Ambitions - Sarin, Halcyon, Taigikori, Xen'Mordin, Kal


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Charn Parker
The Sipper Gentlemen’s Club
20 Standard Days Ago

The easy and warm smile of Charn Parker met the eyes of his waitress and immediately relaxed her demeanor. Handsome, by almost every galactic standard, Charn’s dark hair had taken on touches of grey that not only added to his charm, but granted him an air of dignified elegance. Ordering in a casual and friendly tone, Charn talked to the woman as if she were an old friend, asking about her life and the ease of her work day. The waitress blushed as she walked away, wondering why she could never find a man like this to be a part of her life.

Twenty years of service in various governments’ intelligence agencies had made these interactions common place for Charn. His ability to spot, assess, and recruit assets across the galaxy made elicitation techniques a part of life, not an occupation. He could not help himself when it came to the techniques of the trade. Twelve tables, twenty-four chairs, two exits, four security cameras, and a defensible position behind the creel-wood bar were in his field of view. He knew this, not because he counted, but because it was second nature to case a room the second he entered it.

Charn’s final government position, Station Chief for the Galactic Alliance’s Kuat offices, had granted him a great deal of placement and access in the business world and made his transition into the private sector extremely easy. Discretion in the intelligence industry was common place and it made his unique skill set attractive to those businesses who fancied a bit of cloak and dagger activity.

Offering his impressive resume to the highest bidder, Charn had accepted a lucrative position at the private contractor firm of Darcy and Whitman. Known across the galaxy as the provider of intermediary’s in legal and not-so legal transactions, Darcy and Whitman charged outlandish prices, but backed them up with complete discretion and the promise of keeping their clients quite anonymous.

This job, like several Charn had taken before, was quite a simple affair. Travel to Ventruun, identify the pattern of life of a CSA mid level manager, contact that manager through a simplistic but clandestine contact method, leave meeting directions at a pre-determined dead drop, and now meet in the warm and cozy confines of a corner booth at an elegant and private gentlemen’s club.

Charn sipped his drink, swirling the glass and admiring the amber colors of the distinguished brand of Commenor bourbon. A few more easy jobs like this and his retirement dreams of a place on the beach on a paradise world would become a reality. Closing his eyes, Charn could envision the white sand beaches and the crystal blue waters.

Distracted by thoughts of the future, Charn did not react physically, but mentally he tensed, realizing his CSA mid level manager had taken a silent seat across from him. Returning the warm smile to his lips, Charn began his automatic assessment. The business man, Mather Vartan, was handsome with sweeping jet black hair combed back with delicate care. Dark dress slacks and a tailored business suit lined with Aeien silk concealed the body structure of an athlete. Charn noted this as unusual for the hustle and bustle world of CSA businessmen who often were obese or skeletal thin. Cataloguing this outlier for future inquiry, Charn reached into his pocket and slid a small datapad across the table.

Mather Vartan
The Sipper Gentlemen’s Club
20 Standard Days Ago

The acrid smell of smoke burned the Dark Lord of the Sith’s nostrils as his field of vision took in the cacophony of destruction left in his wake. Screams, extinguished moments before, gave way to the sights of blood splattered across unique artwork, the gore of the service staff vivisected, and the lightsaber induced hollow skull of Charn Parker. Darth Pravus relished the fear and the horror his actions caused or in this case, would have caused.

Another time, another day, but now was not the moment to delight in the baser feelings of the Dark Side. Sith Lords before him would have destroyed everyone in this room to protect the order from observation, but those days were over. That behavior would have been typical and typical behavior was not within the repertoire of Darth Pravus. Matching the smile of the useful man before him, Mather Vartan retrieved the datapad on the table. The device was not password coded nor did it require biometrical data to unlock the message within. The tablet contained one short sentence.

“Home station requires you to make yourself available.”

“Thank you for taking the time to deliver this message,” Vartan said, rising from the table and leaving Parker to his drink and a continued existence.

