The Games (IG-RO) - Angelo, Shadow, Sashar


15-04-2011 14:42:04

“The stadium was packed full, brimming with eager, blood-thirsty fans. Antei’s newly refurbished Coliseum bristled with raw emotion. The Independence Games were underway and the audience wanted to see carnage. They wanted to see death. Most of all, they wanted to see victory.

Three combatants entered the arena from the ground-level entrances from different directions. Before them lay the great expanse of the sandy field of battle; already littered with stains of the defeated and departed. Broken weapons, and various traps and obstacles dotted the terrain. The three took their first steps into the Arena; the crash of heavy gates overtook them as their means of escaped vanished. Clad only in minimal leather armor, they would find ancient weapons scattered about the field. Three entered. Only one would leave.

Standing from his ornate throne in the special suite reserved for the Dark Lord alone, the Lion of Tarthos raised his hands signaling for the crowd to grow quite. With a powerful and steady voice he announced, “Dark Citizens, I welcome you! Let the match commence!”

OOC: Each participant will have three posts, one in each round. A round is concluded when all three participants have posted. You will have assigned posting orders in each round listed below

Angelo will post first in Round 1, second in Round 2, and third in Round 3.
Shadow will post second in Round 1, third in Round 2, and first in Round 3.
Sashar will post third in Round 1, first in Round 2, and second in Round 3.

Each participant has 24hrs to post or they forfeit that round and lose all participation points for this event, though they will still score in Grammar and Contribution categories. Participants may post the moment the person before them fails to post in time. All edits must be made before the next post is up and cannot be made once they are.

The First round begins with Angelo. Good luck.


16-04-2011 21:59:54

Feeling out of place without his armor, Dante looked over at his two opponents as Muz grandiosely began the match. He had fought with and against the pair in the various engagements and wars over the past decade. Both were Elders within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and the Force resonated throughout the arena as it was urged on with the violent patrons of the coliseum exuding the Dark Side.

All three called weapons to their hands, and the battle was joined.

The longtime Arconan immediately began by trying to fry the father of one of his conquests, but Dante managed to duck behind a ruined statue that had been part of the decorations that had once ringed the interior of the coliseum. Plaster fragments rained down over the area as the piece exploded and the Obelisk lost his hiding place.

Seeing an opening while Sashar was focusing on the easier kill, Shadow attempted to land a blow with his sword on the former Consul. Missing by just a fraction of an inch with the swing as the Mandalorian felt the incoming attack and jumped to another vantage point, the Taldryan backed away too look for another opportunity chuckling softly to himself. "Erinos... I heard you heard better luck with his son!" said Shadow as his successor in the post of Tribune was trying to find a way to go from the defensive to the offensive.

Dante grunted as he was knocked off balance as he ran from one object to another. Slowly, he was getting closer and closer to his opponent as Sashar moved in for the kill. Given his size advantage, his only chance would be to get in close and hope that his defense could handle the Force attacks that the Arconan would bring on him.

The crowd cheered as the Dark Adept moved in for what they thought would be the first kill of the evening.

Aidan Kincaid

17-04-2011 20:19:59

Shadow Taldrya watched his opponents from a distance, giving the weak a chance to finish each other off before he put any real effort into this travesty of a battle. The gathered crowds cheered the combatants on, eager to see more blood spilled upon the rough, sandy surface of the Arena's pit. The overwhelming sense of bloodlust pervaded the Elder's senses as he gauged the Arconan and Palatinaean eagerly seeking each other's end. The two Houses were old enemies and, because of this, they could not even grasp the concept of cooperation in the face of a greater threat.

Sashar Arconae was quickly closing in on his prey, even as Angelo Dante slipped from cover to cover, biding time until he found an opening. But Sashar quickly closed in, the crowd roaring in anticipation as the two warriors acted. The Adept struck first, releasing a torrid blast of lightning that grazed the Primarch's right arm as he dove out of the way. Shrugging off the pain, Dante recovered and returned with a sweeping slash of his double-edged broadsword that forced Sashar to parry with his longsword. Though neither were well-versed in these ancient "weapons", they had enough battle experience to put them to proper, deadly use.

