Ominous Aspiration


23-03-2014 20:51:36

Character Development RO for Jeric Cyrin and Maelous Ascarend. If you would like to join in please ask.



Canti, Reena Province
Tapani Sector, Colonies Region

It had been almost a year since the Invasion of New Tython and months since anyone in the Brotherhood last saw Jeric Cyrin. The self-exiled Sith had been hiding out in the ruins of his childhood home. It along with the last of his family were destroyed in the later months of 34 ABY during an uprising by the lower class of House Reena. Jeric felt it was a fitting place after his injury and wounded pride. He had given up on his duties as Quaestor of Marka Ragnos and fled the Orian System before the summit could remove him. But that was all behind him now, the former Noble Lord sat in a meditative state inside a rebuilt section of the estate, secluded from the rest of the galaxy. Days went by until Jeric’s mind came back to the present.

“Korriz.” The word hissed from between his lips. Jeric remember back to a holocron he found long ago. It’s gatekeeper had talked about the power of alchemy and mention Tritos Nal, a master of Sith Magic, and his workshop on Korriz. If ancient artifacts like Lord Garu’s Sith Sword or powerful sith armor remained on the planet it could help bring new meaning to Jeric’s chaotic life. He even hoped to return his eye sight thru the power of sith magic.

Korriz, Sith Worlds
Esstran Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Jeric had been on the frozen wasteland of Korriz for a few hours. Ruins and ancient sith relics littered the planet’s surface. The Sith was being drawn towards the a mountain ridge where he could faintly see a large structure atop one of the mountains. The dark side was strongest at that point and Jeric had no doubt that was the workshop of Tritos Nal.

Upon entering the workshop Jeric felt a disturbance. A presence torn between the dark side and the light. The Sith followed his sense until he entered the main chamber of Tritos Nal himself. Jeric had no time to take it all in, from behind him a human male about Jeric’s age lunged at him with a poorly forged Sith Sword. Jeric form was erratic due to his eyesight but his persistence and strength were overpowering. The stranger could not defense against Jeric’s command of the force. The Sith raised his attacker off the ground and violently slammed him into a wall. Jeric then lunged for the neck of his attacker. The stranger managed to bat away Jeric’s strike at the last second but in the process struck the Holocron of Tritos Nal with his Sith Sword. In a flash of light the holocron exploded with energy and the Sith Sword turned to ash. Jeric turn furiously to the attack.

“I hope you know what you just did.” Jeric spoke with hatred. Raising the crimson blade of his saber the Sith intended on ending the strangers life.

The human sense the overwhelming power of Jeric and the anger that now coursed thru his body. He knew he would die if he didn’t act fast.

“Wait! I know the secrets of the holocron.”

“What did you say?” Jeric question the human.

“I know what you came here for and I can help you. Your a Sith Lord correct? Please take me as your apprentice, show me the ways of the Sith.”

“Prove that you know the secrets of the holocron and I may let you live.” Jeric hissed as he deactivated his saber and walked away.

A few weeks past when the stranger finally present Jeric with a mask. Forged thru the use of alchemy, molded off the ancient sith mask’s that littered the workshop and infused with sith magic, the mask would allow Jeric to see as if thru his own eyes again no longer having to rely on the force to sense his surroundings. Placing the mask on his face Jeric looked upon the human male that stood in front of him. His hair was unkept, his beard was worse than a wookie’s fury and he looked as dirty as he smelled. The stranger quickly realized the mask had work and took a knee before his new master.

“What is your name?”

“Maelous Ascarend, my master.”

Two Months Later…

Canti, Reena Province
Tapani Sector, Colonies Region

A small fire burned in the center of what used to be the grand room of the Cyrin Family Estate. Maelous sat by the fire trying to keep himself warm. The northern region of Canti was bitter during the winter. Maelous’s master was inside his chambers the only livable part of the ruined estate or so he though. The fire extinguished itself and the area was cast into darkness from Maelous’s right side the blood red blade of Jeric’s saber lashed out. Maelous ducked and rolled out of the way. Reaching out with the force he equipped himself with a vibrosword just in time to block one of Jeric’s strikes. The two had fought many times since their dual on Korriz, Jeric was a much better dualist with his eye sight returned. Compared to Maelous, Jeric’s form was perfect and his execution flawless. But Maelous had a new trick up his sleeves today, using the force he pulled a sheet of ice down on top of his master, but Jeric put up a barrier causing the ice to shatter around his body. Right as the last piece of ice hit the floor Maelous lunged at his master almost catching him off guard. The two blades clashed and after a tense minute Jeric stepped back and deactivated his blade.

“Gather your thing. It time we leave this place.” The Sith said to Maelous.

Jeric returned to his chamber and opened a HoloNet channel to Sepros. It was time he returned to the brotherhood and bring his clan some new blood. Maelous would have to endure the Shadow Academy during his initial trials but Jeric felt that he was ready and wouldn’t take nearly as long as some to complete the training.


