17-02-2005 18:59:22

My fellow Sith,

Myself and others believe that SWG/JTL would be a real alternative to the standard games listed at the Shadow Academy. I invite you all to visit Station.com to review the game for those not familiar with it, and for those playing to see the changes being made.

There is a belief that there are none who support this addition to the norm. I urge all who support this to respond to this post and let your voice ring loud. This is a real opportunity to bring in new members, and fill the DB ranks.

I thank you for your support.

Kaine Mandaala

03-03-2005 09:21:37

I believe that is the goal of the DBPA - to attract people and gain members through SWG.

Muz Ashen

03-03-2005 10:28:02


JtL is fun as all get out.
in-game name: MuzAshen Keibatsu

Kaine Mandaala

03-03-2005 12:13:59

I've about half considered playing SWG if I get this job I'm interviewing for tomorrow. Til then I can't justify paying a monthly fee to play any game.

Aside from comments like "it's cool" or whatever - what would help someone make the decision to get into SWG? So far I see the only positive being it's a SW game, and there's a Jedi possibility.

The negatives stem around it being a subscription game, with zero off-line capability. Plust he community will far more advanced to me when I start out new. Will I have neverending 'kill rats' or 'fed-ex' quests?


03-03-2005 13:59:44

No Kaine, you will not have those, there are many ways to gain money throughout the galaxy but not a hard rule. For many mission based quests that may be the answer. Say if you wanted to work for jabba, one of his henchmen might say that you need to go kill a thug that messed up a plan, you would have to go do it to complete it. But if it, nothing is lost, the missions are flexible and can be back up at anytime with no fee of aborting them.


03-03-2005 14:40:04

The unique thing really about SWG compared to a lot of RPGs is people are constantly changing professions so there's not much of a problem with the rest of the world being far more advanced.

Its not quite so linear as your traditional RPG where if you pick, in the first instance, Wizard you're stuck with it and can't undo without creating a new character. Lots of people change professions when they get bored and want a change, so you get veterans and new players alike out working to level up the same types of professions. Its reasonably easy for a new member to tag along with a more veteran group and hunt bigger creatures too.

I originally started out as a Commando, the heavy weapons profession, but have recently tried to pick up Teras Kasi Artist, the martial arts profession. I've had to go back to basics but its not been a problem.

Being a flight simulator fan I have to say that JTL is damn good. Theres little problem of the majority being too advanced in this respect either, as the majority of your lame l33t hardcore addicts, the type you generally wish you were a Jedi Master yourself and could kill in a heartbeat, tend to suck at JTL as it requires them to actually have real skills. The most fun I've had with the game has probably come from JTL.

The main way we'd get more out of the game would probably be as simple as more awareness. I find a lot of DB players don't use the same server as the DBPA because a lot of people don't even know what it is or aren't aware there is one. I suppose it would help for the DBPA to get together and set up a Society website that can promote these sorts of things.


03-03-2005 18:19:49

As for the Website Zig and I are working on it, its in the works, though the works maybe the blue prints, its still going to get done :)