Dreams of the Dead

Shikyo Keibatsu

10-07-2011 02:18:15

Commandeered BAC Zealot
Outer Rim territories

Shikyo could scarcely believe his luck as he looked over the Nihilgenia elite guarding over the New Republic soldiers who operated the ship against their wills. Vodo Biask Taldrya looked at the Herald with a sense of astonishment and caution before looking out at the vastness of the space before him.

“When you initially said we were going on a run for supplies, I didn’t think that this was what you had in mind.”

The Kyataran grinned.

“Neither did I but considering the alternative was destruction, I’m fairly certain my brother would have taken the very same option.”

Hydraulics hissed as the door leading to the bridge opened and a woman with darkened red hair walked in, appearing as if she had ran the whole way to her destination. Sasuke turned in the direction of the woman and smirked softly at her, extending his hand.

“What are the preliminary reports on casualties?”

Elysia took the Elder’s hand and smiled, stepping closer to him and relaxing against him as she steadied the fire in her chest.

“Eleven dead, thirty nine injured. If it wasn’t for the Nihilgenia using stun rounds, the numbers would have been higher. You don’t know how much of a pain it was to catch up to you.”

The Herald grinned as he glanced at Vodo and nodded. Biask merely chuckled before returning his sights to the control displays on the Bothan Assault Cruiser. Brushing a strand of hair from the medic’s face, the Kyataran pulled her in gently.

“I apologize, sweetheart. The thrill of battle took over me and it’s been too long since I could engage New Republic forces. I’m certain Musashi will not mind this little detour from our task. Where is Masika at?”

“She’s watching over the crew members in the Medic Bay. She’ll be switching up with Katsuhide soon. Are you sure that you can keep the crew loyal to us long enough to reach Antei?”

“Unless they know how to undo the influence of Krath sorcery, I highly doubt a single one of them will bother to resist again. Head to the Captain’s Quarters and get some rest, pateesa.”

The young woman smiled and kissed the Krath Elder on the cheek before taking her leave. As he watched his flame saunter off the bridge, Shikyo extended his will towards that of Masika’s, touching her mind with his own.

‘Report to the bridge as soon as Katsuhide relieves you.’

Staring out into the stars before him, Shikyo’s excitement at this grand accomplishment couldn’t silence a sudden disturbance that began to nag at him like parasites in the fur of a tauntaun. This victory would come at a great cost that had yet to be paid.


10-07-2011 02:34:05

Commandeered BAC Zealot
Outer Rim territories

Vodo watched the lithe body of the Herald’s consort leave the bridge. Human-enough, he found her attractive in several ways but recognized, sorrowfully, his own short comings. It was hard to envision a woman, of any species, loving half a man. A crash aboard a Taldryan LAAT/I during the Reconquest of Antei had claimed the Voice’s lower half, since replaced by powerful and threatening prosthetics.

The Twi’lek observed his fellow Dark Councilor, a long time confidante, with a hawk-like gaze. He held nothing but respect for the Herald, but Vodo had plans, and those plans required leverage. He noted the passion and obvious affection between the two Humans. She would fulfill his needs well, should those needs arise. It never hurt to be prepared, Vodo mused to himself.

Just about to return to observing the crew Vodo stopped. He saw the Herald stiffen almost imperceptibly at the same moment he experienced a familiar and sickening sensation. A Force premonition sent electric tingles up and down the skin of his Lekku, a sensation that had many times in his life heralded nothing but tragedy and danger. This time however, the sensation was powerful, much like it had been before his crash.
Their eyes locked.

The Human turned on his heel and strode from the bridge, I need to send a message to my Brother.
It seemed Shikyo had not noticed Vodo’s own discomfort. Vodo doubted the premonition had anything to do with events back home, but didn’t blame the Herald for his concern. The Keibatsu claimed a remarkable ability to perceive one another’s distress and well-being among other traits. To the Epis, this premonition was more present and immediate than attack on Antei or the death of an ally would have been. It seemed… Menacing.