26-03-2014 13:16:34

Central Library, Shadow Academy
Lyspair, Antei System

2 months later…

Maelous sat with his holopad in a mostly empty room. Some of the other Journeyman moved around him, discussing their latest lessons, and their own theories of the Force and its applications. He had spend the day trying to wrap his head around Krath philosophy and found it mind numbing. Rage filled him as they chattered over his own mental process; it was bad enough to try and focus on studies that focused mostly on people studying when whelps like these couldn't keep their tongues inside their own heads.

He almost laughed at the thought. Most of those that occupied the room outranked him, but the Protector had no doubt he could destroy them without so much as breaking a sweat. He was strong in the Force, so he had been told, and had risen to his current rank quicker than most. This fact only added to his rage.

His mental rant ended abruptly as the holopad alarmed to notify the Sith of an incoming message. He tapped the screen and a holographic image of his Master appeared. The masked figure causing the ambient voices to die away.

“My Apprentice,” Jeric said through the flickering image, “it appears you are doing far better than I had anticipated.”

“Thank you, my Master,” he replied in his damaged voice.

“I will be on Lyspair in just a few minutes. I expect you to be at the spaceport when I arrive.”

“Yes, my Master,” Maelous said as he stood the transmission terminating as he finished.

Those that had remained in the room watched him as he made his way out with mixed expressions amounting to something like fear and unease. Jeric has a reputation, and any Apprentice that could survive him was not to be taken lightly. He grinned darkly as the door closed behind him.

Space Port
Lyspair, Antei System

Maelous approached his Master’s personal vessel just as the ramp extended to the ground. When the doors opened he was standing at the base waiting for Jeric. The masked man moved down the ramp until he stood in front of Maelous. He looked over his Apprentice briefly, noting the armory saber attached to his belt, then looked back at the Protector.

There was a short pause as they stared at each other; neither willing to look away for obvious reasons. Jeric did not go easy on his Apprentice. Maelous had suffered broken bones, and bruises and had once almost died, during his private training. This had not shaken the Protector’s resolve though. Finally Jeric spoke.

“I’ve already spoke with the Headmaster, you’ll be coming with me.”

Maelous nodded, “Yes, my Master.”

Jeric turned and began to climb the ramp without another word, his Apprentice close behind him. It was time for the Journeyman to show his Master what he was capable of.


29-03-2014 18:05:31

Theta-Class T-2c Shuttle Aurora
Stygian Caldera, Sith Space

There had been nothing but the faint hum of the Aurora’s engine since the shuttle lifted off from Lyspair. Maelous sat towards the rear of the shuttle, his eyes closed, but his mind running in circles. His initial trials at the Shadow Academy had been completed and it was time for his true apprenticeship to begin. The protector knew one thing, they weren't going back to Canti, the the jump thru hyperspace was too short and plus Maelous was now a brethren of the Dark Brotherhood, he was to be assigned a Clan, he could only assume it was his master clan.

“Lord Cyrin, can you come to the flight deck.” the intercom system chirped

The masked sith stood and walked towards the front of the shuttle, a door open and hissed shut behind him.

“My Lord, we are entering the Orian System now. Sepors is asking for authorization codes and our destination.”

Jeric handed the pilot a small datapad with his personal authorization code. “Tell them I will be heading back to Tarthos and that I will meet up with the summit when I can.”

“Yes my Lord.”

Roughly twenty minutes later the obvious turbulence of a planet’s atmosphere began to shake the shuttle. Maelous knew that in only a few minutes they would land and he would be welcome by the leadership of his new clan. He brushed off his robes and stood to make sure everything look perfect but was interrupted but a low snicker coming from the front of the shuttle. His master was laughing at him almost mocking at what the Sith was doing.

“You wanna make a good first impression do you?”

“Yes Master.” Maelous responded.

The shuttle jolted as its landing gears made contact with the ground. The hum of the engines died off.

Abandon Outpost
Terra Do Gelo, Tarthos

“The only one you need to impress is me.” Jeric said as the ramp to the shuttle lowered and blast of fridge air caught the protector off guard. It was night time, Maelous couldn’t see anything beyond the landing lights of the Theta-Class T-2c Shuttle. The air was well below freezing and snow lightly covered the ground. But of everything Maelous noticed there were no fellow brothers, no leaders, there was no one waiting. He turned to his master with a look of slight confusion but said nothing.

Jeric brushed past his apprentice and made his way down the ramp. Maelous grabs his duffle bag and followed suite. About ten meters from the shuttle was a set of stairs leading down to a door. Maelous realized they had landed on a platform and in front of them was a outpost, probably military, however it appeared to be deserted. With a wave of his hand Jeric slid the door open and the two entered the outpost.

“Not what you were expecting?” Jeric asked with a slight chuckle.

“Well…” Maelous was cut off

“This is where you will live and train until I deem you worthy of meeting your new family.” Jeric said before he began walking towards an area of the outpost that looked rebuilt and appeared to have power.

“Oh and welcome to House Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow.” Jeric’s muffled voice said before a blast door separated Maelous from the refurbished section of the Outpost.