Why did you choose the dark side?


20-01-2006 17:56:16


I was wondering, if the Jedi's are supposed to be so popular and the good guys, heros yada yada in the SW Saga and Sith so cruel, traitors, etc... what made you chose the dark side over the light side?

I did it b/c thanks to 2 friends (one of them is Vladeck ;)) I found out that the dark side of the force is more powerful than the light side, b/c in the dark side there are no boundaries, in the light side, too many restrictions and ther life of a monk! (you can't even curse lol)

Plus.. how come, if the light side is so powerful, and Yoda was the strongest, couldn't predict that their downfall was sealed and would be so soon? The dark side is stronger indeed!

how about you guys?


20-01-2006 18:07:56

Hi there!!!
Very good topic, to me stay in the dark side is so cool becouse indeed we are more powerful and in my case i join to the dark side thanks so my first master he was powerful endeed but i guess not too much jejeje the dak side has been something natural to me since i can remember.


22-01-2006 04:30:51

The Dark Side was a natural choice for me. After I slew my father, I discovered that acting in anger makes you stronger, that emotion fuels your power. I saw an opportunity to become great again, after my father ruined the family name.

(OOC) For me, the bad guys in Star Wars were always more interesting. Also, it's the same reason that games like Grand Theft Auto are so popular. Playing the bad guy, the evil doer, gives us a chance to do things that we may want to do, but most of us never would, in real life...

Werdna Elbee

22-01-2006 07:14:32

I didn't choose the Dark Side. It chose me.


22-01-2006 13:45:46

I didn't choose the Dark Side. It chose me.

that's one heck of an answer!!

And yes I also think that the bad guys in SW are more interesting, isn't vader the coolest? Darth Sidious is great too..

Macron Sadow

22-01-2006 15:32:16

I had too much hate and anger in my life to be otherwise..... the dark Side consumes me.


22-01-2006 19:32:35

its obvious we are thes strogest becouse we use our anger and pain jejeje >:)


23-01-2006 12:24:11

the dark side is stronger that is why i chose it, dont want restrictions placed on me by some weak code like the jedi, i like to have freedom


23-01-2006 16:33:56

Because there is no equivilent light-side club. :P

Lorien Sinclair

23-01-2006 16:44:19

I chose the Dark Side because it's easier to deal with life without trying to be an automoton - no feelings, no attachments, just blind faith.

{OOC}For me, i've always been a fan of the anti-hero - the guy who finds himself having to save the day, but still saying 'get in my face, and you will get your ass kicked.'

Andan Taldrya Marshall

23-01-2006 23:51:06

I said no to the dark side, but it didn't listen. Besides, the chicks go for the tall, dark guys, not the pasty lighties ;)

My character isn't so much a 'bad guy' as much as he just does what is best for him and his clan/house. If you want to use DnD terms then Crix is true neutral. Darth Nihalis (I think that's how you spell his name, the dude with the funky mask in KOROT2) is chaotic evil, he kills just for the hell of it. On the other hand people like Vader and Palpatine would be lawful neutral. They were both working to preseve an institution (AKA Palpatine's Empire), the lawful part, and I think it's pretty obvious that they were both evil and not neutral; they went out of their way to cause harm to others.

Gaidal Dupar

26-01-2006 07:17:08

In case of Gaidal Dupar al'Tor, he started using the Force ever since he was a little kid. He pretty much trained himself until he was somewhere around twelve years old. He used the Force whenever he needed to and used it how he needed to. The urge of necessity shaped the motivation of his actions.
While being a Padawan he was quite obedient until he monitored his own progress. He became a bit arrogant and rash. The last push was when he concluded the Jedi were keeping secrets from him (whereabouts of his long lost love, a Padawan on Yavin 4) and that they were holding him back. Gaidal wanted more knowledge, more power and more influence. So he broke into an ancient Jedi database and extracted just what he needed. Being a Sith showed more perspective and was a better offer. As opportunistic as he was, he decided to follow to path down.

