The Journey to Knighthood [M/S RunOn: Jonuss Rai and Lelila]

A'lora Kituri

08-02-2012 22:32:22

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A'lora Kituri

14-02-2012 19:43:02

Menat Ombo. Recent events have left the city in turmoil as massive dissident groups crowded the dust-swept streets. The heart of New Tython was in a current state of disarray as politics spilled into the streets in the form of violence and bloodshed. However, during these times of crisis beacons of light shone in the unlikeliest of places. Lost in thought, Lelila lost her balance. In a sudden moment, the training saber snapped her back to reality as it made contact with her leg. "Remember to focus, padawan. The Dark Jedi strike ruthlessly, and without mercy." Jonuss helped Lelila to her feet. "Again!" He shouted as he raised the training saber above his head. The cerulean blade in his hands arced in a fully of rapid blows, all of which had been successfully parried. Lelila returned the exchange, sending forth instead a blast of force energy that sent Jonuss skidding back a meter. The two once again excanged a series of attacks. Nearby, a lone figure approached, clad in crimson robes draped around his body.

"Ahem." the figure coughed as he stood arched against a nearby granite wall. Both Lelila and Jonuss extinguished their blades as they turned to Morotheri. "As you both know, many challenges await those who seek the path to knighthood. I believe Lelila is ready to begin the first of these challenges." The Miraluka set his unsettling gaze upon Lelila. "You will embark on your trial to knighthood shortly. These trials, I suspect, will take time for you to complete. You will be challenged both physically and mentally. You will have to over come your darkest fears as you journey down the path to knighthood." Lelila was surprised that the Rollmaster believed her ready for the trials. Nonetheless, she was eager and ready to begin.

Jonuss Rai

03-03-2012 04:53:15

It was a few days after the Rollmaster had told his apprentice that she was getting closer and closer to being ready for her trials. Jonuss felt the same way, incredibly proud of Lelila’s progress under his tutelage but lately, he had been feeling less enthusiastic about his own abilities. His ability to control J`Rai and keep him contained seemed to be wavering and it had him concerned.

That was the main reason he was heading to the office of the Quaestor.
Jonuss stepped through the doorway that led into the Quaestor’s office. He found Ji sitting behind his desk flipping through some pages of ancient texts that had recently been discovered in one of the archive rooms.

Without looking up from the papers, the Gand spoke. “Good morning, Jonuss.”

“Morning, Ji. Looks like you’re pretty busy so I’ll make this short.” The former Quaestor of the house stood before the desk, his hands clasped behind his back. “With my current mental status, I’ve decided I need to take some time away from the house. I’m requesting to go on leave for a few weeks.”

Ji looked up from his papers and stared at the Jedi before him. “Are you sure?”

Jonuss nodded. “Yes. The more I’m around people the more I feel J`Rai poking and prodding the walls we put in place to keep him in line. I’m afraid that if I get too stressed out I could lower the barriers and release him.”

Ji nodded. “I understand. And you have my full support. Where will you go?”

Jonuss shook his head. “I have a few places in mind. All of them are strong with my family and the Force. I thought I might follow the path my ancestor took when he was a Jedi.”

“That sounds wonderful.” The Gand stood, grasping a datapad in his hand. He walked around the desk and faced his friend. “It might even be the perfect thing for your apprentice.” The Gand’s face contorted in what could only be his species’ equivalent of a smirk. “Lelila might be just what you need to help focus and keep J`Rai in check.” He paused at the doorway to his office, turning to look deeply into the former Quaestor’s eyes. “And who knows, maybe this will teach her something about how to deal with Dark Jedi.”

Jonuss shook his head. “I don’t like it.”

“Of course you don’t. That’s what I like about you. You’re so concerned about her well being that you don’t want to take her with you. I get it. I don’t care but I get it.” His smile widened and he motioned for the Jedi to exit his office.

Jonuss nodded. He knew there was no way he was going to change the Quaestor’s mind on this and so he just left, mentally preparing to take his brand new apprentice on a journey that might very well be her last.

Jonuss stood outside Lelila’s quarters, a datapad in his hand. He really didn’t like bringing her along for this but Ji had made it very clear that he didn’t have a choice. The Jedi focused and felt the force as it calmed him down. When he was content, he knocked on the door.

Lelila answered and before she had a chance to say anything, Jonuss put the datapad in front of her, forcing it into her hand.

“Pack some belongings. This datapad will tell you what you need to have. When you’re done getting your gear together, meet me in the hanger bay. You and I are taking a trip.” With that, he turned and left his apprentice standing in her doorway, a look of bewilderment on her face.