Coupling Series Arek-2
Secondary Power Transfer
Commandeered BAC Zealot

The technician wiped his brow. The Jefferies Tube was cramped and offered little in the way of air recirculation. He had seen the small ship come along side from a view port. He had seen them tied up to the extendable docking ring. He’d heard the alarms klaxon and seen the dark clad Troopers storm across the docking ring into the Cruiser. He’d hidden in the small access tunnels, avoiding the men, women, and aliens he’d until recently called colleagues.

He couldn’t understand it. There had been little resistance to the invaders. Now, it appeared that everyone else was going about their business as though nothing has happened. As though they were possessed. As though they were Zombies.

He couldn’t explain it. He wasn’t affected. He didn’t think anyways. The technician crawled deeper into the heart of the ship, hoping he could find a safe place where he could think and formulate a plan. The Galactic Alliance had to be warned. A ship this large would be noticed if it went missing. There had to be something he could do in order to hinder the plans of the ship’s captors.

He looked around him. The couplings served critical power to the ship’s thrust reactors. Damaging them would cripple the ship’s primary propulsion system, not to mention the power feedback would likely wreck havoc on many of the ship’s systems. Double checking his knowledge of the Ship’s systems, he assured himself that life-support would not be disabled when he preformed this task.

Gripping his spanner with a determination not even a Jedi could break, the Technician set upon the couplings with fervor. Seconds was all it took to complete the job. Light in the Tubes faded and changed to emergency red as backup systems kicked in. Minutes passed until finally a small vibration traveled through the ship a small explosion separated the Thrust Reactor into space to prevent a catastrophic explosion as containment and heat dissipation systems failed. Just as he had predicted, the feedback crippled most of the Cruiser’s system.

Proud of his work, the Technician began crawling to another location to avoid detection.

Masika Oshairana

13-07-2011 02:40:45

Medic Bay
Commandeered BAC Zealot
Outer Rim Territories

The Zeltron paced back and forth across the metal floors, her tall black boots clinking with every step.

I'm a gorram glorified babysitter! was the thought that kept repeating inside her own mind.

What have I gotten myself into this time?

Within this new mission, a new venture she was sure to endure. One of the main reasons she'd agreed to come along for the ride. She hadn't worked much, let alone spoke much, with Shikyo or Vodo, and wasn't sure what to expect. All the while, this was yet another thing that intrigued her about this voyage.

By all means, if they needed another set of hands on this mission, another fighter, she was more than willing, and was always ready for something new whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Masika continued pacing back and forth just outside the Medic Bay, at all times keeping her eyes peeled on those inside, peering in through the cold glass window. Medic Bays always made her uneasy, they were always so prestine, so cold, it troubled her more than a little, with glaring white interior that was almost blinding with its brightness, but never really could figure out why. More-so what kept her on edge at that very moment were those that were being held behind said doors. She kept a strong grip on her saber hilt all the while, ready to ignite at a moment's notice. If life had taught her one thing, it was to always expect the unexpected, something she lived by in her everyday life since as far back as she could remember.

The Jedi Huntress hoped her relief would come soon, so that she might be able to get a break in and speak with Shikyo as to know what was next to be in store for the crew.

‘Report to the bridge as soon as Katsuhide relieves you.’ came into her mind through the force from Shikyo.

Finally, a break from my babysitting duties.

Masika was more than ready to take her leave from said post. As she waited, her patience wearing thin with each passing moment, all power seemed to suddenly shut down as the red lights kicked from the back-up generators.

'What's going on?” Masika reached out to Shikyo and Vodo through the force. But there was no answer. She figured they were both probably too preoccupied with whatever was going on to answer her, which could spell bigger trouble than she knew at the moment.

