The Games (IG-RO) - Sa Ool, Andrelious, Anubis


15-04-2011 14:43:04

“The stadium was packed full, brimming with eager, blood-thirsty fans. Antei’s newly refurbished Coliseum bristled with raw emotion. The Independence Games were underway and the audience wanted to see carnage. They wanted to see death. Most of all, they wanted to see victory.

Three combatants entered the arena from the ground-level entrances from different directions. Before them lay the great expanse of the sandy field of battle; already littered with stains of the defeated and departed. Broken weapons, and various traps and obstacles dotted the terrain. The three took their first steps into the Arena; the crash of heavy gates overtook them as their means of escaped vanished. Clad only in minimal leather armor, they would find ancient weapons scattered about the field. Three entered. Only one would leave.

Standing from his ornate throne in the special suite reserved for the Dark Lord alone, the Lion of Tarthos raised his hands signaling for the crowd to grow quite. With a powerful and steady voice he announced, “Dark Citizens, I welcome you! Let the match commence!”

OOC: Each participant will have three posts, one in each round. A round is concluded when all three participants have posted. You will have assigned posting orders in each round listed below

Sa Ool will post first in Round 1, second in Round 2, and third in Round 3.
Andrelious will post second in Round 1, third in Round 2, and first in Round 3.
Anubis will post third in Round 1, first in Round 2, and second in Round 3.

Each participant has 24hrs to post or they forfeit that round and lose all participation points for this event, though they will still score in Grammar and Contribution categories. Participants may post the moment the person before them fails to post in time. All edits must be made before the next post is up and cannot be made once they are.

The First round begins with Sa Ool. Good luck.


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(OOC: Both Sa Ool and Andrelious failed to post in their 24 hours, so I guess I'm starting. Also, posting twice in a row? That doesn't make any sense, Vodo. But okay. =P)

The three Force Sensitives entered the arena at a regular walking pace, the voices of many filling their ears as the view opened up. The crowd was large, and so was the arena in which the three men would fight. There was blood in the sand, with weapons - many of which were broken, or crippled - littering the ground. The bodies from the previous match had been cleared several minutes prior, with the stands wanting more bloodshed. Several columns were in place inside the arena. They formed an inner circle, spread well apart from each other and the walls that separated the crowd from the combatants. Each reached fifteen meters into the sky, carved out of large stores of onyx gem. As the Dark Lord spoke, the three men continued forward with their senses spreading out. It was almost instantly that Andrelious and Anubis felt the presence of the other, and one who did not belong on the Brotherhood homeworld; a Jedi.

Sa Ool, a Jedi Knight loyal to Odan-Urr was well out of place on Antei. He had no idea how the Dark Jedi had found him, or even where he had been brought. Primal instinct took over as he realized that he was alone on an unfamiliar world, surrounded by mortal enemies. The Kel Dor could see his two opponents, and feel the darkness within their souls. Both were stronger in the Force then he, and the area familiar to them. The Knight knew he would be at a severe disadvantage, but would have to make due. Perhaps he could convince one of them to betray the other. That would keep him alive, for now. The alien would need to formulate a plan, and quickly. Making haste, he reached for the closest bladed weapon that he could find.

Andrelious and Anubis had already engaged in combat, having not considered the Jedi an immediate threat. The Arconan brought his fist forward, smashing it across leather padded stomach of the Battlemaster. His speed and strength had been enhanced with use of the Force, allowing it to surpass that of his opponent temporarily. Annedu hunched over, the blow having barely been softened by the light leather armour he wore. The Lorrdian quickly called upon the Force, enhancing his speed. In a flash, he had recovered from the punch to the gut and grabbed the small, lightweight Sith by both arms. Gripping the man, he turned quickly and launched the man - who may as well of been a child -forward. Landing on his feet, Andrelious stumbled backward and lost his balance. He had barely regained his footing before the Taldryan had met up with him again, punching him square in the face and sending him to the ground.

While the other two were fighting, Sa Ool had gathered several weapons. Most were broken, but still had some use. On one of the edges of the arena, he had reached for what appeared to be a hilt sticking out of the dirty sand. As he pulled upward on the finely woven material that covered the grip, the wall beside him snapped open. Startled, the Jedi leaped backwards. A large boma entered the arena, charging at the Kel Dor.


