[Naga Sadow] Closing Pandora's Box - Macron & Tiberius


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Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System

The transport blazed its trail to towards the atmosphere of the Orian gas giant at speeds that few pilots would ever dare risk; the man had worked within the Special Operations group for years and knew precisely what his cargo was capable of. Now more than every their unique talents were needed to ensure these things were sorted out. While the pilot was preoccupied with his breakneck speeds, the pair in the hold were busy sitting before the lone holoprojector that had spawned to life the instant they had left the blockade.

Bathed in the azure glow of the hologram, the two figures that stood before the pair were none other than the Executive Directors of the Dlarit Corporation; Quaestors Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart and Teu Pepoi. Each seemed extremely on as they spoke directly to bring their point home, "Gentlemen, you have been selected to lead Special Operations and Police forces upon the ground. Our enemies are rumoured to be a pirate element of the Organization, survivors of the failed assault are reporting Cybernetic implants and enhancements. Be on high alert and strike deep into the hearts of our enemies, we want no survivors. May the Force be with you."

As the projector winked out, the transport rocked as it passed through the giant's viscious atmosphere. As quickly as the transport began its rocky decent, it ended, a red-light winking into existance within the hold as the pilot's voice rose up across the hold's speakers, "LZ's clear, there are some anti-air elements in the area so we're only going to touch and go."

Things had gotten increasingly hostile as the Dlarit elements had closed in around these Pirates; their units moving to try and surpress the Police and Special Forces at every turn. Even the civilians who had yet to be evacuated became a piece in this dangerous game, becoming hostages for the Pirates as the Dlarit personnel looked on in horror. Even Dlarit anti-air elements had become hostile to their creators.

The transport quickly touched down, the hold doors opening and its light flashing green swiftly as Macron and Tiberius disembarked swiftly so that they could begin their mission to reclaim the cloud city.

Macron Sadow

09-08-2011 10:54:12

Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System


The alchemist peered at the Knight next to him. The long blonde hair the human wore did little to hide the deep scar on his face. “Saber scar,” remarked Macron approvingly. “I know we haven’t worked together before, but I see you’ve seen some combat. Welcome to the service of Sadow.”

“Thas right,” replied the Sith Knight as he nodded. “Please excuse my speech.”

“No problem,” replied the madman with a chuckle. “Please excuse my raving madness.” Both men had a good laugh.

“Seriously though, whas your plan?” asked the human Ragnosian as he checked his gear. One hotrod blaster rifle slid through his hands as he checked it’s charge, cleanliness and integrity.

“Nice blaster,” commented the Warlord. “I can handle one, but not well. Plan? Well, I have one,” giggled the madman.

“And it is?” Tiberius hardly looked down at the blaster as he snapped the parts together by memory.

“We go in there and kill as many of them as possible, as brutally as possible. Leaders and medical staff are priority targets.” The Sith began to check his own gear as the transport trembles from the descent into Amphor’s thick atmosphere. “We’ll put their fracking heads dripping on stakes in public if we have to.” Macron donned a belt of thermal detonators and a highly modified disruptor on a belt sling over his armor. he had a rucksack on his back full of other goodies.

“Some plan,” Tiberius grunted. “Genius.” He slung his own blaster and finished checking his lightsaber charge.

“Well, others will be doing the clandestine stuff,” noted the lunatic as he unplugged both lightsabers from the charge port in the bulkhead wall of the transport. “That’s not my forte. My paradigm is better suited for crushing skulls and their morale.”

“If we provide enough distraction, the others will have an easier time. I get that,” replied Tiberius. “We work as a team and break their spirits guerilla style.” Tiberius donned a shield belt quickly, clipping it on above his holsters.


“Clear to debark,” shouted the pilot’s voice over the hold comm.. “Good hunting.”

Both Dark Jedi jumped from the hold, blaster pistol and disruptor in hand. Although there were no hostiles immediately around them, their ship landing had surely been noticed. Both men eyed the street, searching for signs of their quarry. Ahead one of the buildings was an industrial warehouse of the Dlarit corporation. Smoke drifted from one of the high windows, and two bodies of Dlarit police lay on the ground in front of the building.

“There," commented Tiberius with a gesture towards the structure. Macron nodded, and Death stalked towards the building on armored feet.

Benedict Williams

09-08-2011 13:07:33

Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System

Earlier ….

Tiberius sat next to one of the Sons of Sadow, and he felt honoured to be working, with such an important member of the The Clan Naga Sadow, Tiberius was anxious that he was put with such a great member, and tried to calm himself down as he was a Dark Jedi Knight, he wanted to make a good impression, with his new companion.

