[Naga Sadow] Closing Pandora's Box - Fremoc & Samantha


13-08-2011 12:11:29

Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System

The transport blazed its trail to towards the atmosphere of the Orian gas giant at speeds that few pilots would ever dare risk; the man had worked within the Special Operations group for years and knew precisely what his cargo was capable of. Now more than every their unique talents were needed to ensure these things were sorted out. While the pilot was preoccupied with his breakneck speeds, the pair in the hold were busy sitting before the lone holoprojector that had spawned to life the instant they had left the blockade.

Bathed in the azure glow of the hologram, the two figures that stood before the pair were none other than the Executive Directors of the Dlarit Corporation; Quaestors Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart and Teu Pepoi. Each seemed extremely on as they spoke directly to bring their point home, "Sadowans, you have been selected to lead Special Operations and Police forces upon the ground. Our enemies are rumoured to be a pirate element of the Organization, survivors of the failed assault are reporting Cybernetic implants and enhancements. Be on high alert and strike deep into the hearts of our enemies, we want no survivors. May the Force be with you."

As the projector winked out, the transport rocked as it passed through the giant's viscious atmosphere. As quickly as the transport began its rocky decent, it ended, a red-light winking into existance within the hold as the pilot's voice rose up across the hold's speakers, "LZ's clear, there are some anti-air elements in the area so we're only going to touch and go."

Things had gotten increasingly hostile as the Dlarit elements had closed in around these Pirates; their units moving to try and surpress the Police and Special Forces at every turn. Even the civilians who had yet to be evacuated became a piece in this dangerous game, becoming hostages for the Pirates as the Dlarit personnel looked on in horror. Even Dlarit anti-air elements had become hostile to their creators.

The transport quickly touched down, the hold doors opening and its light flashing green swiftly as Fremoc and Samantha disembarked swiftly so that they could begin their mission to reclaim the cloud city.


13-08-2011 22:56:48

The Fist of the Brotherhood grinned as his wife gave him their orders. Be on high alert and strike deep into the hearts of our enemies, we want no survivors.

He was the Brotherhood's assassin. The man who made examples of disobedient members. The man who was the Commander of the Guard. Death came easy to him. Especially within the last few months. His son had blown up in front of him, he had killed one of his magistrates, he was nearly assassinated by a member of the Royal Guard, and a mercenary nearly killed him as well.

Better make it out alive this one brother, you need to give me my armor you're getting from that grave, said the familiar voice inside his head. He knew who the voice was, he had a vision of the man the other night while he was meditating.

He stepped off the transport and gazed upon San Korinar before turning to the young member of Naga Sadow. She looked fearful at the large man, knowing his reputation, and then gazed at his right hand. The blacked stump at the end of his forearm where his hand had been, was cauterized, so no blood loss would occur. He had not returned to Antei after the operation of bringing Methyas home. Fremoc had had enough time to just grab his other lightsaber and gear up for the next mission. He saw the girl looking at it and move it so it was inside his battered cloak.

"What is your name girl?" The Fist questioned.

"Samantha," the female responded.

"Keep up Samantha, we've got work to do."


16-08-2011 02:37:32

Samantha gulped down her rising fear. This was her first, and most important, mission. She had been partnered with the much more experience Fist of the Brotherhood. For this she was grateful.

The Fist strode off towards San Korinar with Samantha swiftly following, awaiting any orders. Samantha knew all to well to follow orders, she had seen first hand what could happen if you didn't. She shuddered away the gruesome images entering her minds, she didn't need them, not now not ever.

While they walked towards the outskirts, Samantha worried about the mission. Would her master approve of her actions? Would she help the Brotherhood gain victory? Nerve were probably not good right now.

They walked in an eerie silence, the whole place seemed deserted. Out of the corner of her eye, Samantha saw a pirate. She silently alerted Fremoc to the possible danger. He contemplated what to do about the situation.

“Well, do we leave him?” Samantha inquired.