In short, the Dark Side was always nearby for Gaidal, lurking in his own shadow. It was unavoidable that he would be confronted by its strength and temptation. Rage was his primary motivation during his early years.


26-01-2006 13:31:11

James Revan has always fueled on his anger about slavers taking his entire family when he fought in the prize fighter ring prior to his joining the Brotherhood. It was only natural that he would join the Dark Side of the force to further his aims of destroying slavery.

OOC: I have always been a person who has cheered for the dark side of anything I watch or play. When episode 3 came out, i could hardly contain myself as i knew by the end of the movie the bad guy would finally win against the good guys. That is also the main reason i like episode 3 more then any of the other 5 movies in the star wars collection. It's funny when i check out all my star wars memorabelia, that almost 3 quarters of it is dark side related lol. So I guess these are the reasons i have and will always remain a loyal servant of the dark side in any game i play.


29-01-2006 00:48:14

The Drak Side is sexier!


03-02-2006 22:43:09

I accepted the darkness that consumed my every movement......


04-02-2006 18:35:30

I have found the Dark Side the only place in which i can live my life the way that i want. I am an acolyte of Pain, in agony i find my strength. In this Dark Side Pain is but one part of the Whole. I seek to learn all ways of the Dark Side through the agony and suffering of those that oppose it. If one can take the pain that i wreak upon their flesh, then i will honor them, but none have. I do not merely deal pain for the pleasure of it, although i do admit that in dealing agony and suffering to those who oppose or anger me, i do it because when other suffer at my hand then i am whole, otherwise i feel a hole within me. I joined the Dark Side so that once i reach a pinnacle of strength I will teach this doctrine to others. When i get there you shall see, for those that interfere in the mechanations of the Dark Side will experience full force this agony.

Aspirant of the Art of Agony


05-02-2006 08:36:07

For Ashura, it was a simple choose. Since he was young, he was raised to believe in the survival of the fittest. Being the fact he is half Human/Tusken. He looks Human but acts and behaves pretty much like a Tusken Raider, combined with the fact he can use the Force.


If your interest to read his history, see the link (above)

Darth Pravus

08-02-2006 11:06:52

To me the Darkside as always seem to be much more interesting and stylish then what the Jedi will ever be, the sleek Dark robes, and their red lightsabers. Here is the cause for my character Pravus..


His orginal name was Daein Zhan, and was once a Jedi Padawn to an great Jedi Master by the name of Jaen Crohne. But during The New Sith Wars, he was captured by the Sith Lords and was sent to an Sith Academy to be 're-teached' in the nature of the Dark Side. But after two years The Sith Academy was destroyed during a battle between the Jedi and Sith and at the mean time Daein was saved by his very own Master, Jaen and was sent back to the Jedi Temple, but during a night there he hade terrible nightmares and for some strange reason one night he awakend and started killing every Jedi Master in the Council in the their sleep, the last of them was his former master, Jaen Crohna. They thought in a fierce duel, but till the end Daein finally killed him, but the battle left Daein scarred by his Master's lightsaber, almost burning up the right side of his own face. All of sudden after Daein killed Jaen, a mysterious figure came out from the shadows, he explained that he was a Sith Lord, his name was Darth Vacuus, he said that he was very pleased over what Daein hade done and offerd him to become his apprentice, Daein hade already become tempted by the darkside and said yes, Vacuus then gave Daein his new name and title, Darth Pravus, Dark Lord of the Sith and so did hid training in the Sith order begun, but Vacuus took Pravus to a disant planet outside the realm of Sith where he began to taught him his own skills in the darkside....

Ceric Crimson

11-02-2006 12:51:33

Dark Side was an obvious choice for me, just because the sort of unhealthy restraints the Jedi have on sexual relationships...I CAN'T WORK IN THAT KIND OF ENVIORNMENT!!! :lol:

Not to mention that if one wants to be a great military mind, one "has" to be on the Dark Side..."oh no! You sacraficed a thousand people to win that war! Your a bad man!!" BOOHOO!!

pansies...thats what the good guys are, no class at all...the bad guys always had a good fashion sense. Especially the babes.(not just SW)


04-03-2006 20:24:51

To become the best assassin ever and I can't do that without fighting and since the light side belivies no fighting for personal gane.Then that left this side and I can get better and hown my skills.


