The Journey to Knighthood [M/S RunOn: VanWyck and Caleb Sal]

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VanWyck sat in his quarters in deep meditation, when he felt the approach of his Apprentice. He quickly stood up and headed for the door. As he got to the door, VanWyck opened it, just as his apprentice was about to push the door chime. VanWyck stood there looking at his apprentice for a moment.
Apprentice would you please come in, there is something that I wish to discuss with you, VanWyck said.
Yes Master VanWyck, as his Apprentice stepped inside of his Master’s Quarters, and the door hissing shut behind him.
Please have a seat, can I get you a drink or something, VanWyck asked?
Yes please. Caleb responded, with a smile on his face, and thank you Master.
Moments later VanWyck returned with two drinks in his hands, and handed one of them to his young Apprentice, and then took a seat right in front of him.
So what’s going on Master, Apprentice Caleb asked? Have I done something wrong, he added?
No Apprentice, I have some really good news, first and foremost I am happy to inform you that you have been promoted to the rank of Protector. Congratulations Apprentice.
Thank you Master, he replied. Is there something else master, Caleb asked?
We are going on a mission just you and I. This mission is going to be a test for the Master and Apprentice team, VanWyck said.
Sounds like it could be fun master, what is the mission about, he asked?
We will be going to Dantooine nearing the location of the Old Jedi Enclave that was destroyed during the Jedi Civil War by Darth Malak. Once we are there, we will be hunting an experienced trainer. Also I have a surprise for you Apprentice, VanWyck said. You will be leading this mission Apprentice, VanWyck added.
WHAT, his Apprentice asked with surprise to his voice?
I want to see just how much you have learned while you have been my Apprentice, and see just how much I have left to teach you, VanWyck said, so as soon as you can grab your gear and meet me in the hangar bay so we can get moving.
Yes master, Caleb said, stood, and left his master’s quarters. His destination was his quarters to grab what gear he had and then head for the hangar bay as he had been instructed.
It did not take much time for VanWyck to gather his gear and make his way for the hangar bay. Once he got there moments later, VanWyck noticed the pilot and the Roll Master was going over a pre-flight check list, and decided that he would do what he could to aid him, so that once his Apprentice showed up they would be able to leave.
VanWyck, the pilot noticed him and said. Where is your Apprentice at?
Do not worry he will be here, he is just gathering up his gear, I can sense his eagerness and the excitement coming from him, but he is on his way here now, VanWyck said. Is there any way that I might be of service, it looks like your doing pre-flight checks, VanWyck added.
That would be great, but un-necessary he said.
Well I have some time to kill before my Apprentice shows up so what can I do to help out, VanWyck asked?
The pilot asked VanWyck to please take this part of the check list and to head to the cockpit and check the Communications equipment and do a communications check. Satisfied that all communications are working properly, VanWyck stepped out and reported that all communications were good to go.
Hello Master, a voice said rushing to the ship.
Apprentice, I thought that you had gotten lost for a moment he said jokingly.
Is there something that I can do to help master, Caleb asked?
You might want to store your gear on the ship and then go ask the pilot, VanWyck said.
Yes master and Caleb headed towards the loading ramp to store his gear. Once he had his gear stored on the ship and returned to ask.
The pilot looked over at VanWyck and asked if he had done the communications check yet?
Yes sir I have, VanWyck replied. I also reported that to you sir, VanWyck added.
Oh sorry I was in the midst of doing another check when you told me. Well we are done with the pre-flight checks, we are okay for flight, he added.
VanWyck noticed that he had not stored his gear as of yet, so using the force, he grabbed his bag and brought it to him as the loading ramp began retracting up ward and sealing.
Master all you would have needed to do is to ask me to grab your gear and I would have stored it in one of the compartments next to mine, he said.
Yes I know, but I could easily do it this way as well. I also forgot that I had not stored my gear, he added.
The voice of the pilot came over the P.A. system Attention New Tython Control, this is the Masters Gambit we are ready for launch sir.
Masters Gambit, New Tython Control you are cleared for launch, good luck and we shall see you when you return. New Tython out.


04-03-2012 21:14:11

The Masters Gambit glided out of New Tython with extreme ease. Vanwyck and Caleb found a seat waiting for word from the pilot; Morotheri offered both of them a nod as he passed them both moving to the front of the ship, Caleb could only assume he was going to co-pilot. It only took a few moments for the communications to hail the three of them; it had Morotheri’s voice.

