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Clan Naga Sadow has embarked on a mission to exact revenge against Taldryan for the actions of its Aedile in defacing ruins sacred to Ancient Sith Lord Ludo Kressh. Detail the mission, and the events surrounding the attack from your unit's perspective.

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Rian Aslar sighed quietly to himself as he watched the gathered Equites and Journeymen in the ravine. Group training sessions were never his favourite part of leading the members of Taldryan, but he was well aware of the usefulness of the practice in ensuring that his people got to learn from each other. Taldryan had always been based on a bedrock of loyalty to each other, above all else. For this principle to work, people had to know each other, they had to trust each other, and they had to understand in their very souls, that the other members of Taldryan had each other's backs. Group training sessions helped focus people, and while he had been Aedile, he had made sure to be the most visible and accessible to the members of Taldryan as anyone.

That's why he was so frustrated with his Aedile, and the fact that he was nowhere to be seen. When Keirdagh had come to him and offered to act as his second, Rian knew it would be a challenge. The former Justicar was nothing if not a big personality, and his loyalty and love to Taldryan were second to none. But the abrasive old man just couldn't seem to break the generational gap and make himself available to the regular members.

Sighing more audibly, and making a mental note to discuss it with the Dark Jedi Master again later, Rian turned back to his assembled journeymen. Ever since their exercises had begun, Rian had been sensing that there was danger on the horizon, but he had no idea its source or how near the danger was, hopefully they could defend against whatever it was… it might even be good training for the journeymen.


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Malfrost Xeon had slipped away from the hustle and bustle of the group training session to rest for a few moments. The Knight of Taldryan stretched his arms above his head as he made his way back towards the training area. As he entered the ravine again, he easily picked out Rian watching and observing them only a few yards away. There was also something else he only just noticed, rather it was a noticing of a lack of someone. Their Aedile seemed to have vanished on them. Malrost could sense the frustration ebbing from the Quaestor and he couldn't help but stiffen a chuckle as he approached the frustrated man.

"I see our Aedile has vanished on us again? Don't worry about it too much, Rian. That's just how he is; I believe we both understand that." Malfrost placed a hand on Rial's shoulder, patting it lightly as he looked up at the sky. Malfrost knew most of what he knew about Keirdagh via association. He had been around the current Aedile enough to get a basic grasp on his personality , but he knew the Aedile best based on the words of his old mentor, Crix. Crix had been Malfrost's first mentor during his early days in the Brotherhood, and Crix himself had been a student of the eccentric Keirdagh. Before Crix's death during the Incursion, Crix had spoken highly of his Master, leading Malfrost himself to form a rather positive opinion on the man, even if his actions didn't always warrant it.

It was a beautiful day in the ravine, and the hilt of Malfrost's lightsaber shimmered in the sunlight, but a small pit of uneasiness had wormed its way into his stomach. He released Rian's shoulder and shifted his gaze from the radiant sky back to his Quaestor.

"I'm feeling, uneasy. Maybe I just pushed myself abit to much but, do you feel anything, Rian?" Malfrost asked his leader as he closed his eyes and tried to become more in tune with the Force. He reached out through the surrounding area, as he tried to see if he could sense anything around them that might be giving him this uneasy feeling.


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Kazmir felt the ebb and flow of the Force softly trickling through him. Flickers and sparks of life energy became a clear image in his mind as he sank deeper and deeper into the currents of the Force. His mind was a separate entity, leaving his body to move outside of his conscious control. It rolled around in the bunk, away from the sudden beam of light emanating from the door.
Watcher 5, member of Taldryan’s elite intelligence service stepped through the door into the darkened room. Her knowledge of the layout meant that she didn’t have to turn on the lighting or feel her way around the room, she merely turned her head to where the bunk should have been before clearing her throat.

“I’m surprised you can sleep at this hour. And don’t try to act like you’re in some deep slumber.”
Kazmir turned his head, his eyes looking up towards the ceiling.
“The rest of your space wizard friends are down planet-side doing training drills, shouldn’t you be down there with them?”
Kazmir grunted
“Just thought you should know.” The woman proceeded to turn on her heel before coming to a stop mid spin as her ears caught the sound of Kazmir’s voice.
“We’re Jedi, not ‘space wizards’ as you put it. And no, I don’t have to be down there running training drills or survival exercises. I’ve had enough in the ways of survival when they left me on Rhelg. Speaking of having to be somewhere; shouldn’t you be in one of the hangers fixing some craft or something.”
“Fine, be that way. I’ll be in the hanger If you need something, fixing some ships.”