06-03-2006 14:58:41

My two reasons for choosing this path:

1 ) PALPATINE: ". . . If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force . . . You've been searching for a life greater than that of an ordinary Jedi . . . a life of significance, of conscience."

2 ) Jedi don't date? Huh? For this reason alone I could never join the Jedi Order, seriously. I mean, what's the deal here? Are they celibate? A chaste order? Cause we all know how that scenario plays out: lonely Jedi, lustfully eyeing their fair, young Padawans from afar, secretly self-pleasuring themselves with the Force. Yeah thanks but no thanks.


11-03-2006 10:48:13

I don't believe there is a lightside or a darkside. We can put it into certains ranks and positions and call it light or dark, but truly the force is all itself, not a classification. The force is the force.

1 ) PALPATINE: ". . . If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force . . . You've been searching for a life greater than that of an ordinary Jedi . . . a life of significance, of conscience."

Look at what he said. He said a larger view of the force, not going to the darkside.

I chose the force, because it is my tool, I use it and it does not use or choose me. I have power over it, so it does not consume me, but I consume it.

When I was younger the Jedi had taken my family away from me and tried to go and train me. My family later hired a Master Thief to steal me back, which they did. But that doesnt mean I stopped training. My family supported the Empire and when we were 'liberated' from 'evil'. Our planet put up a fight against the Rebellion and my family and me hid. That was my 16 birthday. They thought they had killed me . . . big mistake. I chose to use the force and when I was 18 I experienced some of its power by (I know it is lame but I was young in the force), I force pushed 3 New republic Soldiers off of a cliff.

Then I came to here to learn more of he force.

Baron Zarco

11-03-2006 14:05:49

I do what I believe to be right and those that disagree and have no cogent argument call it the "dark side." Is there some really evil stuff that one can get into so far that they are not likely to survive? Yes, but that occurence is spun into propaganda by virtually everyone who is in disagreement with a given act or philosophy.

The bottom line for me is that I have trouble with any group that has as a core tenet the idea that knowledge is bad. Any philosophy that cannot withstand the light of day and test of discourse is not devoted to the "light" no matter how they want to spin it. That's why I get labeled a "dark sider."


11-03-2006 19:21:31

Look at what he said.  He said a larger view of the force, not going to the darkside.

You're not reading between the lines. Palps was all about subtlety. Added to which, if you're tinkering around with dark side stuff, you're gonna fall to it. That's the nature of the dark side. And shadow jedi don't count -- they're not canon.

Sephiroth Kali

15-03-2006 18:18:23

isn't vader the coolest? Darth Sidious is great too..

I think you got that backward. Darth Sidius is the coolest, vader is great too.


15-03-2006 19:35:01

Sidious was certainly the coolest sith shown in the movies.


18-03-2006 15:54:38

I agree with Scyrone. There is no light or dark side to the Force, all that is light or dark is the intent behind it. But for the sake of discussion, let's say that the Force can be split into light and dark. By cutting yourself of from the Dark Side there are a whole host of powers and abilities that you are denying yourself. And with what justification? Some ancient doctrine tells you it's bad? Think for yourself, dammit!

The biggest difference between "light" and "dark" is whether you seek to do the will of the Force, or whether you seek to bend the Force to your will, nothing more.


04-04-2006 08:51:16

Light. Dark. Good. Evil.

These are points of view that no longer concern me.

I am that I am under the trancending power of the Force.

Kaine Mandaala

04-04-2006 11:57:44

The Dark Side had a better retirement package.

From the in-character view:

Kaine fell to the Dark Side out of his hatred for the Jedi. He believes they held his true identity from him on purpose, and for that he seeks revenge on his former friend and teacher.

From the out-of-character view:
From the very beginning, from when I first saw ANH on TV (a few years after it came out), I have loved three characters: Darth Vader, Tarkin and Han Solo. I've also really liked Stormtroopers and the Empire. I joined the EH because of this, and moved to the DB when my EH career hit a wall.

