Crona and Ar'Kell

Rekio Corsair

01-02-2005 17:00:33

Being the faithful little Praetor that I am, I've been researching the Crona and Ar'Kell incidents. Unfortunately, detailed information isn't readily available. So this is a call for help from all the old farts that have been with the DB since "the day," post a reply and share what you know.


01-02-2005 17:07:52

I wasn't around back then... but...

I did read up everything that happened with Ar'Kell once in the history archives of the club they went off to become. I cannot however remember the name of that club... all I remember is that its long dead. Surprisingly it was a rather detailed history though, so was an interesting read, if from a different angle. is your friend.

Sith Bloodfyre

01-02-2005 17:32:26

The Club they became was the Society of Shadows.


01-02-2005 17:35:49

Man, I've been here 5 years and there is still so much that happened before my time or when I wasn't paying attention...I'd try to find Jac if I were you Rekio, he seems to have a pretty good memory of that oldish stuff if you can catch him on IRC and ask.

Rekio Corsair

01-02-2005 20:05:11

Xanos: you don't happen to remember the name of the site do you?

Kir: Been there, done that. Jac was most helpful in learning about Crona. However, he suggested finding someone else to obtain more detailed information on Clan Ar'Kell.


02-02-2005 00:14:04

I remember little bits here and there of the Society of Shadows and Crona. I wasn't around then though...I joined not tooo long afterwards. So I would be more of a secondary source. I do, however, have a lot of old classified Intel records pertaining to both events. They give me quite a lot of information that...well...wouldn't be important for historical inquiry....hehe

I will, however, examine my records to find out who might no more than they are telling us :D

Rekio Corsair

02-02-2005 00:18:23

About time Intel did something useful :P


02-02-2005 02:52:01

Intel was damned useful when I ran it. Problem was, Kawolski saw that and got rid of me via HCI ASAP :P


02-02-2005 05:17:49

Society of Shadows that was it.

Best bet is to punch that into google or the search function (I think it has one) one the Web Archive to pull up their old websites. They did become something else after the Society of Shadows, merged with a bigger Imperial club I think but kept their history. If I get some free time to do some searching I'll try and dig up some stuff.

Sith Bloodfyre

02-02-2005 11:18:55

Already tried. The website used to be apparently. It doesn't work anymore. It used to be a part of, or something, but nada. No dice.


02-02-2005 12:50:00

I don't think you'll be able to find anything on the Society of Shadows through google anymore.

Your best bet would be to look for Bigdaddy or one of the old Tau guys...Sauron...or any other past member of Ar'Kell...who isn't me.


02-02-2005 15:13:41

If you could find the name of the club the Society of Shadows merged into then you'd be able to find the history file, which was written by Sauron, hearing that name jogged my memory a little.

It was some Imperial Fleet based club... but... I'll be damned if I can remember the name.


02-02-2005 15:42:34

The New Imperium I think

Rekio Corsair

02-02-2005 16:20:47

Meh ... I haven't been about to find anything on either Society of Shadows or the New Imperium though google. :ermm:


02-02-2005 18:43:55

Yeah, their sites disappeared a long time ago. Web Archive is the place to look. It's finding the urls though... I *think* society of shadows was something like or something easily guessable. I'm pretty sure Web Archive has a search function these days rather than the need for an exact url.

Sith Bloodfyre

03-02-2005 00:58:10

If you read one of my previous posts, I had said that the SoS website WAS there. :P However, each time I've tried to bring it up, it says it's not in the archive. But that was it.

Oh, btw, it had been attached to back then. is still up, and has an email for him listed as, if you feel inclined to try and email him. Maybe he still has some of that info. Who knows. Maybe he was one of those members of Ar'Kell who broke away.


03-02-2005 01:27:31

Clan Ar'kell was as has been stated one of the Original Clans of the DB that split under former SDIR/CON Sauron at the time. They did come to inform the SoS, that as far as I remember hooked up with the New Imperium, and then eventually that got swallowed up by our allies the Star Vipers. If that is the case, they can now be found going by the name "Lost Order" which can be located here:


03-02-2005 04:01:13

Actually the best person to ask is Khyron or JH Jinx Mortigena. Khyron was GM at the time. It was at the time when all houses were becoming clans - back in those days there was Clan Alvaak with several houses and then of course many Independent Houses. Well the Houses all became clans. Ar'Kell was so big that they felt they no longer needed to stay with the Brotherhood and left. And apprarently, according to his Dossier (#1681), JH Jinx Mortigena was a member of the Society of Shadows, in fact claims to have been a GM of the group.
…mutinied from the EH with the Intruder Wing, and was one of the first members of the Society of Shadows. Three years later, became the Grand Master of the SoH charged with reviving the org, and failed. Now carries the title of "Steward" until the SoH is reborn and a rightful Grand Master is appointed to relieve him of his burden.

Funny story about that time period when Ar'Kell left the DB - Sauron was excommunicated from the DB for this, but his persona in the TIE Corps was not punished by Ronin.

I talk to much, here is a file that I recovered from the Society of Shadows (SoH) website many many ages ago:

For the actual event in history (the decree by Khyron about Ar'Kell's defection) go to:

And of course the "Advanced Tactical Division of the Society of Shadows" can still be found at:

I have other files and websites, however, it's all on cds from long ago. I'll have to dig around and see what I can find. I think I have the original New Imperium website somewhere amongst those things - I'm a historian, I like to collect things should they prove significant somewhere down the line.


