The Journey to Knighthood [M/S RunOn: Cable and Greese]

A'lora Kituri

27-03-2012 19:40:39

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27-04-2012 19:51:12

Osarian System
One week ago

The trees flexed in the wind, a sharp howl was easily audible even though it was distant. A woman sprinted through the thick wilderness, her panting overcoming the creak of the trees. She pressed on trying to maintain her speed, her pale milk white skin was dusted with un-natural blemishes. A Taint.

It took hours for her to make her way to her Village, it would seem that she had been lost. Exhaustion washed over her as she reached the centre of the Village. The Village itself was relatively small, containing housing for no more than ten families, with a standard set up – close to water (In this case a well in the centre with the houses surrounding it). The Grass shone as the fresh sun beamed down onto it. She collapsed as she made it to the well. The closest villager was a boy in his mid-teens, dropping his brush he approached her cautiously and turned her over, at the sight of her he reeled back and called for aid. The blemished of the taint had spread to cover her entire face; Her face had turned a deep amber and her fingers were bloated far beyond anything natural. To look at her now, it would be difficult to identify her as the human she is. There was no trained doctor in the village and thus she was taken to the herbalist, who spent all hours of the day attending to her with his concoctions, to no avail, as the hours rose and the sun sank, darkness descended on them from which a sharp howl echoed through the village from nearby.

The rest of the village was asleep, only a single light flickered in the gloom – hushed cries came from the herbalists hut, the taint had remained on her and had even appeared to have thickened itself on her body. The herbalist sat at his table facing away from her, mixing what he could to dull the pain, he was logging the symptoms at the same time. Whilst writing he lost grip on his apparatus, he moved slowly to pick up what he had dropped, stopping for a moment he realised that he had not dropped anything out of clumsiness – instead his fingers were discoloured and had began to bloat. He rushed to his holo-recorder setting up a message to be relayed as a call for medical assistance, whilst making the transmission he was cut short by a howl so loud that it could have been mistaken for a form of factory machinery; metal on metal, the door shattered as an outside force impacted onto it. In an instant the silhouette of a quadrupedal beast tore its way through the room leaving an unfinished holo-message calling for help...

New Tython
Halls of the Watchmen
Two days ago

Xaezhul sat in a darkened room reading the latest report on the Legion of Steel and their progress. Taking a few moments to browse he then swapped to another report, a holo-recording was attached. After playing it and watching the brutal attack he flicked open the report detailing the location and current status of the area, under quarantine – awaiting medical aid. Contained within the report were the herbalist’s notes on the base symptoms of the taint.

Xaezhul stood and left the room, the Geonosian made for the closest room in which he could both summon his apprentice and brief here whilst organising the preparations for a flight to Osarian.


13-05-2012 11:31:19

Serene atmosphere filled the meditation chamber as it would generate harmony to all who wanted to dwell inside. Lu’aisha Gresee, a female Jedi, sat cross-legged on her favorite bamboo seat, trying to attune her feelings with such calmness that only the Force could provide. She knew of her unusual abilities, deviating from other New Tythonians of how to better treat the animals, even some of the wild ones. She knew of her sense, diverging leaves and plants, understanding the medical properties within. She knew that some of her dreams might tell her something of the future realm. Maybe the people designated these as talents, or gifts. But, there was a brand new knowledge for her to find. It was all when the High Councilor had a meeting with her father to discuss a furtive truth about her. The truth that her father wanted to hide, even with a low dose of glitterstim mixture in her early years, to rub out such memory of unmentioned strange abilities. She still felt those blanks today, but she was grateful to the knowledge. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. The knowledge of the Force.

Lu’aisha dwelt in sea of calmness, as if things around her were trying to communicate. Sometimes she thought it was only her fantasy, but she enjoyed the moment. She hoped that perhaps someday, she would fill the blanks, and finally found the truth behind.

There is no emotion, there is peace.


The female Jedi was in stillness until a mental tug split the sea of tranquility as a message came from her winged Master. The Geonosian Jedi summoned her to the adjacent room to talk something urgent and important. Gresee rose quickly, grabbing her training saber and rushed her way.

“Master Cable, did you summon me? Is there anything wrong? “ Lu’aisha said in curious tone.

“I don’t know if I forget to teach you about Jedi manner, but perhaps it is better to knock before entering the room,” the Geonosian replied

“Oh, I am sorry, Mr. Cable,” Lu`aisha bowed her head and continued,”but the door just slid open when I was in front of it. Well...Urgent and Important. I don’t know, the message… it was almost bouncing in my mind. Did you send oh… Were you just communicating telepathically to me, with the Force?”

Xaezhul laughed and sat in the nearby chair. “It is okay, Lulu. Just think of the manner when you are going to attend a meeting or other particular event to meet somebody. And yes, I sent you a message, through the Force.”

“Wow, another power of the Force. I hope I am not too old to learn all of them. “

"Use the Force to satisfy the will of the Force—not to satisfy your own curiosity,” Cable stated,” Do you remember this statement?”

“Umm… Yes, it was from Odan-Urr,” the woman responded.

“So, it was not just a mere statement. Try to befriend to Force then you will know how to satisfy the will of the Force.”

Lu`aisha nodded and waited her master to continue, explaining the purpose of the meeting.

“We just received a message from the Osarian officer; attaching a SOS call from an herbalist there,” the Geonosian played a hologram, showing a man in a green suit, talking in hurry about an unknown taint. “It is dismayed…I don’t know if it is just a sheer sickness but it is going to be an endemic. People fall and it spreads. I am so weak…but - no.. don’t!”

Red color gushed everywhere in the hologram, as if there was a wicked spray of blood. Perplexed, Lu’aisha paid a closer attention to the herbalist note about the symptoms: blemished and bloated skin, weakness, and then comatose stage before the disease took the victim’s life.

“It was like a plague. I never saw this kind of symptoms happen altogether in a person. Perhaps my old info directories may give me a clue...But that bloody scene, what has happened to him?” Lu`aisha asked in a soft tone. Her feelings told her that something was wrong. She felt the same way as she did when the High Councilor could not be revived.

“We don't know yet, thus the Aedile has assigned us to help the government there. We should go as soon as we can,” the Jedi Knight added.

“Master Xaezhul, perhaps I should go down to Menat Ombo to prepare things. Maybe for three hours, not longer than that,” Gresee sighed and thought deeper about something as she replayed the hologram to access the view of the victims.

“Take your time. Meanwhile I will make a necessary appointment with someone.”

The female Jedi bowed and went to the door. I must go under cover once again.