And as it was said before: there is no decent Light Side Jedi club.

Muz Ashen

04-04-2006 14:03:43

Muz drew upon the Dark side repeatedly during his duties as a Jedi. For this, he earned the scorn of his superiors, despite the fact that his objectives were acheived, many lives were saved, and the 'bad guy' removed.

Their teachings advocated cold neutrality, a harsh, emotionless state of unattachment, despite their rote teachings of how all are connected in the force.

When Muz drew upon the Dark side to defeat a superior foe in order to save a great many people from death, he was derided by the council, who feared his slipping into shadow. He resigned his post, and quickly discovered the fear of the Dark that the Council had as they sent a group of knights to slay him.

It was in those days that Muz vowed to not restrain his emotions. And some would say he was true to that vow, although I know better.


13-04-2006 10:55:28


Obviously I joined because I have an interest in twisted demonic behavior and I strongly believe in the way of the sith. The way of the dark side is much more powerful than the weak Jedi. The Jedi show mercy to all living things, I say kill first and ask questions later. also believe that if there are more people who think like that, then they could help each other....to and extent......Just to say if your helping me, and your part is done, you better watch your back and get out of the way, or find another reason for you to be living.


13-04-2006 11:37:31

"The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many powers, that some would consider to be unnatural...!!!" >:)

Aegor Raas

14-04-2006 20:32:08

"The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many powers, that some would consider to be unnatural...!!!"  >:)

Yes, exactly. There is a division (whether there should be or not) between the Light and Dark sides because of that. But the Dark Side has cooler powers, so...

Vangar Blade

24-05-2006 10:05:11

The lightside force power and darkside force power don't madder It is how or what the sith believe in. In the sw movies it was all just a point of view. the lightside thought the other was wrong, the darkside thought the lightside was wrong it was a never ending cycle. So I picked the Dark side because the dark side has a reason for what they do the light always keeps changing their minds.

Vangar Blade.


26-09-2006 17:52:41


My character first felt force sensitive when he was in exile on his home planet. He wanted revenge to a certain someone. He thought of force training with the jedi, but he found out they have mercy on everything. He went around town shadowy, and hear rumors of a place he could hone his skills in the force to get revenge. He thought he was just going there to get revenge. He did, but after he killed the count, he thought he could acheive greater power by learning more.

Out of Character

As said many times, There is no Light Side club; at least not large as the DB. Also, I agree with the Grand Theft Auto theory, its fun to kill people and be the bad dude as long as its fictional. However, you dont do this stuff in real life. I also loved the force-lightning and red sabers >:)

Also I read that the shadow jedi dont count, but he uses both the light side and the dark side. The light he mainly uses on those he rarely feels merciful for, and himself. He also calls upon the dark side for the obvious reasons as well as to acheive power. And, in aiming for power, one cant be restricted by the dogmatic view of the Jedi; and also you cant be held to just calling upon the dark side.

Thats my view on things :)


12-10-2006 18:21:12

The problem with the light side is that it enforces a strict regimen of control of emotional responses, for fear of turning to anger and thus encountering the dark side. Therefore the whole rationale of Jedi training is based upon FEAR, the fear of turning dark. Thus the chaste lifestyle for fear of igniting passions.

The problem with the dark side is that it encourages releasing raw uncontrolled emotions to fuel a deeper connection to the force, which taps into the oldest parts of the reptilian cortex of the humanoid brain, thus activating the Pain/Hunger/Kill reflex to achieve great power but at a cost of self control. The risk with the dark side is in totally losing control of self.

Therefore both sides act from the same point of view, which is to rely on an emotional interaction with the force, either to reject or embrace emotion as a means of achieving control.

The path of the Sith is simply for mastery, that is all. If you do not act out of fear and control your passions reasonably then you have control of your self while still being able to utilise the force. It is this mastery of the self and thus the force which will lead to mastery of the universe as a whole, so the goal of the Sith is simple control.

As I control my emotions, welcome them but do not let them have mastery of me, then I control my own destiny and can impose my will upon the universe.