The Huntress decided to check things out for herself. She ignited her saber, the azure color vibrant against the red of the emergency lights. She ran the blade up the middle of the doors, searing the seam and welding it shut for the time being. Leaving those inside trapped, until she could return from finding out what was happening and why they had lost power. Masika headed straight for the bridge, all the while leaving her saber ignited and ready to strike.

Shikyo Keibatsu

14-07-2011 22:28:26

Outside the Bridge
Commandeered BAC Zealot
Outer Rim territories

The timing could not have been any more inopportune. Scoffing at the situation, the Herald moved briskly through the corridors of the ship before running into Masika, blade drawn. A glow of amethyst and white was already forming in the palm of the Keibatsu’s right hand as he saw the saber of the Huntress.

“You expecting an invasion or a boarding party?”

“I’m not sure what to expect. Prefer to be cautious.”

“Use the Force to sense what’s in front of you. Then you won’t have to worry about running into an Elder less kind than I am.”

Masika’s expression was one of annoyance and embarrassment. She still had a lot to learn about the Force but it was one of the more basic lessons she had been taught. As they proceeded down the corridors to the engine room, the Elder felt a presence that he did not come into contact with. This one had not been under the influence of the Herald and he could feel determination and fear emitting from the individual. Like a tracking beacon, Shikyo followed his senses to the source.

As they approached the individual, his focus was on the transmitter before him, hoping to make a connection to the Galactic Alliance. With a wolfish grin on his face, Sasuke unholstered one of his blasters and placed it at the temple of the man. He could hear an audible gulp cling to the Alliance member’s throat.

“No matter how many traps you lay out, there always seems to be one, clever mouse. So, you disabled my new ship?”

Frantic shakes and mumbles was all the Dark Councilor was going to get from the man. Turning back to Masika, the Keibatsu nodded for her to take his place.

“Put your saber to the bastard’s head. If he twitches in a way you don’t like, ignite it and be done with the geseki.”

A gentle smile spread over the Zeltron’s lips as she took the place of the Krath Elder. Shikyo placed his hand on the human’s head, reaching out with the Force and probing deep into his mind, finding the location of the damage. As time moved backwards and the images projected themselves onto the Kyataran’s psyche, Shikyo began to map out the way towards the source of the damage. As soon as reality began to come into focus, the Dark Adept turned on his heels and moved swiftly towards the location burnt into his mind.


Coupling Series Arek-2
Secondary Power Transfer
Commandeered BAC Zealot

Sasuke swore through closed teeth as he saw the damage done by the lone Alliance bastard. The damage was extensive and thorough. Whoever this individual was, he knew exactly where to hit the ship hardest without the need of ordinance. The Elder closed his eyes and drew in the Force around him, focusing on his lessons with the Dark Lord as he extended his feelings through the power couplings. Dark side energy began to course through his fingertips, working their way through the silenced transfer unit as it began to create makeshift bridges between couplings.

Beads of sweat began to cling onto the Kyataran’s brow for dear life, fighting to remain to flesh instead of wasting away on the cold steel of the ship’s deck. Shikyo could feel the wires slowly shed off their carbon scoring and return to their original state as he shifted the molecules back through the will of the Force. As the last coupling was fused back together with its damaged wiring, life sputtered and coughed violently before moving wearily through the ship. Falling to one knee, the Herald felt throughout the ship for Vodo’s presence.

‘The power’s back but not for long. Find us a planet to land on so we can make repairs.’


*geseki = son of a bitch in Kyataran


18-07-2011 18:04:23

Command Crew’s Conference Room
Commandeered BAC Zealot
Outer Rim territories

Vodo sat awkwardly in the seat. The Bothan ship was designed to accommodate most humanoid creatures, but the Twi’lek’s massive prosthetic legs made even something as simple as sitting in a chair something of a chore. He sat across from the Jedi Hunter, who seemed quite jumpy, while they awaited Shikyo’s arrival. Vodo said nothing, his stern gaze wondered through the room taking in every little detail.