The sound of steel on steel clashing together rang loudly throughout the arena, a piercing sound had the audience crowing in approval. The two Dark Jedi slammed their weapons together again, but Shadow could see that Dante had the advantage of reach and weight, which was pushing Sashar back with each successive blow. The Adept took the next full-force attack on the flat side of the blade and used the momentum to jump back, out of reach of his opponent's weapon. He landed softly, kicking up a cloud of dirt and pushed at the Palatinaean with a burst of telekinetic force.

Raw, unstoppable force slammed into the Primarch's chest, but he resisted the pressure, holding his ground with teeth clenched in fierce determination. The pressure suddenly disappeared and he looked up in time to see Sashar change tactics, launching a field of debris comprised of the large, broken statues that he had previously used as cover. He ducked the first, the severed head of some ancient Dark Jedi flying passed him, but couldn't avoid all the fragments raining down. Instead, he summoned the Force around him and unleashed a whirlwind of telekinetic energy. The opposing powers came into direct conflict with one another and the entire area encompassing the two Jedi exploded in a blinding cloud of debris.

Shadow saw his opportunity and blurred forward at top speed, feet barely touching the ground as he moved in behind Sashar, who was backing out of the dust storm hacking and coughing. Shadow raised his greatsword high into the air and prepared to strike. Sashar, sensing the incoming blow, swiftly turned and raised his own sword, but it wouldn't be enough. The strength Shadow possessed, coupled with his impossibly large weapon, would easily crush the Adept's paltry defenses.

Grinning in triumph, Shadow swung, aiming to cleave the Arconan in two. The screams of the crowd grew distant as time slowed around them, the bright lights of the coliseum glinting majestically off his steel blade as it crashed into Sashar's longsword. The blades emitted a high-pitch keening at the force of the contact and instead of slamming both into Sashar, Shadow felt, rather than saw, his great blade fracture and split, flying into the air as it rebounded from the Adept's sword.

Momentarily stunned, it donned on Shadow that Sashar had fortified his weapon with the Force, giving it impossible strength that his own greatsword couldn't withstand. Before he could react to this sudden turn, Sashar's enhanced blade sliced straight through the light leather armor and bit cleanly through right shoulder, blood spurting up into the air like a miniature geyser of crimson. The pain hit hard, the force of the blow like a hammer's strike, and Shadow pushed himself away from his opponent, jumping far left to avoid a follow-up strike.

He landed on one knee and focused his mind on pushing back the pain and closing the wound—at least enough to stop the massive flow of blood. Turning back towards Sashar, Shadow saw that the dust storm had finally cleared and Dante was moving forward swiftly to attack. The Arconan saw this too and spit in the Taldrya's direction before turning to face this new threat. Annoyed, Shadow used the Force to summon the nearest weapons, both hands reaching out to grasp a pair of wickedly curved daggers. He smiled a grim smile and forced himself to stand, the flowing blood now but at trickle from the gash on his arm.


29-04-2011 10:51:35

The two warriors met head on. A shattering sound could be heard as the Arconan and Palatinean impacted upon one another with the additional enhancement of the Force. Shadow just snickered to himself as he watched the limp pair of bodies fly through the air and hit the ground hard.

Rolling over from his landing spot, Dante could feel where his rotator cuff on his left arm was completely ripped apart. He knew that Shadow was wounded, but there was no way that he could could keep up with the Dark Jedi Master, but the long time soldier had decided he could at least take out Dash first.

Grunting as he tried to get to his feet, the Mandalorian could feel the internal injuries that he needed to start healing, but he was suddenly hit from behind as Shadow had once again entered the fray.

Already to his feet, Dante started moving over to see if he could at least wound Shadow further when the Taldyran raised his hand and sent Dante flying back across the arena. A loud thud and pop could be heard throughout the arena as the large man hit the remnants of a stone wall.

Victory seemed imminent as the old warrior turned to take care of Sashar, but a searing pain suddenly appeared in his leg as blood began flowing rapidly from his thigh. His attention brought to the Arconan once more, Shadow looked down and found a jagged piece of rock stuck in his upper left thigh while a bloody Sashar was trying to crawl back to his feet nearby.