Tiberius answered Macron’s questions and engaged in conversion, with his fellow Sadowan, and took an interest in his newly found companion, looking across at Macron, Tiberius asked how you think that this happened Macron.

Macron answered, with some honesty “Well Tibs I have no idea, but the only thing I can think of is, this is either to cause havoc, or to divide and take over”.

“MMM”, Tiberius replied “I don’t like the sound of divide and take over, ok that’s see what damage we can do to stop this mess”.


As Macron and Tiberius ran towards the burning building, and toward the two dead bodies of the Dlarit police, Tiberius wondered what the hell was going on, and why this had happened, holding their blasters in their hands, and marking the area around them from left to right, and top to bottom, looking for any one, or anything that moved this was a scary situation but Tiberius knew that he had a good team mate, who would look after his back, and Tiberius reassured Marcon that he do the same, for him.

Tiberius reached the two dead bodies, although the Dark Jedi Knight knew they were dead, he bent down to check, just in case of the hope, that one of them could be alive, but no they were both dead, Macron looked at Tiberius and said “No Tibs they’re dead, nice try though search the bodies in case of evidence, on what happened”.

Tiberius, looked at the Son of Sadow, and did as he was told, as the Dark Jedi Knight searched the dead men, both the Dark Jedi heard some footsteps running towards them.

Tiberius quickly stood up and pointed his blaster at the footsteps running towards them, as did Macron as the two Dark Jedi marked the footsteps , something was wrong very wrong ......

"What The " , Tiberius shouted.............

Macron Sadow

11-08-2011 22:06:26

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System

The approaching footsteps were cut short by the two snarling Dark Jedi turning towards them with blasters in hand. It was not an attacker- rather, a young woman. “Help us!” she shrieked in fear. Then her chest exploded. Organs splattered both Dark Jedi with dark blood and gooey giblets. The young woman’s body hit the ground with a death rattle.

Macron grabbed Tiberius and dragged him down behind a pitted durasteel waste bin. Above them a piece of the wall exploded with a blast of superheated flame. No shot had been heard, and no beam or light indicated their unseen assailant.

“Nightstinger,” growled Macron. “Karking crude way to die. We called ‘em the old silent but deadly back on Coruscant, hehe. Used to pop security guards for kicks from range with one.”

“Damn bastard must have a good perch,” muttered Tiberius. “He’s only got a couple more shots before he has to change gas chambers. I have an idea.”

“Oh?” commented Macron. “And does it involve using me as bait?” The alchemist’s yellow eyes narrowed evilly. ‘What say you, Knight?”

“It does,” replied Tiberius solemnly. “You’re going to be able to sense those shots quicker than I, right? I’m betting that visor in your helm has UV capability.”

“Hmmph. True, it does to some degree.” giggled the madman. “I draw him out, and you plug him. I’ll follow it up with a ‘happy ball’. Then we go in. And kill them all.” The alchemist holstered his blaster and snatched his lightsaber hilt from his belt. He closed his helm visor. The internal readouts began to light up as it switched to ultraviolet-enhanced vision.

Tiberius nodded and held up 3 fingers. A silent count began as Macron readied himself.

One. The Force flowed through Macron’s veins, quickening him.

Two. Both men tapped the Dark Side to enhance their senses. The air around them began to waver slightly from the tapping of the Dark Side.

Three. Using the insight granted by the Force, both men achieved a very limited sort of precognition.


The orange blade in Macron’s hand snapped on as he roared with rage. The armored madman stomped into the open ground at the entrance to the warehouse. His arm jerked almost of its own volition upwards, deflecting an unseen bolt away into the ground behind him. The bolt left a tell-tale screech as it impacted the lightsaber’s searing blade.

From behind Macron, Tiberius aimed steadily. He counted to himself, and drew the trigger to his blaster rifle. The Dark Side guided his eye as the green bolt from his blaster rifle streaked to the target above them in a window of the warehouse. The assailant toppled backwards though the broken window with a yell of pain. Bingo.

The Sith Warlord palmed a thermal detonator with his free hand and hurled it like a baseball through the open window. A blast of flame and light blew forth from the upper room, spraying the ground below it with debris and molten glass. "Scratch one sniper, unless he's made of pure duranium," chortled the insane Sith.

“Damn", mused Tiberius as the two dashed for the door to the warehouse. “They know we’re here for sure now.”

