Ambitions - Invictus, Zakath, Scelestus, Val, Incendus


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Power had always been the driving force behind the human known as Scelestus. And this hunger tended to manifest itself twofold--the first way was a thirst for knowledge that was the ultimate reason that he had sought out the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in the first place, and was the reason that he spent the majority of his free time in the Shadow Academy taking courses, and pouring over ancient tomes in the library. The second manifestation of his quest for power was in search of martial prowess. In fact all of his free time that didn't get taken up with the pursuits in the Academy was spent in the training ring, perfecting his skills with blade and blaster. As he had progressed through the ranks of the dark jedi he had begun to spend more time with the practice saber, looking forward to the day when he would be able to wield his own legendary weapon of the Force users...the elegant combination of both knowledge and might--the lightsaber. However, that was the past and it was time to deal with the present--especially this unexpected and strange summons from the quaestor of his House and the leader of his battle team, Shadow Gate. Invictus and Zakath, respectively, had only interacted with him briefly outside of official functions involving a number of other journeymen. He had never been sought out by them for some solo time as it were. When he had first seen the message on his datapad and read its contents, he had to admit a bit of trepidation, wondering if he had done something to incur the wrath of these two potent senior members of the Brotherhood. Being a man of action, however, he quickly brushed such thoughts aside, for worrying about it would accomplish nothing, and would certainly not bring any answers.

As he made his way through the halls to the assigned meeting place, he felt the fan of hope ignite in his mind. These two individuals would certainly be able to further his quest for power if he could curry their favor, and with his time as apprentice to Socorra drawing to a close, he had to cultivate new pathways to increase his need for power. Arriving at the spot at last he knocked on the door and waited for an answer.


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Awaiting his arrival were a rather rag tag group of others that he soon recognized as fellow members of the Sith Order. Perhaps the meaning for this little summons was becoming all too clear as he surveyed the room. Glowering in the corner and lurking in the shadows as was his want of late, was the oft volatile Invictus, also known as Alaric in the old days. His illustrious past has included prestigious positions such as Battle Master, Magistrate and even Dark Councilor. His presence alone was cause for excitement. Opposite his position was Incendus, radiating an eagerness to jump into battle at the slightest provocation. As one of the other fairly new members to the Brotherhood he was eager to further prove his worth after having assisted Shadow Gate several times. Also already to arrive was Zakath, another new member to both the Sith Order and the Brotherhood, but with that mischievously evil glint in his all they all seemed to share.
Scelestus actually felt rather comfortable with these few members of the Brotherhood though he had interacted with them little until today. Abruptly Invictus stepped from the shadows and growled;

'Where the hell is Valeriuskane? I know damn well he got the message just the same as the rest of us!'
They had all received the same unusual summons from the Deepest Seat of power within the Sith Order. The message was quite simple:

"It is the time for all noble, powerful and pure blooded Sith to rise to up and prove their loyalty and strength in the Force by waging war against our oldest enemies, the Order's of the Krath and Obelisk on Coruscant that we may prove with finality and enslavement that WE are not to be resisted. WE will be the ones that bring order to the chaos of the Empire."

The message was followed by a specific set of coordinates, a date and time for a meeting....Valeriuskane was late. After what seemed like a decade the extremely unseasoned, sometimes cocky and always eager to fight, Valeriuskane graced the room with his presence. Seemingly unconcerned as usual, his smile became more somber and serious as he began to realize just how dire the situation must be for all of them to have been summoned so abruptly. The cockiness and uncharacteristically carefree attitude masked his smoldering temper and a rage that had built within him ever since the day he was left half dead in an alley after a 'meeting' with members of the Krath went badly. He recognized Invictus right away as he had seen him in a Cantina owned by members of the D'Tana family during the recent Clan Wars. Val had sided with the D'Tana since he had always enjoyed partaking in the finer things the family supplied for the right price. Being a Novice was beginning to wear on the young Sith and he longed to prove himself on the field of battle once and for all which is why he took up the call from the Order in the first place. Noticing the highly disapproving looks he was getting from Invictus and Scelestus he decided to ease the tension;

"So a Nerf Herder walks into a bar.......(a choking sensation began in his throat).....OK I mean I will sit down, shut up and follow orders geeze."

No one seemed amused but a wry smile began to creep to Invictus' lips at the Novices brashness.


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Val sat down and Invictus continued.

"We are all here today,because it is time to restore the Sith Empire." He made a low,hissing noise. "We all feel the darkness growing.The Final way is getting nearer and nearer."

With this,Incendus' spirit jumped.He had always been eager to prove himself,ever since that fateful day in Coruscant.He had almost died when a dark jedi rescued him.Everyone had heard the rumors of them coming back.But everyone had trusted the jedi too much.The fact that a dark jedi,who was hidden right under there nose in the Coruscant Academy,had almost killed him,but was killed by another dark jedi was proof.The Jedi were becoming blinded by the darkness,just as they had before the rise of Palpatine.It was true.The Final Way was on the verge of happening.

"We are retaking Coruscant.We will be the ones.Not the philosophical Krath.Not the combative Obelisk.Power will tower over knowledge and skill,and the Sith will lead all to the infinite darkness.Our order is the strongest,and you all will have the chance to prove it."

One young Sith rose his hand.Invictus acknowledged him,and the young Sith asked,"What about those of us who are still inexperienced in the ways of the Sith?"

The young sith rose into the air almost immediately,and began choking. "Then we have no need of you." There was a snapping sound,and the Dark Jedi fell to the ground.

Invictus expected everyone in the room to jump with fear.Most everyone did,but Invictus noticed one who remained emotionless.Incendus had not been startled at all.While others had either jumped with fright or rose with excitement,Incendus had remained stolid,as if it was quite boring to him.