Darth Pravus
The Valley of Sleeping Kings
14 Standard Days Ago

Intricate Sith Runes covered the death mask worn by Darth Pravus, the murderer of Darth Sarin, and the guest of an assembly of twenty Sith Masters seated in a room once frequented by Sorzus Syn. Korriban was the legendary seat of the Sith Empire’s power, but it was also the literal voice of the Dark Side. Power emanated not only from those Force sensitives in the room, but from the room itself. The cloak of the Dark Side that had protected those within this room had been withdrawn and they were openly displaying their emergence. Darth Pravus was not the first from the Sith line of Cotelin to be here, but he was the first to be summoned by the combined ruling committee at hand.

“Lord Pravus,” White Eyes spoke softly, his voice almost imperceptible. “It is time that you reveal yourself to our likeminded organization and begin the process of our unification.” White Eyes spread his hands before him, palms openly displayed. “Inform them that we come as equals with the desire to build upon our mutual desires. Your murder of Sarin should appease the current leaders and place you in their trust. Go now, delay is not an option.”

Halcyon Rokir
The Dark Hall – Deputy Grand Master Chambers
14 Standard Days Ago

The holographic display was coded delta zero niner. The coded message was on a channel Halcyon had not used in years, but one that he remembered vividly. Someone was contacting him on a channel untraceable to those within the Dark Brotherhood. They were contacting him on the private channel of his former Grand Master.


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Outer Rim Territories
Morshdine Sector

With just a thought the bryar pistol ejected it's spent pack and a new one floated up and replaced it in time for it's owner to spin on his heel and unleashed another barrage of emerald fire. His lightsaber blazed in the same hue, blocking the incoming fire and directing back at the enemy soldiers. The image of a Sith trooper appeared at the forefront of his mind causing Halcyon to turn back around. Taigikori, currently jawless from an earlier scuffle, pointed ahead. A new batch of enemies had appeared over the horizon, led by a squad of deadly Sith Troopers.

Sweat and dirt covered the Dark Prophet's face, with the Justicar looking no better. Yet a sudden smile appeared on the Shadow Hand's face as Aybara gave him a questioning look. Rokir pointed up and the Warlord saw an old Corellian Light Freighter come shooting out of the clouds, the vessel appearing to make a suicidal dive at the surface.

"Oh, Howie", the Deputy Grand Master whispered under his breath as a second wind enveloped him

The Dark Hall
Dark Council Chambers
13 Standard Days Ago

I await your response, Lord Ashen, the holographic image of Darth Pravus stated before disconnecting and throwing the Council Chambers into near-darkness.

"Do you believe him, Rokir?" the Grand Master bluntly asked as all other eyes turned to the Deputy Grand Master.

"I took time to bring this to you to ensure his story checked out. Yet I knew it felt true, and you feel it too".

"We all knew of Sarin's death, but none of my sources had ever mentioned he had an apprentice, and especially not one who claims to be his equal".

"Then perhaps you should ensure the quality of your sources, Biask", Halcyon calmly replied as he sat up further in his seat, his emerald gaze falling onto the Twi'lek. "The details of his ascension will be dealt with in time. The Elders here however know he speaks the truth. They can sense it just as much as I". A number of murmured agreements sounded out around the table.

"He is who he says he is, or at least believes it fully", Muz stated unequivocally. "The how and why shall be answered in time, and Epis Biask shall have the pleasure of that task and whatever resources he may need, but we must now answer the question posed; Do we meet with the One Sith and do we do so under their terms?"

Silence descended once more in the room. The mysterious and unknown man who claimed to be both the apprentice and killer of Darth Sarin, Pravus, also claimed to be an intermediary for another dark side cult called the One Sith. The Dark Brotherhood has had dealings with this group, mainly through the former Councillor Syn Kaek, who lay dead at their hands. The sudden invitation surprised everyone in the room, as did their demands.

"If this is true, then they are already insulting us", the Herald spat as he slammed his fist onto the polished table. "Only 'true Sith' should represent us?"