“Alright, we are almost out of New Tython. It will take a moment to have the hyper drive warmed up and then we shall engage and head to Dantooine. I hope you are ready for this Caleb.”
Without a moment’s pause the communications stopped as the ships hyper drive was set in motion. Vanwyck turned to his apprentice studying his posture for a moment before saying in his usual tone

“You must be looking forward to leading this, my apprentice. After all I know it is one of your aspirations. To practise is to make perfect” Vanwyck offered Caleb a smile as he spoke.
Caleb sat silent his face not showing a smile, this was usual for him. He was processing what his master was telling him. Caleb turned to face his master; his face remained expressionless as he nodded at Vanwyck saying

“Yes Master. You know me well”
Vanwyck retained his smile “It is my job to know you. That is why the mission is structured thusly. However I will tell you, during the exercise we will not be able to use the Ship or Communications. This test will not be easy, but I believe that you can pull it off.”
Caleb sat firmly. Staying almost unnaturally still as the ship pulled itself down into Dantooine. The communications crackled to life once more, this time it was not Morotheri but another pilot

“We will be there in a moment we just need to stop and hover for a moment. Before moving onto your landing position.”
The Master Gambit jolted as the doors were opened whilst hovering slightly above the ground. Vanwyck jumped from his seat to check the doors as Caleb entered the pilot’s cockpit. Minutes later Vanwyck and Caleb convened.
“The Doors were opened by the manual override and shut immediately after. There seems to be nothing else wrong. You seem more focused than usual, what is wrong, My Apprentice?”

Caleb looked at Vanwyck curiously “Is the Rollmaster my target, perchance?” Vanwyck’s smile widened “Why yes he is. What gave it away?”
Caleb processed the Rollmasters actions carefully. He smiles to himself. A smile rarely worn by Caleb. He was smiling at how Morotheri had started their little game. “Master, The Rollmaster is gone...”

A'lora Kituri

04-03-2012 23:03:23

Morotheri smiled as he darted through the lush forests of Dantooine. It had only been moments ago when he had been sitting in the shadows of the Master's Gambit, observing Caleb Sal's every movement. When both VanWyck and Caleb Sal were otherwise engaged in conversation, Morotheri had carefully opened the doors via the manual override and vanished into the terrain below. Dantooine had been a fitting place for this exercize. In ancient times, this planet had been the location of a great Jedi Enclave, in which only the Force-sensitives with the greatest potential were trained in the ways of the Force.

During his time among the Melewati and Harakoans of New Tython, the miraluka had amassed extensive training in survival skills. These skills allowed him to track creatures over long distances, often covering his tracks in the process. Here, Morotheri assumed that he would need to utilize all of these skills as he tested the Padawan. Morotheri travelled lightly, hindered only by his crimson robes and lightsaber. Knowing the layout of the land, the miraluka continued eastward, towards the old Jedi Enclave. During his studies, the many tomes of knowledge relating to Dantooine's affiliation with Bastila Shan intrigued him. Thus, he had studied maps and scrolls relating to the creatures that inhabit the forests, should he ever come forth to see the ruins for himself.

Thunder roared overhead, unleashing branching streams of electricity as day suddenly turned to grey. The rain created a large blanket over the treetops of the forest, greatly hindering Morotheri's Force sight. Knowing he could only travel so far without becoming hindered in these conditions, Morotheri searched for a nearby shelter to take refuge. It had not been long before he came across a large cavern, the likes of which he knew well. Kinrath, as they were called dwelled in such caverns. Seeing no other option, Morotheri entered the cave. The cave had been damp, and filled with a stench like no other. The interior had been dotted with Kinrath eggs, of which these large arachnoids hatched.

Within, he could smell the scent glands that Kinrath used to distingush themselves. Behind him, Morotheri sensed something lurching towards him. In a single swift movement, Morotheri spun, the amber blade materializing in his hand as it found it's mark. The blade cut deep, severing the two front legs of the Kinrath. In a futile attempt to fight for the instinct of survival, the Kinrath struck out with a leg-like appendage on it's face. Sensing the sudden strike, the miraluka ducked, lunging out with his lightsaber. The orange blade impaled into the Kinrath, sending it crashing to the floor.