A mind such as his hid much. While a slave, an owner had mistaken his inquisitive nature as a sign of stupidity. It was infact quite the opposite. That very owner later died in his sleep of what the authorities determined to be an overdose of Spice. The issue that had puzzled the lead investigator however though had been the fact that there was no recorded history of the man consuming or purchasing the drug. It was ruled an accidental death by a novice and promptly forgotten.

He saw the Hunter shrink under his glare as his eyes fell upon her. She was not the first, nor would she be the last. Had he spoken to her, it wouldn’t have helped the matter. He was gruff and short with those he considered beneath him. To equals he was respectful but quiet. With superiors, Vodo was nothing short of deferential. He found it hard to break from his stoicism, even amongst the few he considered friends, Shikyo among them.

The Elder entered the room and quickly sat, “I’ve managed to mend some of the damage but we’re never going to make it back into Hyperspace in a condition like this. Biask, what did you discover?”

Vodo tapped on the touch screen before him bringing up a holo-projection of a planet, “We seem to have found ourselves in Odacer-Faustin System in the Esstran Sector…”

Shikyo suddenly understood why his colleague had drifted off towards the end, “No. Find another location. There is no way this ship would survive a landing on that planet in its condition.”

Masika became concerned, “What’s going on? Why is this a bad idea?”

“Odacer-Faustin is a location of an ancient Sith Academy. Its notable for three things”, Shikyo stood and pointed to the projection, “One: High speed, buffeting winds. Two: Cold, inhospitable terrain. Three: The legacy of Darth Scabrous.”
“Surely there’s a shuttle we could take to the surface and use as shelter until help arrives”, Vodo didn’t blame the young Jedi Hunter for her naiveté.

Krath education had suffered since the dissolution of the Order leaders. Libraries remained empty except for the motivated and possessive. Vodo spoke softly when he opened his mouth, “Bothan ships are rarely equipped with shuttles. We’re riding this cruiser to the ground, wherever we put it. I believe, however, that Master Keibatsu’s concern stems not from the environment but rather an obscure record concerning the fate of the Academy there…”
Vodo knew the record well, and considered this twist of fate fortuitous. Perhaps he could find a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

Shikyo exhaled slowly, seating himself in the process, “Macron once showed me more than just records concerning Odacer-Faustin. If what he told me was true, then we’d be better off dying in a fiery crash to the planet’s surface.”
A glint shone secretly in the Twi’lek’s eye. Suppressing a secretive smirk , “Its unfortunate but Odacer-Faustin is the only planet of which we could land upon. The remaining planets of this system are gaseous and there are no moons. Additionally…”

Masika raised an eyebrow, “Additionally?”

“We seem to have suffered severe damage to the primary navigational and communication systems in the explosion. This ship is currently on a course for the planet and cannot be turned.”

Masika Oshairana

25-07-2011 01:20:42

~Outside the Bridge
~Commandeered BAC Zealot
~Outer Rim territories
~About an Hour Ago

The Zeltron resented the Elder's comment, but quickly realized he was correct, she did have a lot to still learn about the force and her abilities. Her education in the Force she felt would never truly be complete, as there was always something new to learn, whether it be a new power, a new way of doing things, or simply a new trick to keep tucked away inside her sleeve. She was a Krath, and keeping true to that, she would never stop learning, no matter what. She always thirsted for more knowledge, as well as power.

Masika willingly and happily took the place of Shikyo, placing her saber at the side of the Alliance Member's temple. She watched as the Elder placed his hand on the man's forehead, as he went through the man's thoughts. After a few mere moments, Shikyo was to his feet and heading in a different direction. Not a single word was spoken, and she didn't bother asking any questions.

The man, looking up at the Huntress, must have thought because of her sweet, innocent looks, that she would be no match for him. As a slight grimace crossed the man's face, Masika saw him begin to reach for his weapon. With a sultry smirk of her very own, she didn't hesitate. She drove her saber into the temple it was already aimed upon, straight through, protruding it out of the adjacent temple. Making his eyes bulge out slightly, the Alliance Member's body fell limp. Though he hadn't had a chance to even grasp his weapon, the Zeltron was not one for taking risky chances, and she wasn't about to start now.

