Sith Assassins


29-01-2005 00:15:18

You read the title! Those Sith Assassins are pretty hardcore, but they are too easy to kill. These are some reasons why the "Sith" "Assassins" are really hardcore and why they shouldn't have died that fast:

1. The main character in KOTOR 2 is ONE broken Jedi.

2. The Assassins had stealth shield generators. Referring back to (1) the main character is a broken Jedi, how could he sense the assassins?

3. Double-sided swords. I was using a blaster to kill the assassins, but earlier in the game, it had said that swords are the best against blasters.

4. THEY ARE SITH! 25 Sith in one area should've meant sure destruction of even a Jedi.

Post what you think!


29-01-2005 00:47:29

I agree, that many sith on one ship should have crushed your jedi, let alone a sith lord. Like he would killed everyone to kill the jedi, not just let him escape and play with some old hag. Yet, the game was an excellent game in my opinion.

Tarax Kor

29-01-2005 00:55:48

I'd have to agree with you. Except you've missed out one point: Nearly all Star Wars games/comics are created now where the New Republic/Jedi win. They're supposed to win because they are the good guys. It makes no sense and unbalanced gameplay, but sadly that is the way it is. :(

Sith Bloodfyre

29-01-2005 00:59:55

Actually, it makes perfect sense. It's because, deep down, everyone always wants the good guys to win. Which sucks for those of us who like bad guys, and also denies a better sense of realism, but... oh well. Just more to hate LucasArts for.

Aidan Kincaid

29-01-2005 01:29:40

I'm gonna pull the "This isn't real it's a bloody game" card. Yea... there's all your answers right there. It's fictional. You want a more realistic game? You'd lose every 2 minutes and after a half hour would never play it again - what am I saying? After the first time killed the game would have to destroy itself.

Look at the movies themselves for that matter. Could one untrained Jedi, who's supposed to be untrainable after the tender age of 5 defeat the two guys that took out the entire Jedi Order? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense really.


29-01-2005 02:40:04

Bloodfyre is basically right

It is all about the good guys winning. Though you think Lucasarts would consider how successful TIE Fighter and its expansions were. You played as the bad guys in that game and people loved it. Of course, it was also just a very good game. Hell, I'd still be playing that baby if I had a joystick and it could run on my computer.

Which reminds me.....hmmm time to start constructing those battles again!

Oh, on another note: for those of you interested in the different kind of Sith entities, like Sith Sorcerers, Sith Assassains, etc....

Bloodfyre and I have been working on ideas incorporating these kind of specialties into the order. But don't hold your breath. It's not easy to figure this stuff out when there's not really much concrete information written about them. Any references would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Tarax Kor

29-01-2005 02:43:47

Oh, on another note: for those of you interested in the different kind of Sith entities, like Sith Sorcerers, Sith Assassains, etc....

Bloodfyre and I have been working on ideas incorporating these kind of specialties into the order. But don't hold your breath. It's not easy to figure this stuff out when there's not really much concrete information written about them. Any references would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

If I remember correctly, the best place you can find even anything remotely linking to that is from the comics of the Great Hyperspace War (Naga Sadow war). There they had the real Sith, with their own classes and abilites etc.

That's the only thing I can think of right now. Hope it helps.


29-01-2005 06:04:15

Actually in KOTOR2 you don't have to let the Republic win, that's the benefit of being able to play for the Dark Side :P

Dark Sabre

29-01-2005 15:07:32

Maybe the Republic doesn't win, but you still do. :P


30-01-2005 22:13:00

Either way the ending sucked. :(

Try to remember that this game was set in Old Republic time and so the Old Republic had to come out on top to keep true to the history.

Oh Shadow, Luke didn't actually destroy the Emperor. He turned Darth Vader at the last moment and he in turn killed the Emperor. Luke just got his butt fried and cried like a baby. :P


31-01-2005 10:43:56

A couple things I'd like to mention...

One is that even if you "win" in the end, you don't know what your character does. He might just go off into oblivion (as Revan apparently did, to make way for Kotor III) after doing that thing he does at the end (avoiding spoilers here). So his "win" might just being left alone. And as for the Old Republic...well the last character tells you what happens to it.

As for the Sith Assassins, you've got to remember that not all beings that are force sensative or even trained a bit are automatically to the level of even a light Jedi. And who said the Sith Assassins had any force training at all? They don't use any force powers...they use stealth field generators. I think they are called "Sith" assassins because they are used by the Sith to assassinate people. If they are just assassin-trained merc's with stealth generators, then it isn't that inconcievable that a trained Jedi could sense them through the stealth fields and defeat them.