24-09-2013 18:00:52

Darth Gravid’s Fortress - Training Grounds

"I am not worried about Keirdagh's absence Malfrost, at least not that much. I am going to discuss matters with him when the need arises." Forcing a smile onto his lips the Pantoran assumed a straighter posture, his eyes fixed on the Taldryan Knight. "As for your uneasiness, I don't think you pushed yourself too far, my gut tells me the same. Something is going to happen so better have an eye open."

"Yame!" The Quaestor's voice thundered along the heavy stone walls of the ravine, forcing every member of Taldryan within to break from their current activities and focusing on their leader. "Well done all, 15 minutes to get yourself refreshed!"

Quickly they broke off. Grabing bottles of water, they joined in small groups, chattering about this and that. On making eye-contact with various Elders and Equites, mentally noticing them to turn over to him, upon arrival of the last of his most trusted, he almost whispered: "Question: Does anyone of you feel it too?"
"Feel what, Ri-guy?" the man to his right asked, his face run by a dark blue blindfold.
"I can't really tell Shaz’air," he adressed his close friend and former Master. "I have that strange feeling in my gut that something is about to happen, does anyone of you feel that too?"
"Hmmm, you sure this isn't just some form of paranoia?"
"Dunno, but at least Malfrost has felt it too," Rian replied, nodding in the direction the Krath has taken off after their talk. "If it is just some form of paranoia: fine, but if it is not, we will sit here like served on a platter in this ravine and this is something I definately don't want to see happen. Also we need to stay on touch, the last thing I want is our lower leveled Journeymen running around in panic at the first sight of danger."
"So what's the deal?"
"First, we need to know if I am just paranoid or if there is really a threat looming over us, then we need to make sure that we keep'em together. I will make contact with Justice to run a sensor-swap on our current position or maybe dispatch a scout."


27-09-2013 07:28:06

"If you want my opinion," Nyssa interjected, re-tying her hair to secure the curls that had worked their way free during the latest round of combat, "there's definitely something untoward going on, the hairs on the back of my neck have been on edge for the last hour or so. I'd presumed you were planning some surprise or other for the last phase of training, but if you're not then...well. Someone is." Rian nodded, looking to Shaz'air who shrugged his shoulders,
"If you both feel it, then I'm not going to argue. Rian, if you're going to contact the Justice, then I'll start organising the Journeymen, get them practicing defence formations just incase?"
"Sounds like a plan," grinned Nyssa,"I'll grab a couple of the Wardens and do a quick sweep of the immediate area, see if we can spot anything unusual?"
“I would say take Kazmir, but it looks like he had other more pressing business to attend to. Given Malfrost has felt a disturbance, it would be worth asking him to join you, and whoever else you can find who doesn't look completely exhausted.” The Pontifex nodded her understanding to her Quaestor, and moved quickly away from the group, her eyes scanning the gathered Jedi for volunteers. “Get the others on their feet then Shaz'air, and move them to somewhere more defensible, but try to make it look like we're just continuing our exercises. If there is someone watching, we don't want them to know we've caught on.”


01-10-2013 20:08:24

Headquarters, 1st Ranger Company, Naga Sadow Warhost
Sepros, Orian System
Several Days Earlier

Colonel Dran Zadane, one of the newly constituted Warhost’s regimental commanders stood at the front of the briefing hall, addressing the commissioned and non-commissioned rangers: “Alright you mucks, knock off your yammering and listen up – new orders came down from up on high, and we have a mission to prepare for." Zadane gestured to the holographic display back and to his left: "this, ladies and gentlemen, is Keirdagh Cantor, Aedile of House Taldryan – and it has been decided that he needs to be made to suffer for his actions against our Clan."

A loud-mouthed NCO from the crowd shouted out: "So we’re going to take him out? That sounds like fun." That sentiment was echoed by the cheers and laughter from the other leaders in the room. That sentiment was not shared by the Colonel. "No. Killing him, while difficult, would be too easy for him and too painless. Instead, we will strike at what he holds dear – his brothers and sisters in House Taldryan. By the time we are done with him, Cantor will beg for his own death – if only to spare his brethren further torment.”