Masika disignited her saber, and placed the hilt back on her belt. She leaned against the wall next to the corpse, propping one leg and her back against the wall. She crossed her arms over top of her waist and waited for Shikyo to return.

After awhile, the ship suddenly gave way with a slight jolt as the power rushed though it, once again, bringing it back to life. The lights flickered before beaming back to full power. Mere moments after that, the Elder came back to where Masika was waiting, looking slightly exhausted, sweaty, and perturbed. Shikyo made no mention of the lifeless, motionless body lying at the Zeltron's feet, and if he had even noticed, he didn't seem to care. He simply motioned for Masika to follow him, and she did just that.

“We need to meet up with Vodo” were the only words he spoke.

“Right behind you.” The Huntress came off from the wall and followed behind the Herald, sauntering as she walked, doing her best to match his pace.

~Command Crew’s Conference Room
~Commandeered BAC Zealot
~Outer Rim territories
~Before Shikyo's Entrance

Masika went ahead into the conference room and sat across from Vodo. She had never seen a creature such as him and was taken aback as well as intrigued by his prosthetics, as she had never come across someone like him in all her years. The man seemed uncomfortable in his chair to say the least. She could feel his gaze upon her, and felt that he looked down upon her. She always felt as though most of those that outranked her thought her to be less worthy than what she truly was.. Her plan was to prove them all wrong someday, even if she had to die trying. They waited silently for the Herald to enter the room so they could discuss their next plan of action.

~Command Crew’s Conference Room
~Commandeered BAC Zealot
~Outer Rim territories

The Elder entered the room and quickly sat, “I’ve managed to mend some of the damage but we’re never going to make it back into Hyperspace in a condition like this. Biask, what did you discover?”

Vodo tapped on the touch screen before him bringing up a holo-projection of a planet, “We seem to have found ourselves in Odacer-Faustin System in the Esstran Sector…”

Shikyo suddenly understood why his colleague had drifted off towards the end, “No. Find another location. There is no way this ship would survive a landing on that planet in its condition.”

Masika wasn't sure what the problem was.

“What’s going on? Why is this a bad idea?”

The Zeltron listened on as Shikyo explained about the winds, the terrain, and the Legacy. She continued listening as Vodo added to the explanation.

“Bothan ships are rarely equipped with shuttles. We’re riding this cruiser to the ground, wherever we put it. I believe, however, that Master Keibatsu’s concern stems not from the environment but rather an obscure record concerning the fate of the Academy there…”

The Herald expressed his concern for not wanting to land in this location. As she had never been here before, she would just have to take his word for it, and perhaps shortly find out if his concerns rang true of her own account.

As it were, that's just what was about to happen, as the ship was in no shape to go any further.

'Well, this should be fun.' Was the thought that echoed inside her head.

Shikyo Keibatsu

26-07-2011 21:54:29

Captain’s Quarters
BAC Zealot
Approaching Odacer-Faustin orbit

Shikyo used every Kyataran swear he possibly could under his breath. He had planned on returning back to Antei and the Star Chamber with this new ship and yet the Force seemed to have more sinister plans in store for the Elder. The Keibatsu began to recite Macron’s stories in his head over and over again, focusing on all the key details that would keep him, and those loyal to the Brotherhood, safe from the horrors that awaited them on the frozen hell.

In addition to these issues, members of the Galactic Republic crew were beginning to regain their identity as loyal Republic defenders. Sasuke would have to gather those individuals together and bend their wills once more to that of the Iron Throne. It was draining but he would need their assistance to ensure the true believers returned home. This was his task as an Elder and leader of the Brotherhood.

Just as thoughts of Sith abominations began to plague his mind, a shining light entered through the doorway and Elysia stood there wiping the sweat from her brow.