Satisfied, Morotheri extinguished the blade, returing it to the cord wrapped around his waist. The miraluka crouched as he reached out towards the Kinrath. Reaching out with one hand, he located the sweat gland of the Kinrath, detaching it from the arachnoid. Staring down at the gland in his palm, he placed it in his robe as he rested for the night in a nearby alcove. In the moring, he would continue on through the cavern, arriving to his destination. This would provide a more than suitable challenge to Caleb Sal and his Master during this exercize.


06-03-2012 04:36:11

VanWyck and his Apprentice waited for the Masters Gambit to set down, before they would head for the Administrators Office in Kunda. The office had once been a home to one of the two powerful and influential families, either the Sandral or the Meatales old homestead.
“Good day to you gentlemen. I hope that you have had a safe journey here completely free of incident, the administrators assistant said.”
“Yes we have, it has been a pretty good journey here to Dantooine, VanWyck replied for his Apprentice and himself.”
“What can I do for you two fine gentlemen, he asked?”
“I wanted to see if it would be possible for us to speak with the Administrator, VanWyck asked?”
“What is this regarding, the man asked?”
“This business I am sorry to say is with the Administrator alone, Jedi business, VanWyck replied.”
“The man looked at VanWyck and his Apprentice with suspicion on his face, and then asked for proof that they were in fact Jedi.”
“VanWyck pulled his lightsaber, and activated it, to show him that they are in fact Jedi, then asked if he was satisfied?”
“Not yet he said. Can you do something with the force to show me that you are in fact Jedi, since I have seen people come in here claiming to be Jedi, just by pulling a lightsaber, he added.”
“VanWyck summoned the force and picked up the potted plant that was near by, and brought it over to the man, and set it down. Then as quickly as he had brought it over to him, VanWyck picked it up again and set it back in the place it had been before, then turned to the man and asked if he was satisfied or if he would need to do something else to further prove that he was in fact a Jedi?”
“Satisfied the man looked at VanWyck and his Apprentice, and asked them to please wait one moment while he contacted the Administrator to ask if they could speak with them or not.”
Apprentice Sal looked at his master and could not believe that they had to prove that they were Jedi, rather then just taking them at their word.
“Apprentice do not be concerned with the demonstration that we had to put on, these people have been left out of the Old Republic, and then the Empire. When the Jedi Order was using this planet for training, they would work with the government here to resolve problems, and many other things, but then Malak and the Sith came here and destroyed the Jedi Enclave, and the people here began to hold a lot of distrust towards Jedi. It was not until the Exile came here to help the Kunda Government with the problems that they had with the mercenaries here. The Exile had gone about mounting a rescue mission of Master Vrook, which did not make him to happy. Apparently it had put Kunda at great risk with his rescue. So the issues with the Jedi kind of eased up a bit, but not by much, VanWyck said.”
“Caleb sal finally understood why his master was so willing to indulge the man finally, but then asked him why the man did not know who you were if you were born here on Dantooine?”
The man heard what VanWyck’s Apprentice had said, and then said. “You were born here on Dantooine sir?”
“VanWyck looked at the man and said yes I was sir, my mother was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, and had escaped Order 66, and my father was an Onderonian Captain in service to General Rohm Kolta during the Clone Wars. During Order 66 some of the Clones had cornered my mother and father, and began shooting at her. My father got in the middle of it and was injured by a blaster bolt to the shoulders, and legs. He would have died if it were not for my mother saving his life, and getting them both to safety. They got away and got here to Dantooine weeks later. She nursed him back to health, they fell in love, and were married and I was born a year later, VanWyck said. My mother discovered that I was strong in the force and began training me. We were given access to the Old Jedi Enclave located here on Dantooine by the Administrator of Kunda, VanWyck added.”
“The man asked him what his name was just in case the Administrator wanted to know.”
“I am Jedi Knight VanWyck, and this is my Apprentice, he said.”
“Did you say VanWyck, the man asked again with disbelief to his voice?”
“Yes I did sir, VanWyck replied.”
“Well Jedi Knight VanWyck, if the Administrator had given your family permission to go into the Old Enclave, then I will call and let the Administrator know that you are here sir, the man said.”
“Thank you sir, VanWyck replied.”
Apprentice Sal looked at his master with shock; he could not believe that his master was connected here on this planet. Now the real question that he had, but did not want to ask his master was would it be good enough to get us into speak with the Administrator or not, only time would tell.
“VanWyck looked at his Apprentice and said do not worry I am sure that the Administrator will have an audience with us, my mother and father did a lot for the people of Dantooine, so they should remember that, VanWyck said.”
“Excuse me Jedi Knight VanWyck sir, the man said.”
“Yes. What can I do for you sir, VanWyck replied?”
“I just wanted to let you know that the Administrator will see you now, so if you would like to head into her office, she will meet you there, he said waiving them forward.”
“Thank you sir, and may you have a good day, VanWyck said.”
“The man looked at them both and said oh before you go, one more thing, May the force be with you. Oh did I get that right, he asked?”
“VanWyck smiled at him and then said yes you did sir, and thank you. May the force be with you as well sir, and then walked towards the office of the Administrator.”
VanWyck and Sal entered a very large room that looked like it could have held at least three possibly four large size tables in it without any worries. There were plants all around the room. The Administrator did not need to worry about light; for the most part this room was well lit at least until night fall. It was not to long after they had finished looking around that the Administrator came into the room.
“I am Administrator Danatra and I would like to welcome you back home Jedi Knight VanWyck, we had wondered what had happened to you after your parents were killed, she said.”
“VanWyck looked at the woman and bowed respectfully to her, and said well I have been gone for a while, but I am back now for a training exercise with my Apprentice here, gesturing over towards Apprentice Sal, and we would like to know if you will still honor the agreement that the past Administrator had with my mother, which allowed her and I unlimited access to the Old Jedi Enclave located here on Dantooine; VanWyck asked?”
“Yes we will be very happy to honor that agreement, it is in effect until you are dead, so do not worry at all Master Jedi VanWyck. I will let the guards know that you will have been given access to the Enclave once again, she said.”
“Thank you Administrator and it brings warm feelings to my heart to be back home, and I will try to get back more often, VanWyck added.”
“Your very welcome Master Jedi, and before you leave, may I say, May the force be with you as well, and good luck with your mission.”
VanWyck and his Apprentice bowed took a couple steps backwards, turned and left the room. VanWyck and his Apprentice left the office of the Administrator of Kunda, and quickly drew there hoods over their heads as the rain continued to pour down on top of their heads, and began making their way to the Old Jedi Enclave.


