[Naga Sadow] Closing Pandora's Box - Masika & Roxas


09-08-2011 00:24:18

Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System

The transport blazed its trail to towards the atmosphere of the Orian gas giant at speeds that few pilots would ever dare risk; the man had worked within the Special Operations group for years and knew precisely what his cargo was capable of. Now more than every their unique talents were needed to ensure these things were sorted out. While the pilot was preoccupied with his breakneck speeds, the pair in the hold were busy sitting before the lone holoprojector that had spawned to life the instant they had left the blockade.

Bathed in the azure glow of the hologram, the two figures that stood before the pair were none other than the Executive Directors of the Dlarit Corporation; Quaestors Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart and Teu Pepoi. Each seemed extremely on as they spoke directly to bring their point home, "Directors, you have been selected to lead Special Operations and Police forces upon the ground. Our enemies are rumoured to be a pirate element of the Organization, survivors of the failed assault are reporting Cybernetic implants and enhancements. Be on high alert and strike deep into the hearts of our enemies, we want no survivors. May the Force be with you."

As the projector winked out, the transport rocked as it passed through the giant's viscious atmosphere. As quickly as the transport began its rocky decent, it ended, a red-light winking into existance within the hold as the pilot's voice rose up across the hold's speakers, "LZ's clear, there are some anti-air elements in the area so we're only going to touch and go."

Things had gotten increasingly hostile as the Dlarit elements had closed in around these Pirates; their units moving to try and surpress the Police and Special Forces at every turn. Even the civilians who had yet to be evacuated became a piece in this dangerous game, becoming hostages for the Pirates as the Dlarit personnel looked on in horror. Even Dlarit anti-air elements had become hostile to their creators.

The transport quickly touched down, the hold doors opening and its light flashing green swiftly as Masika and Roxas disembarked swiftly so that they could begin their mission to reclaim the cloud city.


17-08-2011 21:58:24

Transport en route to San Korinar
Holding Pattern, Lagrange Point 2
Amphor, Orian System

The Dark Jedi looked at the equipment they brought just minutes before landing. Masika had a whip , a large amount of shuriken knives, and her armory saber. Roxas brought an A280 blaster rifle, his NR2S and his light saber.

San Karinor (after the drop)
The two Dark Jedi rushed for cover as the ship lifted from the ground, it’s engines creating a large gust of wind as it went. The area was devoid of life. Streets where people met and conversed happily just hours earlier, were now barren and littered with small amounts of garbage. The inhabitants had literally grabbed what they could and ran for their lives. The two Dark Jedi hurried down the street, looking for enemies as they traveled. The two were systematically looking for enemy patrols. Everywhere they turned there were no signs of any patrols, so after a short discussion they decided to head for the industrial district because of the reports that the pirates were stealing.

Industrial District
As the two dark Jedi got closer to the center of the industrial district, they began to notice more and more patrols. Masika and Roxas rounded a corner and the Mandalorian quickly pulled the Zeltron back behind it.

“What are you doing?” She whispered with a surprised tone.

“Almost walked into a patrol…” he replied while motioning toward the pirates that had almost ran into her “…let’s surprise them.”

She grabbed her whip from her hip and wrapped an end around each hand and snuck up behind one of the pirates and brought the whip around the man’s throat to choke him. The man gasped for air, but the Zeltron was struggling with choking him. Roxas just watched feeling that is best she learn to do it properly. After a minute or two the man still wasn’t dead and was struggling to get away, so Roxas came behind her and grabbed the whip pulling it tighter.

“Like this…” he said “and twist your hands this way to tighten it more” he continued as he demonstrated.

The man stopped breathing after a moment and his limp corpse was slowly let to the ground, so as to not make any noise. Roxas began looking through the pirates gear, to see if they were using any kind if communication system or anything. And sure enough the pirates were, so Roxas took it and set it to listen, so he couldn’t be heard on their channels.

“Now we can hear everything they say.” The Knight said as they continued heading into the center of the district.

After a few blocks they saw a large building that the pirates were constantly patrolling, and figured that it was being used as the pirates’ temporary base of operations. The two Dark Jedi stopped for a moment to rest and plan out their next move.

Thinking back to their equipment, “You are pretty equipped for long range” Masika said to the Mandalorian.

Roxas thought for a moment then replied, “You’re equipped to infiltrate. Maybe you should go in and I’ll cover you from outside. If anything goes wrong, I’ll come in and back you.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, but if something goes wrong you better hurry in there.” The Krath retorted with an almost stern tone, showing that she was worried about the number of enemies in the area.