"Ugh… Was it absolutely necessary for your apprentice to kill the engineer? I’m just glad everything was seared first, otherwise I’d be cleaning up brain matter and I highly doubt you’d like that."

The Keibatsu grinned and beckoned the woman closer. As soon as she was within arms’ reach, the Herald grabbed her around her waist and pulled her in close. In that moment, he was nervous about the horrors that the planet had buried and wanted nothing more than to have his most primal needs met.

"I don’t know. I think it might be a little interesting to see you coming back with a bit of red all over your outfit."

Elysia cocked her slender eyebrow up and chuckled.

"That’s not funny. That stuff is hard to-"

Shikyo refused to let her finish that thought as he embraced her deeply; bringing her down onto the silk comforter that adorned the former Captain’s bed.


BAC Zealot
Entering Odacer-Faustin atmosphere

Panicked voices rang out in a macabre symphony as the ship’s systems refused to give them a strong chance at landing smoothly. Engineering reported issues in the various reactors and engine systems while Operations ran through a list of damaged sections and failing shields. The Krath Elder issued out commands to the crew as Vodo moved back and forth between them, working on finding quicker solutions to resolve their predicament. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the doors slide open in time to reveal the battle scarred helmet of his second-in-command; a Nihilgenia known simply as Katsuhide.

The Kyataran issued a string of commands to the soldier, which involved loading Masika and Elysia into some kind of aircraft to help protect them from the upcoming collision. Without uttering a word, the intricately armored trooper signaled his acknowledgement by placing his right fist over his heart and departing the bridge. As he turned back to the front of the bridge, a flurry of white moved across the view port before revealing mountains and something a little more disturbing.

When he listened to the stories of the psychotic Warlord, Shikyo remembered Macron ending it with disappointment in his voice as he said that the tower that shadowed over the Academy was destroyed and left its mark upon the planet. However, what the Krath Elder saw before him was much different than the stories.

Defying history and the elements was a tower of obsidian and onyx that by sight alone was able to strike discomfort in those who gazed upon it. Surrounding it were pyramids built of the same material, almost as if markers for the coming of a deity. Standing out from the pure white snow, the rebuilt Sith Academy defied the stories that were once told about it.

As he gazed upon the structures, the Keibatsu did not catch the words of his Operations Officer in time to brace for impact. By the time he saw the mountains and snowbanks, the Bothan Assault Cruiser had slammed into the mountainside and bounced twice off the earth. A single thought crossed the Herald’s mind before the world went dark.

'May the Force serve us all...'


04-08-2011 16:48:14


There was a fire nearby. He could feel its warmth through the bite of the bitterly cold air. Wind whistled through cracks and fissures in the superstructure of the ship all around him. His face was wet. Drawing his hand up to his face, he pulled it away to find partially coagulated blood sticking to his palm. Further inspection found a large gash along the top of his head and lacerations all along his sensitive Lekku. There was also blood below him, he seemed to be lying in it, but the Epis wasn’t so sure that was his.

His arms seemed intact, if not sore at the joints. The same could be said for his neck, back, and ribs. No broken bones. His prosthetic legs, more durable than weak biological matter, seemed to have ignored the violence that had utterly annihilated the bridge of the battle cruiser. Chunks of meat, entrails, and limbs lay strewn about the bridge. There were far more whole bodies though than dismembered, but bodies all the same.

Managing to pull himself up to his feet, the Twi’lek locked his will down, forcing his eyes to form one solid image rather than two free-floating scenes. The buzz in his head died down to a dull white noise that played endlessly in the back of his head. The one casualty of the crash that he found distressing was not the armored form of a Nihilgenia soldier laying entangled with a bulkhead at the fore of the Bridge but the twisted and cracked form of his once elegant and unique light saber.