08-03-2012 15:28:55

The rain encroached the lands as far as the eye could see, Clouds sat thickly in the sky showing no signs of movement. VanWyck and Caleb made their move toward the Old Enclave. As their pace quickened VanWyck glanced at Caleb, who appeared stuck in a focused state his face blank, but there was a slight gleam in his read eyes. VanWyck spoke up
“I can see you are thinking heavily apprentice. What is it?”

Caleb did not reply, it was not that he was not listening but instead he was at a stage beyond hearing. Caleb was surveying the area, trying to plot out a course that the roll master may have taken. After all, he did have to catch him. Eventually.
VanWyck tried once more “Apprentice?” Caleb snapped to attention turning his expressionless face to his Master. “Apologies, what did you say?” VanWyck rolled his shoulder as rain pattered down all around them “I was asking what is wrong, apprentice.”

Caleb’s face contorted into a frown as the question was put to him. He pondered for a moment “There is nothing wrong Master. I was merely trying to observe the area. I may need this knowledge at any point during our encounter after all. I will also need to try and work out what movements the Roll master may make by deducing what I know of him”
VanWyck nodded “A good approach my apprentice. Take extra time if you have to, as long as we get to the Enclave soon I am sure it will be fine.”

Caleb re-adjusted his robes as his master spoke, “It is of no matter. We should head directly for the enclave now and look around.” It did not take much longer for the both of them to get the Old enclave. Both master and apprentice approached it with caution eyes darting around looking for any hint of Morotheri or anything else. Caleb spoke under his breath on the subject of the Rollmaster.
“Now, where could you be...?”

A'lora Kituri

09-03-2012 01:15:45

Morotheri stepped from the shadows of the cavern and stretched his arms. The night had been unpleasant, but neccessary. He surveyed the lanscape before him before emerging from the safety of the Kinrath tunnels. His robe had smelled of a rank odor that had seemed to sink deep into his long robes of crimson. In his pocket, he still carried the foul sweat gland, gathered the night before to allow him safe passage, all the while creating a suitable trap for Caleb Sal and his master. An eerie fog covered the tunnel entrance, serving to hide the Rollmaster as he spotted two faint figures with Force radiating off of them in the distance.

They're here. He thought to himself, slinking back into the shadows. In the distance, he could hear Caleb Sal as he attempted to track the Rollmaster's whereabouts. Through the Force, he augmented his hearing to get a better understanding of what they had been discussing. Remaining perfectly silent and motionless had aided him in becoming nearly undectecable, coupled with the dense fog at the tunnel's opening.