With a slight grin the Obelisk reassured her “Heh, I’ll be in there before you know it, but be sure your comm link is on, so I can hear you.”

The Zeltron nodded as she turned to look at the building to see her best way in without being noticed.

Masika Oshairana

21-08-2011 01:25:44

~San Korinar
~After The Drop

After they landed and exited the ship, the Zeltron noticed no one was about. The place looked like a ghost town. Masika half expected to see tumbleweeds roll across the streets like she had read about in old western books of centuries long ago. There was garbage strewn all about the ground, and no living being in sight. She could tell that those who did occupy this place recently had left in a hurry. She could almost feel the fear and panic this place was left in, simply from the way things were scattered about everywhere. It was nothing short of sheer chaos. Masika and Roxas made their way through the streets, constantly watching over their shoulders in case they spotted any enemy patrols. After a short while, with still no evidence of life, they agreed to make their way to the Industrial District.

~Industrial District

As the duo made their way to the Industrial District, just as they were turning a corner, Roxas grabbed Masika and pulled her back behind a wall. Not realizing it, she had almost ran face first into one of the Pirate Patrols. With a silent sigh of relief, she resteadied herself, grasped the whip hanging from her belt, came up from behind the patrol, and attempted to choke him with it. Being as this was a fairly new weapon for the Huntress, she didn't realize the amount of strength she needed to pull of such an action. After a few moments of struggling with the man, and his attempts to free himself and wiggle himself free from her chain, Roxas decided to assist Masika with this task. He continued demonstrating the proper and more efficient way to choke the man, until he took his last breath and was laid gently upon the ground by the pair. The Battleteam Leaders then took a short rest and quickly discussed their next plan of action.

The two decided that Masika would infiltrate the building where the Pirates seemed to be basing their operations from, while Roxas waited outside to barge in at a moment's notice if things went sour. Roxas reassured her he would have her back with a slight grin.

“Heh, I’ll be in there before you know it, but be sure your comm link is on, so I can hear you.” he reminded the Zeltron before she made her way towards the back entrance of the building.

She rechecked her comm link a few times to make sure it was on, as she swiftly, yet quietly, made her way to the darkest area she could find where she would not be easily spotted. The Huntress spotted an open window and climbed on top of a square wooden container to be able to see inside. She saw that they were indeed correct in their assumptions, this was in fact the Pirate Base of Operations. There were too many of them for her to take on by herself, and possibly too many for her and Roxas to take on alone.

“Roxas, I believe we may want to call in for some back up.” she whispered into her comm link.

“There may not be enough time, plus we aren't sure how far away the rest are. We're pretty much on our own here.” he replied, sounding oddly pleased at this fact.

“Well, I guess it is what it is then. I'm positioned outside one of the windows. I'll try to take out as many as I can from here, then we'll rush 'em.” Masika echoed her partner's excitement.

She reached into the bag on her side that held her shuriken, and grabbed a handful with one hand, and one with the other. She took a deep breath, in and then out slowly to steady to herself and aimed for the men inside through the window. Silently, starting in the back, closest to her, she began throwing one each of the sharp, shining, deadly stars into the throats of the men. Each time ducking for cover and advancing back into the darkness so as not to be spotted. Most of the men inside were too preoccupied to even noticed anything was happening until about six or seven of their men had fallen over and onto the ground.

Like dominoes, their heads began to turn into the direction of the fallen, one by one, quickly in succession. Some ran to those slumped over, while others reached for their weapons. Those that were now armed, began to scurry about, searching frantically for Masika. As they moved, she took out a few more with her shuriken, then quickly darted from her position before they could find her. As some made their way outside, Roxas was already waiting outside the entrance and took them out as they exited. Masika made her way around to the other side of the building and did the same, taking out each of the Pirates that came out to meet her. The fact that the pair had surprised them gave them a great advantage. Allowing the two to take out most of the men before even entering the building. After taking care of the men outside, Masika and Roxas entered into the building simultaneously, sabers hissing, from opposite entrances. They were met by the remaining Pirates, and both let out their own brand of war cries, charged and engaged in battle with those that remained. The Pirates echoed their war cries, and counter charged the pair coming from both sides of them. It was nowhere near an easy fight, but the Battleteam Leaders held their own. Granted they did not walk away unscathed. They each had quite a few abrasions, cuts, and broken bones that would serve as reminders of this battle. They would bare the scars as trophies to show that they lived to battle another day.