Ambitions - Revak, Caleb, Lambow, Vladziu, Elleron


09-03-2012 18:49:26

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11-03-2012 20:06:43

The Sanctuary space station drifted in orbit, a silent guardian of the planet below. A single transport shuttle, escorted by a pair of Eta 2 Actis interceptors, flew out of the space station towards New Tython. Its co-pilot, a colonist of New Tython, directed the shuttle into the atmosphere a little nervously while his pilot watched on.

"Now, when we enter the atmosphere there will be a light jolt," the pilot advised. There was a sudden lurch, and an array of red lights lit up. The pilot activated the shields on the shuttle, which smoothed its approach. "Don't mind the alarms. Don't forget that we need shields on when we enter the atmosphere."
The nervous co-pilot apologised as he tried to ignore the last of the warning lights. He reached out for the shield controls the pilot had already turned on and flicked the switch. It was gonna be one of those flights, the pilot thought to himself.

The shuttle touched down in Menat Ombo, like the delicate kiss of a proton bomb on a puddle, and after a few minutes the doors opened and the passengers disembarked very quickly. One of them, a young boy less shaken than the others, was busily typing notes into a datapad. Someone would need to have a word with the co-pilot's new superior officer back on the Sanctuary space station.

The co-pilots former superior officer, Elleron Morakei, slipped his datapad into his bags and staggered away into Menat Ombo. It was good to be on holiday - someone else could deal with them.


19-03-2012 09:22:42

Caleb was pacing through the Halls of the Watchmen, waiting. He knew something was supposed to happen. He did assume that it would be some form of meeting, possibly to talk about an excursion or perhaps so that he could be shown some specific information in the archives. Either way, he was excited even if he didnít show it.

It took quite some time for the message to show up on his datapad, he had been waiting more than long enough, so long that it had been niggling at his patience. The message maximised itself on his datapad saying:

We need you to all meet at the entrance of the spaceport, it is extremely urgent. You have all been selected carefully via meeting the skill requirements and availability for going on this mission. As stated previously, this mission is of the utmost importance. We have received a distress call and it has been deemed necessary to send the selected five of you. After getting to the spaceport you will all be directed to a transport and filled in on all required information.

Caleb read the message slowly, stroking his chin as he pondered who else would be sent on an emergency mission. Baffled, he started to make his way out of the Halls and on his way to the spaceport, anxious to meet those who would be his new team.

As he stepped out into the open air he quickened his pace whilst passing through Menat Ombo. Almost ignoring anyone around him, Caleb focused on was the problem actually was, after all why would it need five Jedi. His final though before reaching the spaceport was that of exhilaration at being chosen for this excursion...