“They already did,” growled the alchemist as he sabered the door hinges and frame. “Doesn’t matter. Get ready for what’s beyond this door.” Molten metal slagged from the frame like hot wax from a glowing candle.

Tiberius slung his blaster rifle and drew his own lightsaber. It hissed to life with a glint of crimson. Macron handed him a thermal detonator with a smile.

“Nice blade,” commented Macron. “Old focusing tine Sith design. I like.” His armored boot pistoned against the door like a jackhammer with the Force behind it. It exploded inward. “Let’s get em.”

Benedict Williams

12-08-2011 11:47:54

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System

Tiberius looked at Macron and really wondered, if he was this “Madman”

But instead misunderstood, and some-what a genius, hidden behind this man’s persona.

Though Tiberius himself was a Dark Jedi, of little words, he thought and meditated a lot.

Tiberius spoke to Macron “O:K my friend I have one thing to say, are you ready for this”.

Macron looked at Tiberius with puzzlement, but with some interest, “What is it Tibs”.

“We’ve come this far Dude, that’s not die today”.

Macron laughed “LOL, not a chance in hell man”.

“Good”, replied the Knight.

Both Dark Jedi, stood back from the metal door, as it began to fall to the floor, (Crash)!!, the metal door fell to the floor, in a daze of dust cloud, through the dust cloud, both Dark Jedi were at the ready with their armament, ready to attack anything that was in their way, Tiberius asked Macron “See anything Dude”, the reply so some- what surprising, coming from the Son of Sadow, “No I don’t think so Tibs “.

The mad genius, looked again at his visual panel within his, helmet “No there’s nothing”.

With both Dark Jedi, wondering what, was going on and with eager eyes, looking around them, they both stepped, over the door, their boots made the clanking sound, as they walked, on the steel of the door.

Marcon’s UV screen started to blink, and Tiberius heard him saying yo himself, “Calm down, calm down, work work”.

Both Dark Jedi continued their journey, with Tiberius having his saber in his hand, and Marcon with his UV Hem, and an array of tricks up his sleeve, “O:K. let us do this”, Tiberius said with some nervousness.

“Still nothing Bud”, Macron said in a worried voice, they continued watching and listening as they walked through the Warehouse, in the darkness there was something lurking in the shadows, lying in wait getting ready for an attack, what the two Dark Jedi don’t not know, but they both were sure it was there, “MMM, I sense, the Force is strong here Macron, something is here but what I am not quite sure, what do you think Buddy”.

Macron replied with confidence, “ Yes Tibs you are right, but what is it that is around us, I am sure this could be more than just mere pirates, other-wise, how could we sense the Force, but you know we could be wrong, sensing something that is not, there you know”.

The two carried on in silence, as they walked ever more into the darkness, the more they felt, they were being watched, “Crap, get down Tibs now”, Macron shouted, as one then two then three of those invisible bullets flew passed their heads, “That’s close Macron, cheers”, Tiberius said with fever in his heart, Macron Laughed “No Problems Dude”.

Both Dark Jedi were hidden, behind some wooden boxes, which had goods of sorts in them, Macron put up his saber and dodged another bullet, these things were coming in thick and fast, Tiberius put his saber away, into his belt and brought out his blaster, he had pently of bullets on him to kill an army, and probably could if he had to.

“Tell me were to shot my friend and I shot”, “Ok Macron replied lol, over , there in the corner, left right, up to the right”.

Macrons instructions were coming in fast, and Tiberius easy matched what he had to do, Tiberius grabbed three fragment , bombs from his belt, as Macron was shouting out his instructions, Tiberius threw, the first in between were the last pin pointed direction was given, “Get down Macron, in coming”, Tiberius shouted.

As Tiberius shouted in coming, the fragment bomb hit the deck and blow, bits and pieces flew every-where in the darkness, “Did we get them Dude”, The Sith said.

“Yer, man we did”, “how many more Macron”, Tiberius said as he got ready another bomb, Macron replied “ I can’t tell you as they are not firing those Damn bullets”.

“God Damn it ! ! What are we going to do Macron, are we going to be stuck behind those boxes forever, in fever of being shot, Crap”.

"I thought that we were better than this, getting Damn stuck behind some God For saken Boxes, Crap!!". Macron looked at Tiberius and said "Got your anger out of the way, lol".

"Good so lets get to work and get out of here shall we, lol".

Macron sounded, a little stressed when he finished speaking, Tiberius said "Sorry, i need a break".

Macron laughed, and said " Yer where to, we'll go now shall we, lol".