03-02-2005 05:59:41

I had tried to research Crona ages ago to use in a plot line just after the Zabellian Conflict. HQD was in pretty bad shape at the time - it was me and (Anshar) Kahn, and it struck me as an interesting storyline to try and wake everyone back up with. Never found out a whole lot though, beyond Khobai and Vor's gossip. I joined well after that debacle, back in May '99.

While I'm here Tron, do you know when Scholae Palatinae was closed down? I don't remember the date, I was looking for it when I was piecing together Arcona's history to try and confirm the opening day of Arcona's "Sith" House, Oriens. Not that I care anymore, its just one of those things that bug you <_< . I had a little to do with the closure itself, but I mostly helped Nighthawk invent (fictionally) Oriens Obscurum a few times. I wrote the winning history piece, then had to re-write it a couple times to fit in with Single Order. Then I think one or two Quaestors in, the website went down and we lost the original history :@ And no, I didn't name it, blame NH for that. I think someone submitted it to him, actually, but anyhow...


03-02-2005 13:14:53

Nice work Tron

Our oldness does pay off afterall!

How much of that stuff did you archive?


03-02-2005 18:13:57

I have a lot of crap archived - it freaked Khyron out one time when he asked if anyone remembered a detail about one of his old db sites and I gave him a link to the archived website.

I'll look up what I can on CSP. I remember that happening, but not when.

However, if you want Arcona history, I have some - where I got this file I have no idea. But tells who the first QUA of HOO was - Firefox.

Hope that helps.


03-02-2005 18:50:24

I think it was FF that named HOO - I'm sure he mentioned that it was him once on IRC.


04-02-2005 16:38:21

Thanks Tron, I suppose. I was only curious about the CSP thing because I usually remember the times of big events, but that one escapes me.

Thats not the most accurate list in the world, either. I got a copy of it ages ago and updated it a few times to reflect everything until Vassan's Consulship, for the history/legacy website I put together as a parting gift to Arcona. Then I made the mistake of not quitting that Clan when it was done.

Anyhow, thats life for ya.


01-03-2005 03:12:36

It wasnt FF who named HOO, because hes commented many times, that Oriens Obscurum is improper latin for "Rising Darkness". He didnt name it, he was just QUA of it.

CSP was merged with Arcona shortly after house Arcona was clanned. We opened a new house, House Oriens Obscurum, and that's where we stuck the people from CSP.

Later on, they all defected from Arcona, and went back to reform thier crappy excuse for a clan.

I also remember when Clan Ar'Kell defected... I was in Aquillas at the time, but had previously been in House ArKell before it was clanned. And I know Vor was in House Arbroath.

That was a strange few months... four or five clans/houses got shut down in a very short period of time.

Didnt Zoraan end up joining Society of Shadows... and becoming thier leader? or something bizarre like that.


03-09-2005 21:33:13

Clan Ar'Kell--

Backstory is that in August or so of 1997, Dogger and several others (Percy, Traktion) led a revolt from the Infiltrator Wing, and formed the Intruder Wing. I was a little putz back then, and went along with them. One of the first actions was to form our own Dark Jedi group, the Society of Shadows (abbreviated SoH for some reason). There were two clans in the SoH one of them was Clan Stone Cutters (forget the other one). However, membership never really got above 20 members.

Fast forward to around March of 1998 (I believe), when for whatever reason, Sauron incites a riot in his clan in the DB and they leave. An agreement was reached between the IW and Clan Ar'Kell, under which Ar'Kell would take over management of the SoH as a seperate entity from the Intruder Wing, but retain the SoH name. At the same time, they, along with four other groups (Crimson Empire, Dark Knight Fleet, Vast Empire...someone else) formed a coalition of clubs known as the New Imperium. The first two clans were closed, and the three houses from Clan Ar'Kell were continued on in the SoH (Ar'Kell, Mortigena, something else...). The SoH, IW, and NI all lasted for about three more years, before lack of membership closed the doors. Several members of both clubs (including myself) migrated back to the EH over the years...Domi, Stan (now Sephroth or something), Kevin (Locke Setzer), Masters. No clue what's happened to Sauron or most of the other folks over the years.


15-10-2005 21:02:33

This is very intresting i will look for the subject and post anything I find out so keep posting this is starting to get really good.This is knowlegde and i think this is a topic worth learning.


28-10-2012 19:51:23

Sorry to disturb such an old thread, but when you speak of the devil..

It was a long time ago, but I can still pull some details from my weary old mind.

I had been Grand Master of the DB under the EH and Ronin for a while. I had founded
the Order of the Obelisk and the DB was growing, but over time I became frustrated by
the meddling of Ronin. I, Deathwatch and many of Tau were doing our best to renew the DB and increase
interest in it. We were still quite small compared to the EH itself so we wanted to grow.

But it felt like most of our efforts met resistance from Ronin. For example, at the time as I recall
the DB didn't have units smaller than the orders. We wanted to have clans, but Ronin didn't
like the name clans. He didn't agree with the path we wanted to take "his" club.

At the same time, I and some of my friends in Tau had become quite wild and
accustomed to doing things our own way. So in retrospect I think Ronin was just
waiting for an excuse to excommunicate me.

I had an idea of splitting the DB off from the EH, but I shared it with a friend who
ratted me out and the rest is history.. The DB wasn't ready then, but I am glad to see
it eventually was.