"They do not insult all of us", the gravelly voice of the Justicar responded, with what amounted to a smirk creeping over his metal jaw. "You can bring your grievances to them some other time. I believe both myself and Lord Rokir can more than represent the interests of the Brotherhood".

"And what of the venue?" Shikyo bit back, "do we also just blithely go with their plans?"

"I think we were given some choice in that matter", Fremoc interjected. "There are a handful of venues open to us and we can easily send scouts to each one, simultaneously, to see which would suit us best".

"Yes, and that shall be your purview, my Herald, with input from our delegation". Muz had made his mind up before the conversation with Pravus had been completed, knowing whatever gains may be had far outweighed the risks. The Brotherhood sat on a precipice, and for the briefest of instances he saw what could be. "My Shadow Hand shall lead this delegation, with the Justicar offering his own expertise. My Praetor shall also accompany you".

The last statement made as the doors to the Chambers opened and Battlelord Kal Vorrac strode in. All eyes turned to watch his entrance as the Grand Master addressed him; "You have been paying attention?"

"Yes, my Lord".

Halcyon's jaw moved ever so slightly as his teeth ground underneath at the sudden turn of events. The other Councillors found the lack of privileged privacy unsettling, yet kept the comments to themselves.

"My Lords, if it pleases you may I make a suggestion?" With no response forthcoming the Praetor continued, "I believe one of the great Clans or Houses should also be represented in this small delegation".

"Agreed. Contact the Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae and have him come to Antei quickly. Subtlety is needed in this situation and my kin has no time for such things". The head of the Keibatsu referred to the Consul of Naga Sadow, known to many as an unstable individual on the best of days.

"And what of Arcona?" Orv asked from his seat.
"What of them?"
"They may be interested to know of this Pravus and his relation to Sarin, especially as he died a member of their Clan".
"This information does not go outside of this room or the delegation. Neither Arcona, nor Raken, will know of this".

Although spoken calmly, power emanated clearly from the Grand Master and the implied threat in that power was felt keenly by all those assembled.

The Dark Hall
Chamber of the Deputy Grand Master
14 Standard Days Ago

It had been only a few weeks since the death of Sarin. Although Shadow Hand to Muz, it was Sarin to whom Halcyon had pledged allegiance to. His death was swathed in secrecy, with only the threat of reprisals from the Dark Council finally pushing Arcona to proved the barest of details. Sarin had died an Arcona, bu his body had been entombed on Antei.

Halcyon stared at the communications console. The line should have been buried alongside it's originator. Rokir composed himself and quickly rose to his feet and strode over to the terminal. His hands flew over the console, both to protect his system and to track whomever had co-opted the line itself, before opening communication.

Satisfied, he finally accepted the transmission; a holographic representation of an unfamiliar masked visage.

"Lord Rokir, you may call me Darth Pravus. Darth Sarin was my master and I his killer. I bring you and the Brotherhood tiding from the One Sith".

Halcyon faltered for words, his mind reeling at the content of the information so casually given. His hands clenched the side of the console, facing a man who claimed to have both killed one of his mentors as well as in league with those who had killed his friend, Syn Kaek.

"I am not lying, Lord Rokir. Search me and know the truth".

The Dark Prophet took in a deep breath, his eyes meeting the eyes behind the mask. Steeling himself for what may come he opened himself up fully, enveloped by what energy he could call upon and sending himself at the image that floated in front of him. There was both familiar and alien aspects to the man who had contacted him. He seemed both Sarin and not; the two sides melded to one.

"Keep hold, Lord Rokir, and know I tell you no lies. It's a waste of both of our times. Sarin's time had come, as is our way. We both know this. However he is the one who sent me to the One Sith, and my time with them is of his doing. He knew what was to come and I have now come to you to fulfill the mission".

"And what mission is this?" the Elder asked, barely able to control his anger and need for vengeance.