"My apprentice, have you observed anything in particular?" Questioned VanWyck as the two made their way through the thick undergrowth. In the distance, both became significantly clearer as they ascended up a trail. "Not yet master, it appears that he has not been here recently. But wait, what is this?" The Padawan crouched low, apparently observing even the finest of details. "It appears to be some sort of cloth." At that moment, Morotheri realized that his long cloak had become torn near the bottom, and had possibly snagged on a low branch. However, it dawned on him. The miralukan Rollmaster would use this to his advantage as a lure. He knew the tunnels well, and was well aware of more than one exit, and he still held the gland in his pocket.

Caleb Sal stood upright as an invisible force whispered to him in hushed tones. Follow my voice, Apprentice. The chiss looked around, seeming puzzled. "What is it, Apprentice? You seem lost." Caleb did not answer, instead he focused on his surroundings. "He must be close."

Closer, Padawan replied the voice again, louder this time. Caleb raised his gaze to a nearby cavern, barely visible through the dense fog. Instantly, he had realized where the Rollmaster had been hiding. However, he knew all too well that this would inevitably lead into a trap. Carefully, he informed his master, and the two proceeded on towards the cavern.

Perfect. the Rollmaster thought, and disappeared into pitch black darkness.


10-03-2012 21:37:34

VanWyck followed his Apprentice in to the dark more and more, but keeping his senses on a high alert. He finally realized one thing. He had gone through these caverns many times when he was a small boy, there are Kinrath in here. He used a glow stick to light the way. Once it was activated, he saw a group of Kinrath that had just been laying in wait, they had picked up his scent rather quickly. VanWyck quickly withdrew the hilt of his lightsaber, and brought it to life. The violet blade quickly extended with its’ brilliant energy, as VanWyck leapt to attack the beasts. With four strokes of his blade, he decapitated four kinrath. Using the force, he sent a few others flying into each other. When the beasts had fled the area, VanWyck knelt down, and picked up one of the glands and handed the other to his apprentice, for him to use.

“Master what am I supposed to do with this, Caleb-sal asked?”

“You spread it on your clothing Apprentice, VanWyck replied. This way you will appear to be one of them, since kinrath mainly use their sense of smell rather then their eye sight, VanWyck added.”

“How do you know this, Caleb-sal asked?

VanWyck did not reply, rather he held his hand up in a way that suggested that he was focused in on something, which told his apprentice that he would answer him as soon as his master had figured it out.

“Apprentice. Morotheri is attempting to lure us into a trap of some kind. I suggest that we head this way, pointing to another passage way, VanWyck said.”

“Why we have him all we need to do is go get him, his apprentice questioned eagerly?”

“Apprentice you trust my judgement correct, VanWyck asked?”

“Yes master I do, but what does this have to do with anything, he asked still confused?”

VanWyck could feel how close their target was, but knew that if they had attempted to follow it, then there would be a possible problem, so he walked closer to his apprentice, and said; “Apprentice here is the deal, this passage goes two different ways, we can split up and you can go the straight way, and I can circle around and catch him from behind, or we can just head straight for him going this way, VanWyck said. The choice is yours, but I suggest that we do this, as it will cut him off, VanWyck added.”
Caleb thought about it for a moment, and decided that what his master was suggesting made more sense, then just charging in, that there was great wisdom in what his master had proposed, then just acting out of brash and reckless thought.

“I agree with you master, we should try to catch him by surprise, he said as quietly as possible.”

The two split up, VanWyck going forward to circle around and his apprentice proceeding slowly and carefully allowing his master time to get into position, and once he felt that little jolt in the force letting him know he was ready, both would move in, and turn the trap on their pray, rather then on themselves.


11-03-2012 21:52:47

Caleb moved as swiftly as he could whilst trying to stay careful at the same time, he could sense how close the Roll Master was to him and yet the whole ordeal felt too easy. He almost knew that both he and his master were moving into a trap. But he could not quite put his finger on what the trap could be. Thus he decided to look out for anything that could be used to counter a trap. Alas, it was too dark for him to make out anything fine enough to use.