The Dark Jedi both laughed, and then looked out from the boxes, ready to asses the problem ahead........

Macron Sadow

16-08-2011 22:08:20

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System
Warehouse 13.5

“Bit of a problem, slug throwers,” muttered the mad alchemist. “Much easier to deflect a beam. Independent slugs, harder.” The Sith eyed the area ahead. Only one real vantage point presented itself- the catwalk. A tell-tale flicker caught Macron’s eye as the Force warned him of hidden enemies. “Stealth-suits,” growled Macron. “Let’s give ‘em the ‘ole high low.”

“Hi-Lo?” asked Tiberius as they hunkered behind the boxes. “What’s that?” The Knight shifted his stance to allow him to reload an eclip. He counted their remaining grenades and thermal detonators with both hands. “Five grenades, 2 detonators left. We’re running out. This is my second to last eclip.”

“You aim high with a spray of quick-fire,” replied the Warlord. “I’ll lay ‘em low. Dude. Hee hee.” He eyed the Knight crazily with an insane look in his red-yellow eyes. ‘Don’t worry about the ammo man. The Force is our Ally, and it is a potent one.”

Tiberius nodded and jumped up. The Knight moved quickly in a dead-sprint towards the nearby turbolift. He fired a blazing volley of bolts towards the catwalk. The bolts slammed into the walls, catwalk, and ceiling beyond. A loud grunt was heard and a form became invisible as it fell to the ground. It appeared to be a mercenary that was wearing strangely high-tech gear. And had an obviously extra set of arms- thus, twin slugthrowers.

Macron watched as the other unseen assailant returned fire. The tell-tale flicker returned to his Force-enhanced eyes, hailing the location of a spurt of slugs. Macron roared, focusing a blast of pure hatred in the form of the Dark Side at the area of the flicker. The wave of energy detonated against the catwalk. A spurt of red and grey viscera shot sideways from the mess as the short catwalk folded up along one side.

“Done,” commented the madman as he walked towards Tiberius. “That mutie’s hamburger now after that. Let’s get moving. Up we go,” he chuckled with a gesture towards the turbolift. “I imagine the leader of this cell is up there. We’ll send the lift ahead and give them a little surprise.” Macron chucked in a thermal detonator on delay and then rigged a sonic grenade on a delayed touch setting. “Grab that four-armed deadfella over there and I’ll show you a little trick.”

Tiberius dragged the fallen body from the catwalk area that remained intact, and laid it on top of the detonators as Macron directed. “How’s he going to help? He’s fracked.”

“Little surprise for the arseholes upstairs,” snickered the madman as he added a small vial of greenish liquid. He stuffed it in the corpse's mouth His hand punched the “up” button. “I'm going to work an illusion. A minor one, to be sure. He won't appear quite dead yet- still breathing and moaning. They'll check their buddy out. Oops! Once we hear the party favors go off, we climb. If the sonic doesn’t paralyze them, and they disarm the thermal, that gas is sill gonna pop. Gas ought to be dissipated by the time we arrive,” he tittered as he handed Tiberius a rebreather.

“Gas?” questioned the Knight. “Ought to be dissipated? That doesn’t sound good.”

“Yeah. Quiet, odorless, heat-activated, incapacitates within two minutes. It’s not a killer, if that’s what you mean. More of a potent mutagenic drug based on an old Sith formula. Breaks down after that. Don’t worry, I gave up the Violator Gas,” giggled the lunatic. “If we had that, this game would already be over. Checkmate. Damn shame.” The Sith concentrated, pouring his entire will into making the body appear to quiver and groan as the doors opened above.

“And so would all the civvies,” remarked Tiberius as the lift stopped above them. A harsh blast of sound filtered down from the turbolift shaft. “Sonic worked. I hear a rumor about that Violator before I transferred in.” Tiberius peered behind them. So far, no reinforcements had come. They were on their own.

“Consequences, schmonsequences. Either way, our enemies would be stone-cold dead.” Macron smirked evilly as he keyed the rebreather in his helm after he relaxed his illusion. A muffled thump and bright light gleamed from the shaft’s crackled windows as they briefly filled with flames above. “Thermal’s spent. Hot time in the old town tonight, hee hee. Now we climb. Second floor, chips, dips, chains, whips- and Sith. Hehe!”

Benedict Williams

18-08-2011 15:47:37

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System
Warehouse 13.5

The two Dark Jedi saw that there was an entrance at the corner of the building, which looked like it was a stairway to the upper and final floor.

They quickly ran to the corner, and looked through the glass door and wondered if this was trapped as this seemed to be too easy, for the Knight.