"To bring the One Sith under the heel of the Brotherhood, with us in command. Darth Sarin would have ultimately wanted to be the one true leader of this combination, but it was time for newer strength to accomplish what the old could not". Halcyon could hear the smile behind those words, yet the face had never moved. "We each serve a 'Master' and must first appease them before our plans can come to fruition. Contact me again on this channel when you're ready to proceed".

With no delay the holographic image disappeared, leaving Halcyon staring at the back wall of his chambers. Pravus had left no room of decline in his words, knowing what conclusion the veteran Sith of the Brotherhood would eventually come to. Rokir took another few moments to fully compose himself before turning to the guest who he had been speaking to before being interrupted, "Taig, it appears we have some more talking to do".


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Outer Rim Territories
Morshdine Sector

The dust floated lightly in the air, leaving the world in a slight haze. Xen’Mordin reached up and wiped a trickle of blood from his forehead. He scanned the field and through the dusty haze sensing more soldiers incoming. He spat and tightened his grip on his lightsaber hilt thinking how he wished he had stayed home. Only for a moment though and with a slight grin advanced forward.

Cocytus System
Quaestor’s Office
13 Standard Days Ago

Xen’Mordin sat staring at the message displayed before him. It wasn’t often he would get such a highly encrypted message that told so little.

Presence requested.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. The message was charged with depth, the tendrils of the dark side encased the simple message. Something was stirring, of this he was sure, but he had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He may lead Scholae Palatinae, but he held little respect within the Dark Council especially given the still fairly recent events involving his house and the Sadows.

So he sat and stared at the message some more. Just earlier he had been parading as an Emperor, a King… But the hidden meaning behind two words sent from Antei reminded him what he truly was. A pawn. But even pawns could have their day. Something was indeed stirring, and he would be a fool to not respond.

The Dark Hall
Outside the Chamber of the Deputy Grandmaster
12 Standard Days Ago

“It has been a while since you visited these halls.”

Xen’Mordin stopped and turned on the spot. Out of the shadows stepped Kal Vorrac smiling.

“Well you know, system to run and all.” Xen responded. Whatever the reason for him coming to Antei, Xen felt both relieved and worried that Kal would be involved. Kal’s move from Plagueis to be the Grandmaster’s pet was a bold step forward, but one that left the two house’s alliance hanging.

Kal nodded absent mindedly, obviously not really paying attention to Xen’s response.

“I suppose I have you to thank in part for being here.” Xen continued, knowing Kal was one of the few who felt some degree of openness towards him.

“Figured that one out all on your own did you?” Kal responded still smiling. Xen bowed his head slightly.

“I know my place, it something I’ve been reminded of frequently while here in these halls.”

The Dark Hall
Chamber of the Deputy Grandmaster
12 Standard Days Ago

“You seem uneasy by this idea Xen.” Halcyon said.

“Uneasy? No. Cautious? Yes. We are to play a very dangerous game with an opponent we don’t truly know.” Xen said.

“You don’t think we haven’t thought this over?” Taig interjected. “You don’t think we haven’t searched for the real meaning behind this? We are Sith, not blunt tools like the Obelisks.”

“I mean no offense. You know I have served faithfully. I will do as commanded.” Xen said.

“We had better get to it then. The sooner we leave the sooner it is over with.” Kal said.

The Dark Hall
Chamber of the Deputy Grandmaster
10 Standard Days Ago

If they hadn’t planned out these changes before hand, it would have been difficult for any of the four Sith to recognize each other. Xen kept rubbing his chin, unfamiliar with the smooth surface there.

“Better get that out of your system now. Wouldn’t want to give yourself away when we get there.” Kal said.

“I’m more worried about not doing a double take every time I see Halcyon.” Xen muttered under his breath and looked over to the Dark Prophet sitting behind the desk. Once you got over the initial shock of seeing the Elder’s emerald green hair, you got quite use to it. Now that his hair was so unassuming, things felt like they were off. But such changes were necessary although unwanted. Sometimes, you just have to deal with the plan having things you don’t like. Xen could live with that.