Nice reference source


06-07-2005 08:00:09

people might wanna check out
it's got absolutely sh!t-loads of material...


06-07-2005 08:16:49

I would warn anyone when looking at wikipedia that anyone can post on there, as such a good bit of info is more then a bit off. That doesn't mean it doesn't make for a good read, but just remember that anyone can post there so you get alot of worthless junk along with some useful info.


07-07-2005 09:16:27

Anyone here get duped by SuperShadow.
I did :\

I've read alot of the Wikipedia stuff about Sith, Jedi, Lightsaber combat, etc. They usually list sources like for the lightsaber combat page they had several books listed that I found on ebay later. And a lot of the history is straight out of the Dark Horse comics, literature, KOTOR (I & II), and the movies.

I've gone over most of the stuff on the Sith page and it all seems to be correct. There's still a few loose ends that I haven't confirmed. Cuz I'm a history and Star Wars fanso the things naturally go together :\