Tiberius asked “Macron, can you see anything strange here, like a trap!” Tiberius was nervous as he asked the question.

The Sith answered “Not that I can detect, but to make sure throw a bomb down through the door”.

With a fragment bomb in the Knights hand, Tiberius counted 1,2,3, and he quickly opened the door and throw the bomb down the stairway, and quickly closed the door, as the door was closing both the Dark Jedi ran from the door as fast as they could as not to get caught up in the blast.

BOOM!!!! The bomb went off and took the door with it, as the door flew off its hinges as it did so the two Dark Jedi moved out of it way, as quickly as they could “Jesus that was close” Tiberius said with some relief.

Macron stood there laughing, and said “Yeah close”.

The campaigns ran to the empty shield were the door was, one Dark Jedi to the left of the doorway and the other to the right, “Sense anything Macron, are there any of the bastards there”.

Macron tapped the side of hem, to see if his instruments could pick up anything “No Tiberius there’s nothing that I can pick up, I can’t pick up any life signs either”.

“I just hope there are no bloody droid’s, up there” said Tibs with a sense of darkness around his words.

“Should not have though so” Macron said laughing once again.
The two Dark Jedi with sabers in their hands, slowly but surely walked up the stairway, being careful not to trip up on anything, are set off any wires, whilst walking up to the last floor, it took the two Dark Jedi a few minutes to reach the floor they wanted once again they looked through the glass of the door to see if what was in the room, the Dark Jedi could see, a table with a computer and some desks, with what looked like some plans, of what they could not see as yet, as they had not entered the room.

“So what are we going to do Macron, are we going in there guns blazing or are we going in nice and slow”.

Macron answered “ Guns blazing of course, hee, hee”

Tiberius said “ the olde High low”. Macron replied “High low and centre blast everything”.

“You still sense nothing Macron”. “No” was the madman’s reply.

“ O:k then 1,2,3” Let’s do this ………………..

Macron Sadow

19-08-2011 01:00:10

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System
Warehouse 13.5

Macron channeled the Dark Side in a furious conduit. More power must be had. Even if it meant his body was suffering. Ailing parts could be replaced, if caught soon enough. If he was sensing nothing, surely there were genetically hopped-up goons ahead. The lunatic shut off his tangerine blade, opened his face visor, and breathed in the stench of his enemies. “Yep. Guns a-popping, as it were. They smell of sweat and fear,” giggled the madman. “Big Bullies used to being top Ack dog.”

“Let’s do this. 1….2…3!” screamed Tiberius as he jumped from the stairwell. By the Gods, the Knight had finally found his sanguine soul. With a battle cry, he stormed into the room. His crimson saber was already lit. It was hungry for blood- and souls. Immediately, three power armored goons with mutant organization muscles leaped forth.

They were out of grenades, collectively. And truly, both men were maddened with the Dark Side. The Gods would not help them- or their foes. Death was soon to be slaked on this floor. Macron yelled, “Wait!” but the impetuous Knight sallied forth in furious anger.

Tiberius struck first, charging into the fray. The three goons were clever and well trained. They spread out, attempting to encircle the Knight in their range. They were not stupid. Organization “Pirates” knew exactly who they fought and had come prepared. One goon in the front was immediately struck down by the Sith Knight’s saber. The other two turned, spraying him with glop-goo web canisters. It was a common Jedi-neutralizing trick. As he slowed, the hidden alchemist burst into the fray.

But not to kill- rather, to save his comrade. Macron ignored the blaster shot that began to impinge upon his armor and instead sprayed his ally with anti-solve. Tiberius moved again as the two muscle bound goons closed lurchingly.

Tiberius swept among them with red fire. He was very shortly joined by an armor-clad Force-hopped madman who also shared the same vision. Death. The vision told of a grim tale, and one foreseen in the Force. Death would feed today. Corpses would slake it's unending hunger.

Both Sadowans felt Hate. Anger. Fear. And Totality. All Hell broke loose in this room. By the Lords of the Brotherhood, anyone that was an enemy was about to die.

Benedict Williams

19-08-2011 08:00:15

Floating City San Korinar
Orian System
Warehouse 13.5

Tiberius looked at Macron, and shouted to him “Macron can you reach my saber, if so grab it and flick the switch and throw it my way I have a plan”.

Macron replied with some concern, “Ok Tibs I can reach it just about I need to jump across a little then I have it”.

