejo and also my master Halycon. They are the best people to know for our house. Got any questions email me Also get mIRC its a good chat program and all of our members have it so its cool to learn new things on.


08-06-2005 15:48:46

I have gone from Initiate to Protector in less than a week just by taking courses at the Shadow Academy. You can also give ideas to your clan about competitions, and compete in the Independence Games. Try recruiting people, that should get you noticed. Also, start battling in the ACC.


08-06-2005 16:20:50

Hehe...That was about a month ago that Keno asked this. He is currently my student as well and has already become a PRT working on his GRD trial :)


10-06-2005 18:19:13

woops well other people can read and learn :P


13-06-2005 15:22:04

well now I am reading and learning, thanks for the advices :D

Vangar Blade

24-05-2006 15:17:29

Well if there is a lot of people in this web site. :D but i'd love to see more out of the ordinary things :lol:


26-06-2006 16:25:32

hey i just joined the site and im cluless what to do any help lol sorry i mean this one im cluless what to do lol


26-06-2006 20:50:49

go to and go all the way along the time bars to adminstration.

- Go to login
- Put in your Id number and password