Thus I master self,
Thus I control,
Thus I am Sith.

(This post is both in and out of character.)


15-01-2007 20:31:54

I chose the dark side after being Exiled from a jedi group for Death threats and showing emotion so i joined the dark side and vowed i would have my revenge!( Gonna send them spam or somtin havent thought it out yet.)


15-01-2007 21:48:59


Hmmm... I tend to agree with the whole idea of learning the entirity of something before truely understanding it. The problem with ALL Jedi is they are so adamant that their way is the right way. As dark-jedi even we tend to be superior about our own point of view, despite the fact that although you can all say you are encompassing the light and the dark, your very natures betray you. No matter how hard you try, you all hate something about the light, and that will always prevent you from truly unlocking your power.

I am told that i suffer from extreme psychosis and am clinically insane... so be it. I dont hate anything anymore, no, I CANT hate anything anymore. And the galaxy begins to open up before me like a flower, so infused am i with energy. Im a conduit you see, to the rawest energies of the dark side, and without my gauntlets i would become a direct link to pure destruction. Why did i choose the darkness? I didnt. It chose me.

It chose me and now i can see what a gift it has given me. Light, dark, shadows, emotions, these things do not concern me. When the time comes i will throw aside my binding gloves and show the universe what true power is.


16-01-2007 13:07:17

(talk about resurrecting a dead thread)

For some, it is a choice; for others, there is only one path.

(oh yes, you can hear it coming, the old Krath is gonna start a sermon :P)

Many of the Brethren began their lives attempting to live lives of unsurpassed piety, to a ambition that can never come to be; for every being in the Galaxy holds at least some attachment to the Dark Side. We, the chosen, have merely stepped onto the stage as the followers of our nature, and our desire. Ours is the power to rule. Ours is the power to accept what is truly ours. We do not shy away from our gifts, fear to use them, and remorse when we do; such is weakness!

The 'Light-Side', if it could be called that really, is a farce. They wield no true power, nor any knowledge that could even compare to that which the Brotherhood possesses. They restrain themselves so tightly that their potential is diminished to the point of oblivion. The question, originally stated, was what prompted us to choose the Dark Side to harness our gifts. Our stories, as you all have heard, are varied in their origins. For some, a repulsion from the Light. For others, the Light never came into their lives until they were well on the path to Darkness. But no matter what their origin, once the path into Darkness is begun, it is only natural to continue to it's end. In the embrace of the Dark Side we find what we all seek, whether it be the power of the Sith, the might of the Obelisk, or the knowledge of the Krath.

In Darkness Serve...

Adien Falaut

16-01-2007 14:40:44

For my character it would have to be the only choice after the death of his parents he was literally tearing himself apart with hate for everything and setting on the dark path gave him the focus to use what raw emotion that was already there in mass amounts


17-01-2007 00:28:22

Lightsiders are pussies


25-01-2007 20:52:17

you can shoot lightning from your fingertips! :P :P :P :) :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: B) ;) ;) ;) :blink: >:) >:) >:)


11-02-2007 07:14:22

because darkness is well, dark :P and its in my name too


03-03-2007 10:56:35

In my opinion, it is not the force itself that is split between dark and light. There is only one force, and it does not change from person to person. I believe that the Light or Dark Side is defined by how a single individual uses the force. The jedi let themselves be manipulated by it, while I make the force bend to my will. I chose this path because, by controlling the force, I will be able to control others.
The force is the ultimate tool to gain Power, you just have to decide whether you want to be controlled by that tool, or to controll it yourself.


15-03-2007 12:37:08

Because chaos and destruction is so much nicer than peace and order :D


07-10-2008 16:58:42

I chose it because I'm an individual. You have to know yourself, make your own decisions, and let it all ride on your own guesses to really find who you are. You aren't your robes, your saber, your order, or your bloody side of the Force. I believe in the Dark Side because it gives me freedom to pursue whatever I am and to make that into whatever I want. Are all Darksiders evil? Nope. Are they all free individuals? Damn straight.