Tiberius left the madman, to get his fellow Sadowan’s saber as he did so, the dark Jedi began to stand up right, and became very still and didn’t move a muscle the goon’s looked at the Dark Jedi Knight wondering what the hell Tiberius was doing, Tiberius said quietly to Macron “have you got my saber my friend”.

Macron replied “Yeah hee hee”.

“Good”, Tiberius said, “now for my plan”.

“When I shout now throw me the saber , switched on Ok”.

Macron replied “Yeah, no problems”.

As Tiberius stood still, in the silence as the Goons looked on at Tiberius, they were still looking in wonder at what the Dark Jedi Knight was up to, Tiberius didn’t take any notice he closed his eyes and slowly counted backwards, “3,2,1”, he took a deep breath and drew on the Force, he opened his eyes and raised his right hand up, and spread his fingers wide, then thrust his hand forward, quickly.

The three Goons, saw this and could do nothing about it, with a sudden rush of speed the Goons were thrown across the room, like match sticks, “Now” Tiberius shouted, Macron threw Tiberius’ saber to him with it switched on, The Dark Jedi Knight grabbed the saber with his other hand and rushed forward, bending down he struck a blow to one of the Goons, the red blade of the saber , burnt through flesh and bone, and burnt the two legs off the Goon.

As the Goon fell to the floor Tiberius rushed in for the kill, the other one jumped on the Knights back trying to stop the knight from getting in and killing his fellow Goon, Tiberius in a sudden rush of speed, throw his saber across his back and burnt his way through the Goons body like butter the smell of burning flesh, could be smelt all around the room with a yelp the Goon on Tiberius back fell, Tiberius quickly turned and plunged the saber in the Goons stomach finishing off this Goon, The Dark Jedi Knight was getting more and more angry as he fought his way to the Goon on the floor with his legs burnt off.

As The Sith approached the Goon he gave out a loud “Hiss”, Tiberius shouted Die, as he did so The Dark Jedi Knight rasied his saber and plunged it into the Goons heart, the Goon let out a scream of pain, as the thing died.

Macron looked at the other Goon, and ran towards it with his saber in his hand.

The Goon began to ran and pick up speed, Macron saw that he could finish off this Goon easily he stood still for just a second and throw his saber into the air, the saber made a twirling sound as it travelled through the air, the hum of the saber sounded a little strange but it was still working the saber continued, to travel in the air and landed perfectly, into the last Goons head, straight through it, the Goon didn’t even scream it had no time too, it just dropped to the floor, in a thump!!!.

Macron looked at Tiberius and said “My God I didn’t know you had it in you, my friend”.

Tiberius looked at Macron and said “ Macron you did pretty good yourself, Cheers for the help man”.

Tiberius walked with Macron across the room, and saw that there were, four or five desks, with paper, and plans on them some desks had state of the art computer’s on them.

The Pair took a look at the plans which were of the city, and the computers which had detailed plans on how the pirates were taking over the Land which belonged to Naga Sadow.

Tiberius looked at Macron and said “What are we going to do now my friend”.

"I have an idea Tiberius, Listen"......

Macron Sadow

23-08-2011 02:57:51

Orian System
Floating City San Korinar
Warehouse 13.5
Ruined “Boardroom”

“I have an idea Tiberius. Listen… Nice work man,” chuckled Macron. “But the pudu has not yet been fully recycled.” The Sith casually plugged a nondescript hyper-datachip into the slot of the small main desktop processor. It gathered and upsquirted all of the data it encountered via a remote link in Macron’s armor to undisclosed high-profile listeners. Directly to the Dlarit Corporation folks “in the know”, the Directors via the Black Guard channel, and Lord Sadow himself, albeit via a tiny coded leak. And perhaps Others.

The plans were simple. Someone had made an unfortunate oversight. Mutagenic enhancements, drug-stimulated physiques, and invasive cyborgry were all mentioned. Someone(s) wanted to break San Korinar, and indeed the whole Orian System to their nefarious economic will. They had hid all of it very well. But… Dark Jedi had been Looking. The organic Dark Side had whispered to its servants in this System. IT was looking... Perhaps the hoary shade of Lord Orian himself had awoken in some dim and unremembered way… but still, notice had been taken.

Tiberius’ voice roused Macron from his reverie. “And?” commented the veteran. “All of out of eclips.” He dropped the blaster at his feet- it was nothing more than a clumsy hand-flung missile now. “Grenades done. Detonators gone. Saber- good. Vibro-knife check. Three numb-dipped shuriken.”