As Caleb started to step around to the location in which Morotheri was meant to be hiding, loud thunder claps erupted and the sound reverberating throughout the entire cave, from this he was sure he felt the rocks start to move, with every passing moment Caleb liked this plan less and less. Under his breath he muttered “I do not have a good feeling about this...” Another Thunder clap boomed through the cave. It was at that moment he realised why he did not have a good feeling, the Kinrath were using the loud sounds to cover the noise of their skittering about the cave. Caleb did not know their level of intelligence nor their number. He pressed on, his pace quickening, His faith in the Gland starting to fail. Patience he thought to himself Trust in others.

He was almost there now; he felt the ebb of the force coming from Morotheri. It was now that he knew both he and his master were not the hunters. He could only hope that the Roll Master had misjudged the combined power of him and VanWyck. There was a clearing ahead he could feel the sudden openness of the cave, but it was not outside. He could see nothing, that was when the thought gripped him It has grown darker, perhaps there were two paths, and I took the wrong one. It was at that moment that curiosity got the better of him.

“Master...?” He asked, waiting for a response. None came. But a skittering of legs did grace Caleb with reply. He could sense the kinrath were near, but he had to know if he were alone.
He asked another question, “Roll Master?” That was when the skittering stopped, the Kinrath were close enough to strike him now. Caleb tried to step forward into the clearing as one of them attacked him; he just had enough time to defend himself with his armory saber, as the blade shot out with a hum the Kinrath fell, dead or wounded, he could not yet tell so he prodded it with the blade to ensure it was not alive and in pain. This was when the second Kinrath jumped from the darkness...

A'lora Kituri

11-03-2012 22:37:03

Morotheri had seen the Kinrath as it lunged fowards towards it's target. VanWyck had been unable to come to his aid, currently peoccupied with his own problems. Kinrath swarmed around them as Morotheri stood silent in the darkness. Caleb Sal did not see the attack coming. The large appendage on the Kinrath's face struck out towards the Padawan, finding it's mark. As the Padawan yelled out in pain, Morotheri lunged from the shadows, his orange lightsaber materializing as it arced through the air. Before the Kinrath had a chance to retaliate, the lightsaber severed the appendage, causing the arachnoid to stuble backwards in shock. The amber blade in the Miraluka's hands moved with precision, splittting the target in two.

VanWyck looked over his shoulder with the look of surprise in his face. The Miraluka had been battling with a host of Kinrath emerging from deeper in the tunnel. VanWyck finished off his target with a blast of Force energy, sending the Kinrath into the cavern wall with crushing Force. Caleb Sal sat against the cavern wall, apparently injured. As VanWyck made his way across the chamber to face the main host of Kinrath, a rumble erupted from within.

"What was that?!" VanWyck shouted over the sound of the screeches from the Kinrath advancing through the cavern. His question was answered shortly as the Kinrath came back in force. For a brief instant, the Kinrath advances came to a halt. As the Kinrath parted, a massive figure was visible down the passage. As it approached, the Kinrath continued, more violently than ever. "We can't keep this up." informed VanWyck, not lifting his eyes from the foes in front of him.

Morotheri stared upwards as a large boulder dropped from the ceiling. "The ceiling. Bring it down!" called out the Rollmaster. Immediately, both jedi reached out through the Force, concentrated on collapsing the tunnel. Debris fell in massive pieces, crushing those who came too close. Eventually, the cave had collapsed, but the rumbling had ceased to end, now shaking the cavern floor. "It's coming down. Move!" As these words were said, both VanWyck and Morotheri had helped the chiss to his feet, leading him to the exit. However, when the Rollmaster looked down at the Padawan. Someting was wrong. Very wrong.


