Breaking the Ice..


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Student Dorm SA-0020
Shadow Academy / Planet Antei
Antei System / Unknown Sector

For what seemed like years you had been on the barren world of Antei, confined to the grounds of the Shadow Academy. It has been here that you have tranformed from veteran soldier to seasoned warrior. You were deemed a natural in the force, and have now earned your right to walk and learn with you fellow brothers and sisters in the Dark Brotherhood. What your destiny fortells no one knows but you feel it in your heart that your path will be one to success and greatness. It was only a few days prior that you were informed of your excellent marks in passing but they expected no less from a former Bounty Hunter gone Mercenary. As you staired out to the baren world your thoughts traced back to how you got here. A man you had served with during the war at New Tython. He was a Jedi, or was then. Knowing what you now know it is a wonder if he was always a Sith in disguise. None the less you really did not know much about him, he was pretty quite and tranquil on the way to the Shadow Academy, and what knowledge he did grant you was limited. Well enough he saved your ass from three of those Yuuzan Vong though, and that was enough for you to trust him when he told you that you would soon become a powerful user in the force. The valley was such an empty place, hell the entire planet was an empty place for all you knew. You had yet to be allowed to leave the Shadow Academy and about the only break you ever got from being inside was at the ruins outside.

As you staired out in almost a trance your senses in the force detected a change in the atmousphere around you. A familiar feeling you had experienced before but you could not place where. After sitting up in your bunk and trying to center on the feeling you were having your concentration was crudely interrupted. The door to your dorm hissed open and in walked one of the several Pontiffs that had been working with you at the academy. You quickly jumped out of the bunk and stood at attention, and the Pontiff waved you to ease. "Son I once again congratulate you on your gratuation here. As you well learned not many actually make it through the training. Those that don't, well you have seen that road heh.. I am here to escort you to the hangar where your Master is now present. You have both been paired for the time being. Should you have any issues with your master feel free to report it to your Clans Rollmaster and they shall handle it for you. I will say though, you should be in quite capable hands." The Pontiff grabs one of your bags assisting you in carrying your gear to the hangar bay. "In quite capable hands, I certainly hope this man is more capable than some of the so called Dark Jedi I've seen around here." You reply disappointed. Your greatest feat was actually killing one of your instructors during force training. It was seen that you had killed him during an honored challenge, thus no charges were brought up. The Pontiff looked sternly at you. "Believe me Initiate, you are soon to find out why you are an Initiate and why this man is your Master. I am not one to spread rumors but he is older than most of the elders here. Don't let his complexions fool you. You have been appointed to Sith Battlemaster Exerex, and he has studied in all aspects of the force both light and dark. You have much to learn from him and it is our hopes you succeed from his training." You and your Pontiff walk quickly through the winding halls of the Shadow Academy to finally reach the hangar bay lobby where you see your master that you have not seen since he dropped you off at the academy.

The Pontiff bows in courtesy, as do you. As you learned at the academy it is proper edicit that when speaking among Dark Jedi or Jedi that the ranking member of your party speaks for the entire party, thus the Pontiff spoke as Exerex made his way down the steps to you both. "Master Exerex, I present to you the gratuated Apprentice Mordamen Bast. He is now yours, and may I say we do expect great things from this prospect." Exerex grined. "Well look at that, even a wet dog can clean up eh?" Exrex's grin quickly faded and he nodded to the Pontiff signaling for him to leave. Exerex placed a hand on the shoulder of Mordamen Bast to turn him as he turn and walked towards the hangar. Once inside you were impressed to see the lines of TIE/ln assigned to the Academy for training. A black and red YT-2400 was out of place among the groups, and was still primed for take off. The ship had its named written on it, Scarlet's Blood, and you could only wonder what she would be capable of in combat. It looked heavily modified even from here. "So how did you enjoy the Academy training my apprentice? Not as much as you enjoyed gratuation Im sure. Well I am sure you are curious as to what now, so I suppose you should know that we will be headed to Hoth. It will be a several day hype from here but no worries we have plenty of commodities and training equipment on the ship. We will dwell right into getting you prepared to become a Novice of our Brotherhood. I will explain more on the journey over."

You now finally stood before the YT-2400 Scarlet's Blood. She was well modified with several additional torpedo tubes, the engines appeared far more fierce than the average, and her cannons had been upgraded to dueal quads on top and bottom. It was now time to begin your journey. You had several questions and intended to ask them while on the journey. As you both board the freighter, Exerex takes the control and you the co-pilot seat. After a brief combination of button and levers the YT-2400 powered its engines and spun to face the exit of the docking bay. The sith the push the throttle in a slight touch and the ship moved forward out of the docking bay and he immediately pulled the controls to bring the ship into an ascending motion. "Well my apprentice I am sure you have questions, so ask away." said the master to his new learner.


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