Operation Dark Inferno [M/S teams - Ask for invite]

Mayda Ferium

30-07-2013 23:58:43

Judecca, Cocytus System
Imperial Scholae Guard Headquarters
37 ABY

The facility was abuzz with the urgent activity of employees and the din of communications. More activity than it had seen in recent times. The Dark Crusade had kept all of the Brotherhood occupied with travels to ancient Sith Worlds. No one had been prepared for danger to come to their own back door. Rumors swirled that there was a new kind of attack - the doing of the One Sith. They had only used traitors and agents to carry out their attacks on the DJB ... until now.

Priestess Mayda Ferium and her apprentice, Moloch Argantes, arrived in the conference room of their Battleteam Leader, Kell Palpatine Dante. He had summoned them for a secret mission for some top secret program. As they took their seats, Priest Xantros entered and sat at the end of the table, nodding to them. As leader of the Scholae military, he was always overseeing the military operations. There were a few others, but also giant screens lit up the walls. This meeting was not only for the HSP members, it seemed. Whatever was going on was serious enough for them to reach out to others in the Brotherhood as well.


31-07-2013 01:24:28

Judecca, Cocytus System
Imperial Scholae Guard Headquarters
Executive Conference Room

Video screens surrounded the Field Marshal as he sat at the head of the table. Members of the Brotherhood appeared on each of the screens around him, and he began his briefing.

“This is Field Marshal Dante, commanding officer of the Imperial Scholae Guard. The members present via comm channels have been selected for a special mission to combat a new threat that has been thrust upon us by the One Sith.”

Grumbling and whispering could be heard coming from the gathered Dark Jedi, but Dante continued with his briefing. “A number of strange animal sightings have occurred on Caina over the past two weeks. These animals are like those that normally occur within our expanse of the galaxy, but they have been changed through the Dark Side. Intelligence suggests that the One Sith Lord Varzhul has tainted these creatures through Sith Alchemy, either finding them already on the planet, or depositing them there through the use of smugglers. We fear that the same might be occurring on other worlds within the Dark Brotherhood so that is why we have chosen other clans and houses to participate in this training.”

A series of graphics appeared on the screen behind him displaying a variety of animals such as Rancors, Wampas, and Krayt Dragons, but these were much larger than the typical beasts by a factor at least three.

“As you can see, these animals have been increased in both size and strength so we will not be able to go after them without heavy firepower. In response to this threat, you will have the entire arsenal of the Imperial Scholae at your disposal. We also have our best techs and engineers working on a variety of new mechanized weaponry for use in this campaign. Your job is to prepare to take the offensive and defeat this new enemy before it can destroy our population centers. Additional information on Operation Dark Inferno will be disseminated to you as you work your way through the training regimen that we have created.”

The Field Marshal looked over the Dark Jedi that would be taking on the mission and said “Good luck…”