Vodo was quick then to recall his predicament. He called the trooper’s weapon to his hand and checked that it still worked. It did. Next he searched the cabin for the Herald. Sasuke was crumpled beneath a fallen I-beam and ventilation duct. Vodo could immediate sense the man was still alive, though unconscious and likely would wake to some terrific head pain. Using his natural strength, the Epis was unable to remove his comrade, but managed to with the aid of the Force with some considerable effort. Luckily, for the Equite, Shikyo began stirring nearly as soon as he was out from under the debris.

“Welcome back to the living, you lazy clod.”

Shikyo blinked rapidly, his brain unable to unscramble the signals from his visual organs quite yet, “Vodo? Sithspit. What happened? Where are we?”

The VOICE saw a small canteen on the belt of the dead Nihilgenia and summoned it to his hand. He opened it and fed a little into the mouth of the Herald, “Odacer-Faustin.”

“Where are the others?”

Vodo said nothing.

Shikyo made an effort to sit up, refusing help from the other Dark Councilor, “Masika? Katsuhide? Elysia? ELYSIA! Where is she?”

Masika Oshairana

26-08-2011 01:20:29

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Masika Oshairana

26-08-2011 01:20:36

~BAC Zealot
~Entering Odacer-Faustin Atmosphere

Masika made her way down the corridor, preparing herself mentally for whatever she might be facing and what might come up next. She never knew what to expect, and she liked it that way. In her own mind and thoughts, she felt living her life this way kept her on her toes so to speak. Always kept her guessing, and always expecting the unexpected. As she hurried her pace, she was trying to get somewhere where she could strap herself down and brace for impact. From the sounds of it, it was not going to be a smooth landing, and more than a little bumpy. Just as she had turned a corner to continue on her path down the next corridor, she noticed Katsuhide coming towards her.

“I've been told to get you and Elysia aboard one of the emergency aircrafts, so that you'll both suffer less impact in the upcoming collision .” he told the Huntress as he motioned for her to follow him.

“Well, if that's what the boss wants, I suppose we should get Elysia and get moving then.” she hurriedly walked beside him as they hastily located Elysia.

Once they found her, the three headed to the landing bay. The ship rumbled as they picked up speed heading to their final destination in a less then pleasant manner. As soon as they had been escorted to the landing bay, Katsuhide made his way back to the bridge. The women headed to the nearest aircraft and opened the door with a slight woosh and hiss escaping it. Masika motioned for Elysia to go ahead of her and followed behind. Elysia entered the aircraft, sat down, buckled in and began taking deep breaths to calm herself and brace for the impact. Masika followed behind and had put one step in when the collision happened. The ship shook with an enormous force as the Huntress was flung into the interior wall of the small aircraft. Darkness was then all that she saw.

A few moments later, Masika opened her eyes to Elysia standing over her, speaking to her, and slapping her cheek to awaken her. At first, everything was fuzzy, and she couldn't comprehend anything that was being said to her. There was a loud ringing in her ears and words seemed muffled. A couple of minutes passed, and things began to clear. She focused her sight and as soon as it sunk in that someone was smacking her in the face, she became startled and tried to jump away while still lying on her back on the floor.

“Masika, are you ok? It's me, Elysia.” she said to her, trying to calm her down.

The Zeltron stared at the woman for a few moments, with a look of both confusion and terror on her face and in her eyes, but didn't speak.

Elysia continued talking to her, trying to help her comprehend the situation around her. “You hit your head pretty hard, you may have a concussion.”

Masika noticed that her head was throbbing severely, as she raised a hand around to the back of her head and felt a large bump that seemed to have a heartbeat all its own, or it least that's what it felt like. She brought her hand back down, and noticed a bit of blood covering her fingertips.

“Masika, don't move, I'm gonna grab something to stop the bleeding.” Elysia began to stand up when Masika began to speak.

“While you're at it, could you grab me a stiff drink? That should help with the pain." She said with a slight smirk, then winced from the pain in her head.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna be just fine." Elysia replied with a sweet smile and a light chuckle.