The Path of the Righteous


18-05-2014 10:55:08

Path of the Righteous is a private runon used for primary character development, specifically for Methyas L'eonheart. All participants in this runon have agreed upon all events occurring herein to be considered canon within the storylines and timeline maintained by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Dramatis personae:
- Methyas L'eonheart

Additional writers will be considered upon request, please wait for formal acceptance or invitation before posting.


18-05-2014 10:56:12

A gentle breeze swept through the open window, the heavy curtains seeming to dance unwilling as the wind carried through them and into the window, with the wind came the smells of spring. It was almost a fresh smell as flowers had started to bloom in the gardens outside and the nearby trees were beginning to once again don their colourful canopies. The harsh stone walls of the building seemed far more intimidating from outside than from within, however, as the rooms had been well decorated and seemed very homely; the deft touch of a woman. This chamber would have to be the master bedroom as the oversized bed was adorned with colourful sheets and various other furniture seemed to be spread throughout the room for storage. Various pictures and other decorations could be found here and there to generally improve the perceived quality of the room.

A single vanity sat near the foot of the bed, a large mirror sat upon it, held in place by magnificently crafted woodwork. Much of the room itself spoke of simple creature comforts and some extravagant cost, a family of some wealth living within this manor. At the vanity sat the woman whose gentle touch had made an impact, and one would have suspected that she had been doing her makeup if they hadn't known her better. Instead, she simply sat there with a bemused look upon her face, her voice carrying a slightly harsh tone as she spoke, "Why do you continue to quest and search for answers on end? Do you not wish to spend time with your family? With me? With your baby boy and girl?"

The man beside her seemed world-weary, having fought alongside his brethren and search far too long for answers. He learned almost awkwardly as he favoured his cybernetic leg, the scarred skin at his hip a reminder of what he had lost for the Brotherhood. He was dressed in the robes of a scholar, or at least robes of an older time. The Jedi’s earthen coloured robes hung loosely about his broad shoulders, with the right arm tucked and pinned where an arm should be, the rest of the robes seeming to merely hang loosely about the rest of his body. His build was definitely that of a scholar and mentor, a role he had been persuaded to fill for over the years that had passed. His wife beside him was draped in a flattering dress with a plunging neckline, her hair tied back loosely as her eyes looked up at her soulmate. He could feel her gaze through the Force, an intricate bond between them aiding his natural Force-given sight as his eyeless sockets would be of no benefit to him, covered by a white silken scarf.

She reached over to grasp his hand, a gestured mirrored as he grasped her hand in return, squeezing it gently before he responded, "Every free moment I have, I spend at your side, my love. Despite how much it irks my Clan and brethren. It's just, I feel I need to do this. I'm not doing this for the Brotherhood; I'm not even doing it for myself. I…” he paused, just long enough for his wife to gently rub his hand soothingly, “I feel like I need to do this for our children. I need to at least try to prevent the horrors that may be coming, to ensure that they will never have to face with them."

"Oh Methyas. I know what you mean,'s just our time apart, it’s so long and feels like it goes on without end."

The man moved closer, releasing his wife's hand as he knelt beside her just enough so he could wrap his arm about her waist, holding her tight as he spoke, "I'm always here with you, Naomi. Maybe not physically, but you can always feel me in your heart and soul, I'm always with you in spirit. My heart is bound to yours, you know this. Even as it saddens you, if my life ends, I'll continue to live on through you."

He could feel her emotions swell up for a second. He knew that she was concerned he would sacrifice himself for his beliefs, but she knew he would do everything in his power, even fight to return to her. She held her husband's arm tightly in an almost caress before he spoke again, "I'm not leaving until the morning anyway, love. Let's enjoy the day with Arcturus and Fayth."


"You seem to be distracted, friend," the low voice stirred the Miraluka from his memories of the days of happiness with his family from only a few weeks ago.

Methyas breathed deeply, once more grasping the Force rather than losing himself to it, so that his sight would return to him as a spherical bubble of his surroundings. About him, the chamber was a hive of activity as his agents were diligently working at various consoles, trying to discover as much information as they could from various parts of the Holonet. The room was rather spartan, metallic plating as well with various terminals and furniture of assorted sizes and utility around them. The Miraluka himself had perched upon a series of pillows gathered about him in comfort, a necessity as he seemed to almost continually lose himself to following and will of the Force. It was a task completed by Methyas consciously plucking and tracing the various strands of information which wove the intricate tapestry of the universe about them, sometimes finding himself lost for hours or more at a time.

Some considered him a visionary, an individual who divined the secrets and information of the Galaxy, which SHADOW then pursued or confirmed for validity. In truth it was a simple matter of following a trail of information as a classical detective or hunter stalking prey, the minute details along the the strands which bound them all through the Force providing all the information that was necessary.

"Methyas?" the deep voice at his side rose up again, a note of concern within it.

The Miraluka smirked as he turned his attention to his ally, a Talortai who had stumbled his way across the galaxy. When Methyas had first met him, the poor boy was considerably lost and would have been in trouble were it not for his agility and basic understandings of the Force and its uses. The touch of the Jedi's focus upon him must have been more intrusive than he had intended as the Talortai's feathers ruffled for a moment in discomfort, the man's voice starting once again, "Ah, so you are with us, take a moment to relax.”

As Methyas’ focus seemed to shift to the entire room, the Talortai’s feathers settled slightly, a mix of brown, grey, and black; before he continued, “Any new leads?"

Methyas nodded in response before he spoke, "I believe I have found something, Taiki. Though this lead will be a solo mission for myself, for the time being. Ensure that Zero flags it for my personal records, I'll need to review this information before my trip to Dromund Kaas."