12-03-2012 01:51:41

VanWyck took a look at the injury that his padawan had suffered. It was serious, it appeared that a Kinrath had injected him with poison, and it was now spreading through his body. The Roll Master looked at VanWyck and said “We need to get him to a hospital and quick, before the poison spreads to far, and kills him.”
“I can take care of the poison Morotheri, it is no problem, VanWyck said.” He then turned his attention to his Apprentice and used the force to heal and take care of the poison that had coursed throughout his Apprentice’s body. Moments later, Caleb stood up and was feeling much better.
“VanWyck turned his attention to Morotheri and said, “We will allow you to leave, but before you go, I wanted to express my gratitude to you for aiding us with the kinrath, you could have just left us there, but you helped us out, thank you very much, VanWyck said.”
“It was no problem, I was not just going to leave you all to deal with the kinrath on your own, Morotheri said.”
VanWyck turned his attention back to his Apprentice, and checked up on him once more, and when he was satisfied that he was better, they both turned and noticed that their pray had fled the scene.
“Well Apprentice, it looks like the hunt is still on, VanWyck said with happiness to his voice.”
“Good I was hoping that he would want to continue the hunt, Caleb said.”
The two got to their feet and began heading for the Enclave, and bumped into a group of Mandalorians who were just standing around looking for something to do.
“Look at what we’ve got here boys. It appears to be Jedi, I thought they were off planet these days, the group’s leader said.”
“Well I think that we should have some fun with these two Jedi, the leaders buddies replied.”
“Your right boys, we have not had much fun on this boring planet, their leader replied looking at VanWyck and his Apprentice.”
“Maybe you should try Sabaat if your that bored, VanWyck said, and then with force persuasion he suggested that these Jedi are not worth their time at all.”
The attempt failed badly. This did not impress the Mandalorians at all. “Flaming Jedi, your always looking for a peaceful way out of a situation, rather then fighting, it is a wonder that you were able to return, their leader said.”
The Mandalorians pulled their Vibroswords and began surrounding the two Jedi in preparation for their attack on them.
VanWyck quickly withdrew the hilt of his lightsaber from his belt, and looked to his Apprentice, as he did the same. They did not wait for the Mandalorians to attack first, VanWyck made for the two closest targets, with his lightsaber activated. The two closest Mandalorians attempted to trap VanWyck in between them and attack him from both sides. One of them brought his blade down on VanWyck’s head, but VanWyck extended the melee blade in his armor and deflected it just in time, as the other one came in for a shot to his back. VanWyck quickly felt the approach of the other man, and caught him in his gut with a boot heel, and whipped around with his blade quicker then his opponent could react and impaled it right through him, and said “I don’t think so.” He then pulled his blade out of the one Mandalorian and pushed the other away from him with a forceful shove from his boot, which pushed him back far enough to allow him time to retract the melee blade back into his armor.
Caleb was busy dealing with his opponent, when he heard the activity coming from his Masters position, he checked quickly and then turned his attention back to his opponent.
VanWyck moved in on his opponent, and waited for him to take a futile slash with his blade. VanWyck stepped off to the side and when his opponent found that there was no one there, began looking for his opponent, but it was to late. VanWyck buried his brilliantly violet colored blade into the body of his opponent. Then just to make sure that he was finished, VanWyck pulled his blade from the body of the Mandalorian and buried it into the head of his opponent, ensuring that he had killed his foe for certainty. Once he was satisfied that he was dead, VanWyck turned his attention to his Apprentice, who looked like he could use a little assistance and joined in the fight against the last target.
The Mandalorian realized that he had no chance to defeat two Jedi, but decided that it is better to die, then to surrender or try to run from them. This action did not surprise VanWyck at all, he had known how the Mandalorians worked, and did not like them, since they were responsible for the death of his parents.
“Apprentice could you use some help here, VanWyck asked?”
“Yes master I could, Caleb replied thank you.”
VanWyck moved in rather quickly, and the remaining Mandalorian tried to react as quickly as possible, but could not do so. With a single shot to his opponents’ ribs, VanWyck sent his boot into his opponent, and dropped his opponent to his side. VanWyck quickly moved his saber into position near the Mandalorians throat, and said “I offer you your life, all you have to do is just get out of here and never bother anyone else here on Dantooine, do we have a deal, or do I cut you down right here and now, VanWyck said?”
“You must be crazy, the Mandalorian replied.”
“I thought that you would say something like that, VanWyck said.” With one single swift move, he cut through the Mandalorians helmet, severing the head of the Mandalorian.
VanWyck turned to his Apprentice and deactivated his lightsaber. With a look of mixed feelings, VanWyck said “We need to get moving, we have to try to locate the Roll Master and capture him, VanWyck said.”
“Master are you alright, Caleb asked?”
VanWyck did not answer him, but all indications on his face said that he was in serious conflict with his feelings from the battle. He just turned his thoughts to the mission, and did what he could to try to burry his feelings deep inside of his mind. He knew that this would not work for very long. Caleb was not sure why his master would not answer him, but decided that he would be there for his master should he finally wish to talk.
“I hate Mandalorians, VanWyck began muttering to himself, and mother, father, that was for you, he added.”
“Master did something happen to your parents at the hands of the Mandalorians or something, Caleb asked?”
“What makes you ask, VanWyck finally answered?”
“Well master I heard you muttering that you hate Mandalorians, and then something about your mother and father, Caleb replied.”
VanWyck realized that he had heard what he had tried to keep to himself. “It is a very personal matter Apprentice, there will come a time when you will not share certain things with your Apprentice, he said.”
Caleb discovered that his master was not going to talk about the issue any further, so he decided to let it go, for now that is.
They pressed on and in a moment’s time, made it to the little bridge that extended over the stream leading to the Old Jedi Enclave. They finally made it to their destination, now the fun would be to comb every inch of this place for the Roll Master.
As they proceeded in closer to the Enclave, they were met by a guard from Kunda, and asked “May I help you two gentlemen?”
“I am Jedi Knight VanWyck and this is my Apprentice, we were given permission to enter the Enclave by the Administrator of Kunda, VanWyck said.”
“Did you just say VanWyck, the guard said with shock to his voice?”
“Yes I did sir, VanWyck replied.” He looked at the guard closer, and realized he knew the guard, and said “It can’t be, Jonus K’tem, is that you old buddy, VanWyck asked with amazement and joy to his voice?”
“By the force, it is you, K’tem replied, how are you VanWyck, he added?”
“I am doing well, VanWyck replied.”
“Yeah I got the transmission from Kunda, and you may enter at any time you wish to. Before you go, I would like to say that it is great to see you again, and I have also been tending to your parents grave he said.”
“Thank you for looking in on them for me, VanWyck said, I am very grateful to you for that, VanWyck added.”