Once more, Zadane motioned towards the holographic display: "We have received reports that a number of Taldryan’s more junior members are engaged in a training exercise on Jaguada, and their elders and Old Folks Home members are noticeably absent. You rangers will break into three elements, an assault, a capture, and a reserve force. The assault force will incapacitate the Equites and more senior Jedi – killing, capturing, or wounding them – it does not matter, so long as they are out of the way, they will also provide cover for the capture team. The second group is assigned to seize as many of Taldryan’s Journeymen as possible. To make their tasks significantly easier, we have managed to acquire a small group of ysalamiri. Nobody ask how..."


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Darth Gravid’s Fortress - Training Grounds

Turning from the group Rian keyed for his comlink inside his pocket, hoping that his worst fears remain nothing but thoughts of a paranoid mind. "Justice – can you hear me?" . . . Static... not a good sign...
Switching through the official channels with only little success, he finally adjusted the small device in his hand for the private signature of Kazmir Natas. "Kaz? Can you hear me? Kaz!"

CSD Justice
Starboard Hangar

At the sound of a comlink connecting a call nearby, Watcher 5 looked up from her current work and instinctively reached for her own comm. She had just about finished a standard check-up on the Baudo-class Staryacht used by the Obelisk Prelate during his more or less official missions, and her thoughts had already turned to do a test run on the internal systems now after the exterior has been checked, when she finally realized it wasn't her own comlink. "Kaz? Can you hear me? Kaz!"

Turning around the small ship and engaging the ramp leading into the belly of the Expedition. Inside the main cabin, Watcher 5 quickly traced the comlink of the Dark Jedi on a small table next to a group of seats but hesitated to answer the call, then after a brief moment decided to do so. "Prelate Natas is currently not available, shall I forward him a message?"

The communication line was weak, with crackling static making it hard to understand the words coming through the established line. "Who is there, and where is Kazmir?"
Already working on enhancing the connection Watcher 5 swallowed hard, realizing she is just talking to the Taldryan Quaestor in person, she straightened.
"I am sorry my Lord, this is Watcher 5 speaking, seems like Prelate Natas has left his comlink aboard the Expedition."
"Fine then, Watcher 5, I can't reach Justice, seems like our comm-channels were jammed, go and get the Prelate going to the Bridge and make the Admiral do a quick scan on our surroundings."
"Anything I should mention that he should tell the Admiral to look for?"
"No, if there is anything, he will know so immediately, now go Watcher 5!"
"Yes my Lord." The Taldryan Intelligence Officer bit her lip on her unprofessionalism in the recent situation and brushed down again the boarding ramp and out of the hangar.


07-10-2013 23:44:18

Three Days Later
XS-800 Senility
Several Kilometres from the Naga Sadow Camp

“No. Absolutely not. I am not doing that again. Why in the name of the Force do you think this will work?" Chaosrain Taldrya protested, “there are more than one-hundred men down there. Even if I accepted that this was a good idea under some circumstances – and I do not – there is no way that it will work here!"

Tarax Kor, Taldryan’s resident bastard, chimed in: "Do you have any better options? Because from where I am sitting, we are low on options – and it looks like they are getting ready to move the Journeymen out – so we need to do something and it needs to happen now. Our options are limited here, and we need an appropriate distraction so that our forces on the ground can get in and eliminate the Sadowans holding our people."

Chaosrain sighed, and went aft – looking for his blonde wig and fans. Hoping that the Sadowans would like what they saw.

Naga Sadow Warhost Camp
Several hours later

The odours of burned flesh and weapons fire still permeated the air around the remnants of Colonel Zadane’s command post, even hours after the battle had concluded. Perhaps the smells still lingered due to the planet’s arid climate – or maybe it was due to the extraordinarily violent ways in which the Sadowans met their deaths. In the end, Howlader supposed, it did not really matter how or why – what did matter was that his brothers and sisters - Taldryan’s Journeymen (in Howlader’s view: the proverbial and even literal future of the Brotherhood) were out of harm’s way, and on a transport back home.


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