Godbye sith


17-07-2006 01:27:57

I want to change orders but I dont know how to since im new.Krath suits me more than Sith.So goodbye I guess.But seriuosly how do I change orders?

Maol Nor Lexu

17-07-2006 01:36:17

How could you leave us, by the way to change your order is really simple. On your administration option page you click the 'visit the member center' from there you'll be guided whether to chage your order, name, email address and request transfer.

Maol Nor Lexu

17-07-2006 01:41:46

My advice, since you are new and not yet finished any Shadow Academy courses accept the test of lore, it is really hard to choose wether you suit the order or not. Finished as much SA courses you can, its really help.


17-07-2006 06:05:19

I'd reccommend doing the Sith Core, and the Krath Core exams, give you a better idea of what the Orders are about.


17-07-2006 10:43:54

And the Obelisk Core.

Maol Nor Lexu

17-07-2006 11:12:20

Obelisk is off topic here :P


17-07-2006 12:27:05

lol, idcare, lol

Wes Biriuk

18-07-2006 03:57:03

Obbies are teh Suxx0rs!


18-07-2006 13:57:33

Not really, Obelisks are the fighters and the true Warriors of the DJB. The Sith and Krath have both failed at power, lol. The Obelisk have not. >:)

ANd besides, my Order wasnt created by the most utterly confusing and miscalculated George Lucas.