31-01-2005 12:21:13

Good point. They call them Sith Troopers and we don't suddenly jump saying that they must be Dark Jedi, so yeah, Sith Assassins could just as easily be no more than Sith Troopers: minions.

But, I've not played KOTOR2 yet, so I can't say more than that.


31-01-2005 14:51:10

Hehe, yeah. BUT, if in KOTOR 2 you took the dark side the dark sith would still attack you. yes, it maybe good guy/bad guy, but why didnt atleast Atton get killed during those missions? Of all people, the dude with no jedi history didnt even get killed once cept by the assassin driod while i was playing.


31-01-2005 18:25:41

ya, that blind lady was a real bitch in the end, anyway whats up with that clown masked dude <_< really stupid!


31-01-2005 20:48:15

You have to remember that this is *game* meant for people to play and have fun with. If all of your non-jedi characters died when you encountered a tough enemy..the game would suck.

About Atton though...if his Awareness capabilities were high enough then he would be able to sense the assassins using the stealth fields as well. And if you remember that he is enchani-trained, then it isn't that far fetched that he would be able to take them out and survive.


31-01-2005 21:49:01

You can also turn Atton into a Jedi along with several other characters. I suggest looking at FAQs on the subject to learn more.


07-02-2005 22:31:46

I got the game since it came out, yet ive been so busy with SWG that im still in Talus!


17-02-2005 19:18:46

Has anyone actually played the game?

You are not alone on the ship getting mauled by assissins, you have (or should have) 2 others to fight with you. Also if you listened to the game content, Sith Assassins are only as strong as the Jedi they are facing. Weak Jedi make weak assassins. And they do not use stealth field generators, they use stealth as a force ability, hence the reason the jedi sensed them, force ripples. Oh, and there are different ending depending on the choices you make. The game was focused on influence, and the force ripples caused by the choices you make. It was an excellent way to prepare you for KOTOR3.


17-03-2005 18:50:28

About the Sith entities:
Just read the Dark Side Book of the SWRPG d20.
There are some Sith templates, as well other Dark siders.


18-03-2005 00:47:00

You want a more realistic game?

/me points to Raven Shield


14-05-2005 00:17:15

Sure Sith assassins are great, but I think the game ment them to be the weakest of them all. First off, because it makes you face them at the begining of the game and, unless your a badass, your skills are not all that great. Second, because they throw a lot of them at your and your team, whereas the Sith Mauraders (if spellings off, ignore it) and Sith Lords put so few. Three at most. I think they put them all over the place is to make the game somewhat realistic and to sharpen your skills before a real test of strength. Now I'm finished so you all can jump me with you remarks of my stupidity.

Sith Bloodfyre

14-05-2005 14:29:11

No one is going to jump you with remarks about stupidity. Your comments were interesting, and insightful. And one more thing Keno, welcome to the Order. Although, your signature image is a bit too large. Forum guidelines require sig images to be 100 height x 500 length at the largest. You'll need to resize the image. If you don't how how, reply by saying so, and we can find you some help to get it resized.


14-05-2005 14:48:21

Heh, yeah I've heard. I really don't know how but thats ok. I'll find a smaller pic of my favorite character :D . But thanks for correcting my mistake and I'll try not to make any more O-) .

Sith Bloodfyre

14-05-2005 19:15:01

We all make mistakes. Don't worry about it. :)


23-05-2005 17:45:30

>:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) >:)

One Sith can take on 2 jedi (not masters obviously)
1 SITH lord can take on 2+ Jedi masters and easily win.
It doesn't add up. :ermm:


23-05-2005 19:55:43

Thats a misconception, the sith you are talking about were both lords.


13-06-2005 15:35:14

okay, this is pretty old now...but anyways...

bad guys always die, because if they dont in games, childrent will like dark side better because its always way cooler then the "good and fair"

In real life, its way different ;) :D

Macron Sadow

21-06-2005 08:37:10

Perhaps the assasins had merely been hired by the Sith, or were pawns and not true Sith.
Thus the number of them and relative weakness.


21-06-2005 12:16:15

wow, that would actually make sence....

plus this would give Jedis the confidence that they can beat the sith...while in reality they dont stand a chance :)


23-06-2005 12:41:33

I think the sith assassins were in fact Sith, but chose not to wield lightsabers. If you read the description on one of the Sith's staff or double bladed weapons i cannot remember which it will say that not all sith chose a lightsaber and preferred Cortosis laced weapons over it. So they could have been sith, could not have been. We may never know.


23-06-2005 15:11:06

First off. I'm sorry for posting in a forum that I'm not part of. But I have a question about this game. If you play as a lightsider you beat the bad guys like Grasshopper said. But if you go through as a Dark Sider you still end up facing most of the same bad guys. Why's that? Does the Dark Siders want to stop you from being Dark Sided?


