The Journey to Knighthood [M/S RunOn: Sa Ool and Alexander]

A'lora Kituri

09-02-2012 17:45:06

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A'lora Kituri

10-02-2012 01:36:04

Menat Ombo. The grand city of New Tython was perilous in a time such as this. Many angry protesters filled the dust-swep alleyways, unimpressed by the new city councils' plans to grant Harakoans with equal rights to those of the Tythonians. At a time as perilous as this, however, beacons of light emerge in the most unlikely of places. Alexander DelGotto had only recently arrived on the surface of Harakoa, eager for the training that awaited him. He sat silently in the library situated in the Halls of the Watchmen, currently concentrated in his studies. In his hands he held a large tome of cracked leather. Although still readable, the pages had faded over time leaving only faint markings of the ancient text that lay before him. A lone dim, flickering candle illuminated the text as he read. Suddenly, a faint figure appeared at the door, unable to distinguish the lone figure, Alexander peered over his text to study the lone figure at the doorway.

"Hello? Master Sa Ool?" Alexander called out. The figure did not answer back. Instead, the lone man approached, clad in a long crimson robe that snaked along the ground as he walked. "Master Morotheri." Alexander acknowledged, with a sigh of relief. Behind him, Sa Ool entered the dimly-lit space. The Kel Dor motioned to Alexander. "Myself and Morotheri have agreed that your trials are to begin shortly. The Journey to Knighthood will be challenging, however we have concluded that you are ready and worthy of the challenge." The candle extinguished as a cold breeze swept through the room through a nearby window. During these trials, Alexander would be tested in accordance with the old ways. He will be tested, both mentally and physically. He will have to overcome his fears, as he proceeds onto the path of Knighthood. This was only the beginning of what would become his trials. Alexander closed the tome of cracked leather and set it on the aged wood bookself with a heavy thud.


11-02-2012 22:23:56

"Thank you Master", Alexander said. "Not to imply anything, but I have only been with the order a very short time, are you sure?". The question was more rhetorical then anything else. He seemed shocked that they had deemed him ready for the trials at all. He did notice that it seemed easy for him to learn what they taught, but then again Alex always seem to learn fast.

Standing in the Library he addressed both master, "What will be my first task?"