“By Darth, I admire your resourcefulness in the arts of butchery,” giggled the Warlord. ‘Extra knives? Vjun steel?”

“I do,” replied Tiberius nonchalantly. “Triple-axis balanced.” He continued to assess his assets coolly. “Got a hold-out hopped up with three Corellian shots.” Tiberius was an enigma. “Are you good?” He obviously had concerns. Macron had used the Force like a wild baseball bat earlier. Any man that lived would be taxed by doing so. The Knight kept his cool, and considered his options. If the old man was weak... this mission would not go far.

“Then we wage hell. This warehouse proved to be a corporate holdout. This data shows they intend to strike at areas most indefensible- medbays, hospitals, water and air works.” Macron tapped coordinates into his wrist com. “Welcome to the Service of Sadow,” giggled the madman. “You and I Serve. Understand, they are outside in the streets now. They will seek to thwart the Will of Sadow. But yet, we will take this information to the Source. Understand?” commented Macron as he dropped his face plate back into place. “Now we sally forth.”

Benedict Williams

23-08-2011 11:15:50

Orian System
Floating City San Korinar
Warehouse 13.5
Ruined “Boardroom”

Tiberius took a good look at Macron, and was concerned about his newly found friend and asked “Macron, you look drained I would like to help you carry on this mission, are you ready to trust me my friend”.

Macron looked at Tiberius with some puzzlement, and replied “If you know what you are doing Tiberius, yes I trust you”.

Tiberius told Macron to sat down on a chair, Macron did as he was told, as Macron sat down Tiberius closed his eyes, and drew on the Force he rubbed his hands together, and spread out his hands round Macron’s head and took a deep breath and drew on the Force once more, as Tiberius drew on the Force with his hands spread above Macron’s head The Dark Knight, concentrated hard and began to draw out Macron’s tiredness, and stress and frustrations, The Dark Jedi Knight took his time and remain in post for some time, as the Sith began to tire himself, Tiberius let go of the Force as he did so he gave out a big sigh and slumped into a chair opposite Macron.

Tiberius said to Macron “ How do you feel my friend, better I hope”.

Macron replied “ Yer I feel better, how did you learn this Tiberius”.

Tiberius replied “ I learnt this myself, I thought if a Dark Jedi could heal themselves, then a Dark Jedi could heal another Dark Jedi, when then Dark Jedi has little or no power to heal themselves, if you see what I mean”.

Macron “ Yer I know hee hee”.

After Tiberius was reassured by Macrons words, he looked across at the computer, which was on the desk where he was sitting he tipped a few keys and found that there was a hidden file which was not seen by the two Dark Jedi before.

Tiberius looked with some amazement at the computer screen, “look Macron, here’s a map and guess what we just found, Macron”.

Macron replied “Yer my friend as he pointed at the screen, look there’s a weaponry depot just across the block about 200 yards from here, do you think that we could burst in there and blow the place up”.

Tiberius looked at Macron and replied in concerned voice “ are you up it Macron”.

Macron replied “now that I have the Force regenerated thanks to you than yer lets do this”.

Tiberius and Macron collected all the data they could and placed it on a data disc, and Macron put safe so there was no chance of anyone knowing where it was, and could be given to the Clans Leadership.

The two Dark Jedi made it down the stairway, and still armed with their saber’s and at the ready for more action in case of anything that would happen, The two Sith had an effortless trip to the Main building were they first started from.

As the two made their way to the weaponry depot, looking form left to right and right to left, watching their backs and in front, in case of any action that would happen, the two were aware that the street was empty and nothing not a soul was around, Macron looked into his hem, and said “ Nothing not a thing, mmm “.

“O:K Macron relax, let the force surround you and be one with it”.

Macron replied “relax, be at one with the force, right right “.

The two Dark Jedi was a large, building with a steel roof Tiberius asked Macron “ Is this the building we are after”, Macron replied “Yer, Yer”.
“Macron can you scan it too see if there are any life forms”, Tiberius said in confidence, the madman replied “Scanning now Tiberius, no nothing I can see nothing”.

“O:K, Macron we’ll go and have a look shall we”, Macron replied “ Yer, Yer hee hee”.

The two Sith reached the entrance to the weaponry depot, and met no attack and was surprized to see that there was no one was around, and that the place it-self was empty, as far as Macron’s hem was concerned and they both reached out with the force and could not sense anything.