23-06-2005 22:55:41

It's all about the force powers, Rayne.

Macron Sadow

23-06-2005 23:27:35

They want power, more or less. They don't care if you are light, Dark, or whatever. You are still a threat, and thus the hostility. Thus the anti hero aspect.


24-06-2005 14:26:39

Macron hit the nail on the head really. It seemed it was like that in Kotor and Kotor II. It's a very similiar plot line that the makers like to play on and it gets quite annoying sometimes. Hopefully it will be something differant in Kotor III.


26-06-2005 04:59:00

the story for the original KOTOR was far superior. not to take anything away from the sequel, it was a much more in depth game (and the robes were way cooler) but that infamous twist in KOTOR 1 was great. also, HK-47 was much funnier in the first one. he's definately my favourite drois in the star wars series. i want one,i want one! *ahem* sorry. i think i need to go lie down and take those pills again...


26-06-2005 18:55:48

i do not belong in this forum but this topic is too interesting, kotor(1 and 2) rocks!!!!! I love it and i think that the sith assassins were actual sith, but like the krath(which is what i am) dont all wield lightsabers, they wield ls or krath war blades. I guess sith(being power hungry) want to find as many ways to fight as possible and not just conventionally use the ls.

By the way, hi revenant. :D


30-06-2005 06:10:51

hey tyrus. like the signature by the way. maybe there'll be more clarity in KOTOR III. i don't think it's been announced yet but i don't think it'll be too long. maybe they're gonna save it for the x-box 360. a few of my friends think that KOTOR's time period has been stagnated and they should move on but there's still plenty to be done. should be a good one...


31-07-2005 19:16:51

well i think that the sith assasins r kool but they mite b just pawns of the sith masers that r only taugt 2 use stealth force powers and are controlled mind wise by the sith masters

and wot r lucious and Ferrik Drakken doin usin my dad as ther pik thing???????


02-09-2005 14:37:50

I think Sith Assassins are cool! You gotta love the whole stealth thing, although I admit that they are pitifully weak.


02-09-2005 21:30:12

That's why they use stealth as their greatest weapon.


04-09-2005 07:54:55

to be honest, the only fight that gave me any trouble in kotor II was the greater storm beast towards the end.


04-09-2005 13:16:56

Yeah, I didn't like that battle very much either.

Ark Dowell

04-09-2005 18:13:34

I hated that battle, too. I had trouble with Kreia's Lightsaber's though.


04-09-2005 22:26:38

Her lightsabers stopped following me for some reason, so I just started chucking grenades at her.


06-09-2005 11:30:01

It shames to admit I used force crush over and over again. :$


06-09-2005 21:29:50

my force powers were so powerful my force crush killed her one hit :P


07-09-2005 09:09:44

I bow before the might of your force crush.



08-09-2005 22:06:33

i bow before no one!!! Except my BT leader, House summit, Clan Summit, Dark Council...shut up!!

Ceric Crimson

26-09-2005 21:08:19

It shames to admit I used force crush over and over again.  :$

LOL! Same here. Hall of Shame!! Well...better than having to reload, anyway...


27-09-2005 09:15:11

We should start a club!


05-10-2005 07:12:40

Wow i guess i wasnt the only one who used force crush over and over again.
(I need help with the 3 lightsaber part and ideas?)


15-10-2005 20:51:04

I agree in the movie (episode 1) it took 2 jedi to kill one sith(dark maul).Then in episode 3 it took 4 jedi to almost kill darth cidieous.Those sith assassins should not have died so easly.I think that aas sith ourselves there should be a title like sith assassin in the brother hood.But i am not a council member nor do i wish to be.I am just stating my opinion. :huh:


19-12-2005 17:01:22

Sith Assasins are Sith who prefer to attack from the shadows and assassinate targets rather than engaging them in standard combat. Almost always working solo or in small groups, they stride through crowded areas undetected using special stealth field generators or the rare art of Force camouflage, launching a surprise attack on a victim. While most may use lightsabers, some may use electro-staffs or blasters especially designed for sniping. Darth Sion commanded legions of Sith Assassins in the aftermath of the Second Sith War, causing the near-destruction of the Jedi.

From Wikipeda, The Free Encyclopedia


07-01-2006 09:54:58

I'm not entirely sure howmuch of the stuffon wikipedeia can be trusted. the stuff you've quoted sounds about right, but not all of wiki's stuff will be...

Vangar Blade

24-05-2006 09:55:42

I think those "assassins" would of kill anyone they they faced if they had Sabres. I mean come on force pikes, they travled in large groups not many people could defend themselves if they fased a sith onslot.

Vangar Blade >:)