12-03-2012 10:20:43

Caleb had spent the entire walk to the Enclave extremely frustrated. He had a plan in the caves and it had worked. He felt that Morotheri was not as deceived as Caleb wanted. But his master clearly was, even attempting to heal a poison that was not in his body. What made the ordeal worse was that not only had his own Master foiled his plan, he had then let the Roll Master go.

During the journey to the enclave they were set upon by Mandalorians, Caleb highly doubted they were real Mandalorians probably just thugs who had found some nice armour. The thought struck Caleb. It was from that moment that he believed that his Master had not only disallowed Caleb to follow through his own plans. But he had intentionally brought them on a route to the enclave so they would encounter these ‘Mandalorians’. He was sure this was true; his master had only moments ago told him that he –hated- them. Caleb decided he would bring it up with the other Jedi when they returned. But for now he had to work on capturing the Roll Master who by now had worked out that Caleb was attempting to trick him.

Caleb and his master stepped into the enclave, his master was feeding him information as usual, but Caleb was no longer listening, he was thinking about where the Roll Master could be now, was the setting up a trap in the enclave, or was he not even here at all?
“Apprentice?” VanWyck asked him having rounded on Caleb so they were facing one another, Caleb did not provide a reply for a few moments until he realised that his master was speaking to him. He thought for a moment more deciding to try and catch Morotheri unawares, without his Master.

“Apologies, I think I need to sit down and meditate on the situation, I will return shortly.” Before he had even finished speaking he was trying to leave and find somewhere to meditate. Looking for an ideal location to try and lure the Roll Master to him.

A'lora Kituri

14-03-2012 21:43:54

Little did the pair of Jedi know that the Rollmaster had been stalking them since their encounter with the 'mandolorians'. Out of the corner of his vision, he could see the Force raditating off of the Padawan, who stood only on the other side of the wall that separated them. A moment ago, the Padawan had wandered off from his master, apparently focused on meditating. Now, the miraluka sensed it was time to truly test the Padawan's mettle in combat for the first time.

Caleb Sal sat in the central chamber of the enclave ruins, currently engaged in a plan to lure the Rollmaster out from hiding. He knew, however that his master would return, and in doing so, they would stand a chance at capturing the Rollmaster. He kneeled on the cracked floor of the chamber in a meditative pose. The ground was cool and littered with debris from the ceiling, which had been slowly collapsing over the year, leaving the chamber open to the elements. He looked about the room, examining every possible entrance. However, the Rollmaster had come from the most unlikely of entrances as a tall figure clad in crimson robes descended from the ceiling.

A faint amber glow illuminated the walls as the lightsaber spilled forth an orange hue and the miraluka took up the stance of Soresu. Unexpectedly, Caleb Sal spun around, unleashing a powerful blast of Force energy at the Rollmaster, causing him to stumble backwards. The Padawan took the opportunity to leap at the Rollmaster, his saber drawn. With incredible speed, the Rollmaster raised his orange blade, engaging the Padawan in a saber lock. Now, the chiss had only to distract the Rollmaster as aid arrived...