18-04-2011 17:40:51

Brandishing the rather large knife - which had obviously been made for the hands of a much larger species many years ago - the Jedi Knight prepared for the Boma as he set about gathering the concentration to tame the beast. The Urran would have to avoid harming it, and taking any significant action until he was sure that he could control it or not. As the four legged beast charged forward, Sa Ool leaped into the air and over it. Landing comfortably on two feet, he dropped down to a knee as he spun his head. His consciousness slowly began to flow outward, a sense of relaxation forming around his person. He remained low to the ground, eying the Boma as it turned and came around for another charge.

Andrelious was back on his feet, and had backed off. Searching for any sort of ranged weapon, he kept at least ten meters distance from himself and the Battlemaster. There was still the matter of the Jedi. "Why are you fighting me, Keeper? Shouldn't we be focusing on the Jedi, who has no place in this?" Anubis considered it for a moment, but refused to be brought into any ploy brought on by the other Sith. The Lorrdian smirked, "The Jedi poses no immediate threat to either of us. I know you're aware of that. He'll die today, just as one of us will."

The crowds were still cheering wildly, calling for more bloodshed. They wanted to see the Jedi Knight get ripped to shreds by the Boma that he had unleashed on himself. The Aedile called a sword to his hand, where the blade had been broken in a jagged edge roughly a foot or two away from the hilt. It was still more then sharp enough to do serious damage. As he approached the Arconan warrior slowly, Anubis kept his senses wide open. As he took off in a run towards his opponent, Andrelious managed to locate what appeared to be an archaic blaster several meters away. Lowering himself slightly, he prepared himself. Annedu approached at top speed, broken sword held outward at his side and chest level, arm bent at the elbow.

As the Inquisitor was almost within striking range, Inahj brought both of his arms foward and up. With it, came much blood stained sand. Flying up from the ground like tiny rockets, the sand impacted the leather armour and face of the Taldryan. Several grains made it into the eyes of the other Sith, causing a great deal of pain and ending his attack. Clutching at his face in an attempt to rub out the sand, Anubis yelled out in anger. "You little devil! I should of expected something so underhanded from an Arconan." The Imperator took the opportunity to retrieve the archaic blaster pistol, checking the ammunition readout on the underside of the power pack. It flickered, indicating that the blaster was either almost out of ammunition, or a slice in one of the wires was preventing perfect working condition.

By this time, the Odanite had soothed the beast that had once considered him the immediate threat, without use of the large knife. While not overly loving of the Kel Dor, the large Boma did not attack him. Which meant good news for Sa Ool, but bad news bears for the other two. He would have one less problem to deal with, at least for the time being. The crowd was starting to become disappointed at the fighting occurring the ring, hoping to have seen at least one combatant fall. Turning to face his opponents in roughly the center of the arena, the Jedi Knight pointed the Boma towards them. He had not given a direct command, fearing that the beast would resist and go on another rampage, but suggested. The green, four legged monster began at a slow pace, and was soon approaching the two Dark Jedi at the fastest speed it's over-sized legs would carry it.

The sound of a blaster shot left the weapon in which it came, but was quickly drowned out by the noise of the stands. The Battlelord had fired the weapon on his immediate opponent. The Lorrdian had attempted to swing his body away from the blast, only able to open his eyes half way, and had failed. Annedu had taken a hit in the abdomen. The lightweight, leather armour did little to protect him, the bolt of plasma energy having seared right through the hide and into his flesh. The rank stench of cauterized flesh filled the Taldryan's nostrils, as pain screamed at him. Unable to immediately control the pain that nibbled at his brain, the Inquisitor cursed loudly and was brought to one knee; hilt of the broken sword back in his right hand.

A large grin sneaked it's way across Andrelious' face as he approached his foe, blaster raised and aimed directly at the head. As he came closer, he kept his defense up in case the Dark Jedi tried something else. Placing the barrel directly against the pale forehead of the Lorrdian, who could only grin in return. He had lost. As the Arconan fingered the trigger and waved goodbye, a loud roar emanated from almost directly beside him. With just enough time to turn his head and see the oncoming beast, Inahj was rammed with the full force of the Boma's speed. The soft sand had cushioned it's footsteps, coupled with the distraction that Anubis had provided. Tossed into the air, the Battlelord flipped and landed on his side with a loud crunch. The anguish from a cracked femur shot through his body, leaving him in a situation on the ground similar to that of the Inquisitor - with only Sa Ool remaining on his feet and approaching.