Goodbye fellow sith


27-06-2006 07:41:32

Bye everyone. it has been a great 5 months being one of you. now i have become a Krath.


27-06-2006 11:52:43

We're number one! Don't fall to the Krath's scheme to talk over! NOOO! :P

Maol Nor Lexu

04-07-2006 03:34:00

You don't need to be a Krath if your master is a krath...


04-07-2006 03:34:29

The Krath are to damn smart for their own good. Stay with us and you'll bye you'll have raw starfighter skills.

Sakh nhem

04-07-2006 12:51:56

If it helps anyone feel better, I've just returned from the krath...

Maol Nor Lexu

06-07-2006 06:44:52

There we go a krath'ian who believe in Sith....more of it and we'll rock...


14-07-2006 16:36:22

Sith has always ruled in the SW Universe.... Krath maybe smart, but they dont have the starfighter knowledge, i think :P

Remdan Tyranius

14-07-2006 23:17:07

Sith has always ruled in the SW Universe.... Krath maybe smart, but they dont have the starfighter knowledge, i think :P

I'll drink to that! *guzzles down 6 bottles and falls on the floor*


15-07-2006 17:35:24

Sith has always ruled in the SW Universe.... Krath maybe smart, but they dont have the starfighter knowledge, i think :P

But of course everytime they got it they lost it. The Krath or Obelisk have never lost there power.


17-07-2006 06:01:42

That's coz the Obelisk don't exist outside the DJB, and the Krath, well you need to have power before you can lose it, and the Empress Teta system barely counts. When was the last time the Krath ruled the Galaxy...?


17-07-2006 10:45:20

Im just glad my Order wasnt created by GL.

Makurth Mandalore

23-07-2006 14:19:24

So? At least we get to sue people for money!! :P

Actually, I've been in all THREE orders, and I found the Sith the most to my liking.

Krath- A bit dusty...
Obelisk- Too focused on online gaming... Which my modem is not fast enough for.. I crawl along at 42 kps..


11-02-2007 07:17:02

cool :) so how do we check whos sith and whos not?

Kaine Mandaala

11-02-2007 11:11:27

Start looking at dossiers. That'll tell you who is what order.

I've been all three. There is no reason to jump orders unless you're taking a whole new direction in your fictional development. These days it really doesn't matter which one you choose. Their purpose now is for RP aspects. Back when orders meant something, people had to pick which activity best suited their level of involvement.

The reason Obelisk was created was solely for this purpose. Sith played the Star Wars Flight Sims. Krath wrote fan fiction. Then games like Dark Forces and Jedi Knight came out. The EH/DB members wanted to play them but the two orders didn't fit right. I believe it was Blazer who created the obelisk, based on a creature called the orbalisk.

The rank I am now, I am all three at once, though I lean towards Obelisk.


11-02-2007 11:27:33

Once a Sith, always a Sith.
Krath and Obelisk warriors are both minions of the Sith's.

Muz Ashen

12-02-2007 11:49:20

You trying to say I'm one of your minions, Raidoner? :P


12-02-2007 14:37:12

As a journeyman I am an Obelisk. Iíll stay an Obelisk through Obelisk Templar. At Equite 2 I will change to Sith. Years later when I become an elder I plan to switch to Krath. Itís a logical ascension from warrior to warlord to scholar. Plus aside from Sith Warrior the Sith have the coolest Equite ranks :P

Also I wasn't aware the Obelisk was named for the Orbalisk. Was he trying to Philosophically tie the Obelisk with Darth Bane? In Which case . . . . ewww


12-02-2007 17:14:00

I was born a Sith and i will die a SITH!

and yes Muz your my minion :P


12-02-2007 18:04:41

YOu know, it's just obvious that the Sith rule. They are very wise and hunger power like no other. the combination it lethal. Thank about what you're about to do... if you haven;t already done it...

If you have.... you suck..:P

Muz Ashen

16-02-2007 05:28:06

/me sends Raidoner to do more of his bidding.