Weaponry Depot

Entrance and Main Building

The two Dark Jedi entered the weaponry depot, and saw it was a single floor building and was a wide and high building full of blasters, hand guns sabers and bombs of all kinds, the two Dark Jedi’s jaws dropped as they looked on at the a-ray of the weaponry that the pirates had at their finger-tips.
“Oh my god”, Tiberius said,” do you think we could blow this Macron this would be a great blow to the pirates and finish these bastards off for good no weapons no headquarters they have nothing they won’t be able to attack the Hospitals, Schools, or anything, I am not sure what they have attacked so far, but what we’ve found out, it is not a lot is it Macron”.

Macron replied “ Yer, Yer your right they have not attacked to much as yet this sure would kill off this pirates stuff”.

Tiberius looked at Macron” and after this, I think we can move on and kill anyone or anything that moves right”.

Macron replied “Yer I think so, ok that’s do this Tiberius”.

Tiberius looked at Macron and said " Macron we'll kill and destory, anything that moves, pirate wise, any thing else we leave alone, if they look funny we'll kill them".

Macron replied " Yer kill, everyone in sight, destory".

"We'll do this my friend, I promise and we'll save Naga Sadow, just promise me that you be fine, and you are O:k".

Macron replied " Yer I am fine thanks Tiberius, and hee hee, dont worry we'll be fine too".

With that the two Dark Jedi continued along the Main Entrance towards the Weaponry and wondered, how they would blow this thing.......

Tiberius grabbed some fragment bombs, and a flame thrower as they walked into the main part of the weaponry, The Dark Jedi looked at his friend once more, "Macron I have an idea since no one is around I blow this place and i met you out on the street, to fight the rest of the pirates off".

Macron replied "no, no, no, we stick togetther, we blow this place together o:k".

"O:k", replied The dark Jedi Knight " No Problems".....

Tiberius looked at Macron and said “Ok we’ll do this together”.

As the two continued to walk through the Weaponry, they both picked up what they could in arms, so that they were prepared for the fight ahead, if they met any resistance they could handle it with ease.

Tiberius asked his friend “Is there still no sign of anyone or anything Macron”, The madman replied “No no nothing “.

The Sith both picked up charges and fuses, to use to blow this place up they set all the fuses and charges up as they went along Macron laughing in his usual way, and Tiberius trying to keep calm, and not to start laughing with Macron, Tiberius thought that he should be the sensible one for a change, Macron showed him that you could be the sensible one but also have a laugh at the same time.

Once they had picked up everything they wanted from then weaponry depot and the charges were all set, they both turned and left the building at the entrance they both stood outside but also out of the way so no one could see them, Tiberius said to Macron “You light this my friend”, Macron replied “No no no we do it together”.

“O:k then 1,2,3, light it ran”…..

They both ran and found cover this was going to be the biggest bang they had ever seen, they kept on running until they found a safe place to hid, which was behind another street building, which had a steel door, which they both opened and used as a shield against the blast.


The building was blowing up a massive explosion, they could see the smoke and flames coming from the weaponry and they held on to the door with their lives as the 1,2,3 the back draft came the two held the door steady, as the back draft came it threw the door closed and push the two Dark Jedi into the building, the door just flew off its hinges and the two could see a lump of steel just being thrown into the air.

City San Korinar
Orian System

On the streets there was nothing to be seen or to attack, Tiberius looked at Macron, “Well my friend we’ve blown the weaponry blown the Head quarters what next”…

"I think we should go out on these streets and cause some problems", Tiberius said with an evil glint in his eye's . Thats continue our quest and get this operation finshed, "are there any more Pirates about can you tell Macron" Tiberius asked .

Macron replied " No not at the moment we seem to be safe".

The pair continued their mission, with a thirst for blood wanting to break the back of these pirates once and for all not watsing time Tiberius looked at the street and it was empty he could'nt see a thing, What was going on here.....

The Two Dark Jedi wondered if there was a ponit to this as they walked the streets with no one or nothing to see, were the pirates hidding or were they out and about somewhere else looking for problems.

The two Dark Jedi could not be concern of what was happening here, one thouhgt do cross there minds should they go before the priates returned, that sounded the right thing to do, so they made thier way to the hanger bay once more and, call the shuttle to come and collect the pair.

As the shuttle began to land safely on the dock, Tiberius looked at Macron and said " Wow Man that was a close thing, and we got away with it I buy you a beer at the bar later, or may be two or three, we deserve it Man".

Macron said in reply " Sure thing Tiberius, I get you a few beers too".

With that the two dark jedi sat on their seats and waited for the shuttle to take off, as it do so the pair began to relax, and Tiberius on the way fell asleep and Macron just watched out for his new frieend..